C.C. Ch.1

 Transfer to Another World.

“Huh? Where am I?”

The next thing I know, I’m in a completely white world. I think I was in my room drinking a lot of whiskey and…

“I summoned you.”

Suddenly, a man in a suit and all-black hair appears in front of me in the position of an intellectual villain.

“I want you to bring chaos to the world as There is little entertainment in that world.”

“Well… what does that mean?”

Is it possible that I’m being summoned to another world? But I feel like I’m in a villainous position…

“You will fly to the other world as you call it and bring chaos to the world as my evil god camp.”

Seriously? What’s the evil god camp? Isn’t that dangerous?

“It’s not dangerous.”

What? Can you read my mind?

“It’s easy for a god to do that and the only thing that could be bad, if the astople of the Creator came to kill you.”

“That’s too dangerous!”

I couldn’t help but lash out. But the evil god in front of me continued the conversation as if nothing had happened.

“You will be given a skill, use it well and survive. You’re not the only one. I’ve sent many others like you to that world. If you think you’re a trinket then don’t stand out too much and you won’t be attacked by the apostles.”

“Are there many more summoned people besides me?”

I asked him what I was wondering.

“We send people into that world on a regular basis. Then we have them build dungeons and use them as bases to interfere with the world, well there are exceptions…”

“The dungeon? Is it that dungeon?”

“Yes. You can build a labyrinth, use the treasure as bait to attract people, eat their lives to earn dungeon points, and use those points to make the dungeon bigger. There were plenty of stories like that in the world you were in, weren’t there?”

“Wow! I’m a dungeon master?”

“Are you getting motivated?”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!”

“Good answer. There are hundreds of dungeons in the other world, so as long as you don’t build a very vicious dungeon, you’ll be able to live a long life.”

“What happens if I create a vicious dungeon?”

“For example, if you try to earn dungeon points and create a vicious dungeon with a 100% fatality rate, a hero with the blessings of the creator god will come to destroy the dungeon. In your world, this means that the cheat heroes will come to kill you. If the dungeon is too dangerous, it will have a bad influence on the world.”

“What will happen if I make a friendly dungeon?”

“If you make the dungeon too easy, they will take the dungeon core and you will die. Dungeon cores are sold at a high price. The dungeon master must be careful because if the dungeon core is stolen, they will die.”

“You mean balance is important?”

“Yes. Evil dungeons are hunted because they have a bad influence on the inhabitants of the other world. But soft dungeons are hunted because they benefit the inhabitants of the other world. Well, I guess it all depends on your skill, huh?”

“I understand.”

“Now, I’m going to give you a special skill. Try to spin this roulette wheel.”

A machine like a slot machine appeared in front of me. This seemed to be the way to gain skills. When I pulled the lever, the slot machine’s eyes began to spin. I prayed and pressed the stop button.


The eyes stopped with a joking sound effect. On the slot machine, cuckold cock was written.

“It’s a cuckold dick. Congratulations. That’s a powerful skill.”

“Congratulations! What the fuck is this?”

I can’t help but lash out, but the evil god ignored me.

“Let’s use this status board to sort out basic stats. There are 100 points, so use this to decide how you want to live in a different world.”

“Does that mean I can assign points to stats or skills?”

“Yes. It doesn’t have any special skills like the ones I just mentioned, but it does allow you to acquire basic skills. If you want to live as a mage, you can allocate into magic skills and magic power, if you want to go into swordplay, you can allocate into sword skills and power status. Isn’t that perfect?”

“Do I get an item box or something?

“The item box and the otherworldly language are standard equipment. Also The item box has a time stop function.”

“Hmm. Then you can assign the status immediately. You can also gain skill points by leveling up, and you can save points and assign them later, so don’t worry.”

“I’ll do that!”

I decided to assign the status as soon as possible.

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2 years ago

you open for picking up novel suggest /

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Sure, I have free time so I can translate another series with it.

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Thanks for the translation

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I will check that novel and if I like it then I will translate it.

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okey thanks for considering

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I’m not good with cucking but i have a hunch i’d like it.It was freaking funny bwahahahahahahahaha
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