C.C. Ch.5

 Meal at Rize’s shop.

After having sex with Rize-san, I was relaxing and drinking tea when night fell. I’m going to stop going to the adventurer’s guild today and stay at Rize’s house.

The tavern that Rize-san runs was originally a small inn that had been remodeled. The first floor is a cozy little tavern with about ten seats, and she has agreed to rent me one of the five rooms on the second floor. The agreement was to pay one gold coin every two months.

If I were to be allowed to stay here without paying, I would lose my freedom in many ways, so I decided to draw a firm line here.

I ate at Rize’s restaurant, which had just opened. Five copper coins for stew and bread. It was delicious!

However, even a short time after opening, no customers came to Rize’s store, as the store remained deserted.

(Rize-san is beautiful, and the food is delicious, so why isn’t anyone coming?)

While I’m wondering about this, the door of the store opens. Apparently, a customer has arrived.

The person who opened the door and walked in was a beautiful woman with blond hair, blue eyes, and slit eyes. She was tall, maybe in the latter half of 160 centimeters. She had a slender body and looked sexy in her light armor.

“Hey you! It’s auspicious that you’re eating at Rize’s, but you’re not doing anything weird to her, are you?”

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty came up to me as soon as she saw me. Huh?

“May I ask who you are?”

I don’t remember ever meeting such a beautiful woman before, and when I ask her that, the blonde beauty replies with a pout.

“You! I saw you at the city gates!”

“What? Wasn’t it a man who was the gatekeeper?”

“Hmmm. Jeanne pretends to be a man when she’s working as a gatekeeper. She even asks me to call her by her first name, Josh, instead of Jeanne, when she is working as a gatekeeper.”

Rize-san happily tells me the answer.

“They tend to bother you when they find out you’re a woman so I don’t have a choice.”

Josh, a.k.a. Jeanne was indignantly revealing the truth. I didn’t recognize him when I met him as a gatekeeper because he was wearing his helmet so deeply. When I think back, I had an uncomfortable feeling that his voice was too high for a man…

As I was thinking about this, Jeanne was starting a conversation with Rize while she ordered food and drinks.

“Rize, did this guy do anything weird to you?”

“Don’t worry. Yuri is a gentleman. Right?”

“Yes. I haven’t done anything that would make Jeanne suspicious.”

I smile and join in the conversation with Rize. When Jeanne hears this, she looks unconvinced, but makes sure that she is comfortable and begins to introduce herself.

“My name is Jeanne. I’m an adventurer and sometimes I work as a gatekeeper. When I’m a gatekeeper, you can call me Josh. Other than that, feel free to call me Jeanne.”

“My name is Yuri. Nice to meet you, Jeanne.”

“Nice to meet you, Yuri. But don’t you dare touch Rize!”

Jeanne nails me, but I vaguely smile and cover it up. I can’t tell her that I’ve actually already fucked her.

Jeanne and I get to know each other over drinks. It’s a little weird when it comes to Lise, but she seems like a nice, sincere guy at heart.

When she found out that I hadn’t gone to the adventurer’s guild yet, Jeanne, though dumbfounded, agreed to come with me. She’s going to accompany me tomorrow to register as an adventurer.

It’s getting late, and I decide to go back to the room I just rented and sleep in preparation for tomorrow. It’s almost closing time.

There’s no furniture in the room, but as it was originally an inn, there’s already a bed in there. When I’m done registering as an adventurer, I might as well use my mail order skill to get a complete set of furniture.

And so the first day of my otherworldly life comes to an end.

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2 years ago

Heh… so, either it’s not strictly for cuckolding purpose or MC just intruded upon a potential yuri couple. Good either way~

Dul' Mephistroph
Dul' Mephistroph
2 years ago

Hehe. Dumbass rude gatekeeper doesn’t know.