C.C. Ch.2

 Status Allocation

Now, let’s start assigning the status. It seems that the name can also be changed. I think I’ll call myself Yuri. I don’t have any regrets about the other world, and I’m ready for a fresh start!

Looking at the status board, a status chart appeared.

[HP 100

MP 100

Strength 5

Physical Strength 5

Dexterity 5

Speed 5

Magic 5

Spirit 5]

This seems to be the general status of adults in other worlds. It looks like I’ll be assigning my status from here. Next, check the skills section.


Otherworldly language

Item box

Cuckold cock]

In the skill section, it was written as follows.

“Well, let’s allocate some points to…”

Ignoring the strange characters on the skill list, I try to assign points to the stats. Apparently, one point can increase each status by 1, and HP and MP by 100.

Can you change your appearance too…?

Apparently you can change your appearance as you please. You can even change your gender. It’s like an RPG game. At the moment, I look like I’m about 15 years old. It also seems to be able to rejuvenate me.

We’ll also look at the skills that can be acquired. Weapon skills such as swordsmanship and spearmanship, and magic skills such as fire magic and water magic. It seems that production skills such as alchemy and compounding can be acquired for 20 points each. Apparently it also takes 20 points to level up a skill.

It seems that skill levels are rated as follows over there: 1 is just starting out, 2 is beginner, 3 is full-fledged, 4 is veteran, and 5 is competent. It’s written in the notes section. The highest seems to be 10.

It seems to be important to have a balance between putting everything into one skill and starting with the expert class, or taking each skill in a balanced way and improving your own ability.

In addition, there are auxiliary magic such as buffs and debuffs, auxiliary skills such as appraisal and cooking, and skills that increase growth rate such as sword talent and magic talent.

However, there was a note that in addition to leveling up, you can also earn allocation points by spending dungeon points. Apparently, this is the same as the start of the game.

While I was groaning and worrying, the evil god called out to me.

“I’m a busy man myself, so you’re on your own from here. When you’ve finished assigning your status, go through that door and you’ll be able to enter another world.”

“Yes, sir. I understand.”

“The place where you want to make a dungeon is up to you to find after you get to the other world. It can be the place where you first landed, or you can travel around the world and decide. There will be territorial disputes between dungeons and conflicts with other masters, so think it over carefully.”

“How do I create a dungeon?”

“I’ll put a dungeon core in your item box, so you can use it wherever you want to create a dungeon. By the way, until you use the dungeon core, you’re a human, so be careful.”

“What happens when I use the dungeon core?”

“Your race will become dungeon masters and your lifespan will cease. Until then, you’re human, so you’ll age and die when you get old. Some will not become dungeon masters and will live out their lives as humans, but that is up to you.”

“I understand.”

“Before becoming a dungeon master, some of you may be killed by demons or die in human conflicts, so be very careful.”

“Thank you.”

“Mmm. If you need anything, pray to the evil god statue.”

After saying that, the evil god left. I want to think about it to the fullest, and I’m inwardly glad that I don’t have to go through any unnecessary trouble.

“Well, let’s just check the status board all the way through.”

I took the time to look at every inch of the status board, and found a hidden section at the bottom called the administrator-only page. If you press and hold your finger on the status board and then drag it, a hidden text will appear that allows you to follow a link.

“Let’s just put in a random password…”

I put in all the so-called default passwords and any other passwords I could think of. Then, I was able to break through the password without any trouble.


When I entered the admin-only hidden page, I saw a list of hidden skills that I could acquire. There were a lot of weird skills like the one I had acquired. Among them, I found the best skill.

[Otherworldly starter set

Production Master, Martial Arts Master, Magic Master, Thief Master

Modern Material Procurement Skills

Otherworldly Dictionary Skills]

These skills can be taken together as a starter set for 100 points. I quickly acquired them and decided to leave for the other world before the evil gods found out.

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