C.C. Ch.6

 With Jeanne♡

“Ah…♡ Hmm…♡”

Late at night, in a dimly lit room, Jeanne lies on the bed and lets out a hot breath. Me and Jeanne were having sex.

Earlier, Jeanne and I had been drinking and getting to know each other like friends. However, Jeanne had enjoyed talking with me, and had drunk too much!

When Jeanne found out that I had rented a room on the second floor of Rize’s store, she started to make a fuss.

Jeanne says she’s going to rent a room too, and that she’s going to keep an eye on me for Rize-san tonight, so for some reason she barges into my room.

Rize-san finishes closing the store and goes back to her room while watching us interact happily. By the way, none of the customers came after all, except for me and Jeanne.

And, indeed, Jeanne follows me to my room in a completely drenched state. This really got to me.

In my mischievous mind, I thought to myself, “If you’re so worried about Rize-san, why don’t you just satisfy my sexual desires?” I provoked her.

Then Jeanne groaned and fell silent. I took this as an opportunity and decided to eat her up.

I pushed Jeanne over the edge and groped her to make her cum as Jeanne was squirming with pleasure. Thanks to my cuckold cock skills, I can easily figure out how to make Jeanne cum!

And then, without a second thought, here we are.

On the bed, a completely naked Jeanne was lying on her back, unrestrained. She had already cum and was in a lascivious state, and was hiding her face with her left arm in embarrassment!

Jeanne’s body was beautiful, slightly muscular from working out. Her estimated B-cup breasts pointed upwards with a twinge.

“This is for Lise! You know that, right?

“I know.”

While looking up at me in missionary position, I lightly teased Jeanne about her strength and placed my penis against her pussy.


A small voice escaped from Jeanne’s mouth.

Clitoris♡ Clitoris♡ (TL : Yes, it was written raw like that or I can change it to Kuri if you guys say. Raw: クリ♡クリ♡)

With the tip of my penis at the entrance to her pussy, I pick up Jeanne’s nipple and knead it. As I roll Jeanne’s turgid nipples, a sweet exhale escapes from her mouth.

“Mmmm… hmmm…”

Jeanne was trying her best to stifle her voice, probably to avoid showing her weakness to me. But it was obvious that it felt good. Every time I rubbed her breasts, Jeanne’s body swooned and relaxed, ready for sex!

Sawa♡ Sawa♡

With my penis against her cunt, I gently trace Jeanne’s pubic hair with my fingertips. Jeanne looked like she was holding in her anger and her embarrassment.


I stimulate Jeanne’s small, chubby clit. Jeanne clutched the bed sheet desperately, trying to hide the fact that her body twitched reflexively!

Kunyu♡ Kunyu♡

I move my penis up and down, kneading Jeanne’s soft crack. Jeanne’s pussy was already throbbing with the hot love juices that were flowing out of her vaginal opening.

“Fuu…♡ Fuu…♡”

I could see that Jeanne’s body was becoming too aroused to bear. I guess it’s about time.

I placed my penis at the entrance of Jeanne’s vagina and moved it a little further in. Then, I moved my penis to a place where the entrance of her vagina was slightly pushed open, like a ring.

“Hey, it’s still…”

I waited for Jeanne. Apparently, she’s hesitating.

“That …, actually, is my first time… And I like women, I’m not interested in men,… I like Rize. I’m sorry…”

Jeanne makes that confession. Of course, hearing those words doesn’t change my intention to insert it. That’s what the cuckold cock skill is for. I need to teach her the pleasures of a cock.


Ignoring Jeanne’s intentions, I push my penis into her pussy, and the tip of the glans enters her vaginal hole, wading through the slippery soft flesh. And soon enough, my penis found its way to Jeanne’s virgin membrane.


With her virginity membrane thinly stretched by my penis, Jeanne, with her crisp, slitted eyes, pleads with a pathetic look on her face. When I saw her moist eyes, I made up my mind.




Jeanne moaned.

Jeanne’s virginity membrane was ruptured. But it didn’t stop there, my penis wormed its way into Jeanne’s slippery pussy and penetrated deep inside her.

It was the moment when the penis of the opposite sex was buried inside Jeanne for the first time. My cock turned Jeanne into a woman.

“Hurry… up and get it over with…”

I hear Jeanne moaning in pain, and I start a slow pistoning motion to get her used to it.

Nupo…♡ Nupo…♡

“…♡ Ah…♡”

It must have been about half an hour. As I slowly thrust my cock in and out of her pussy, Jeanne’s eyes, which had been suffering, began to water and become tinged with pleasure. Jeanne’s mouth began to emit a charming sound. It seems that her body is starting to relax.

“Does that feel good?”

“Shut up!… hmm♡”

My question was met with resistance from a breathless Jeanne. But soon, she’s lost in the feeling of my cock.

“Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡”

… Nupu♡ Nupu♡ Nupu♡

Every time I poked her pussy, Jeanne started to make loud noises that she couldn’t hold back anymore, and she was unconsciously shaking her hips. Her eyes could no longer see what was going on around her. On that day of rupture, Jeanne had become a prisoner of sex!

Piku♡ Piku♡ Piku♡

Her pussy starts twitching, trying to reach something as the penis moves in and out of her. I check the movement and stop the piston movement.


Jeanne sobs like a dog that’s been left to fend for itself. She was looking up at me with moist eyes.

Then I start pistoning again a little while later. Jeanne was looking at me with tears in her eyes, as if she was complaining about something.

Every time Jeanne’s pussy twitched, I would repeat the action, over and over again. Every time I stopped the pistoning motion, I could see Jeanne’s suffering growing.

“Does it feel good to have my cock in you?”

“…♡ …♡”

I ask Jeanne as she is tasting sex for the first time. Jeanne muffled her words in embarrassment and ignored them.

“Tell me or I’ll stop moving, okay?”

I stopped my pistoning motion and pulled my cock out of Jeanne’s pussy until it was just about ready to fall out. Now, only about an inch of the tip of the glans is in Jeanne’s pussy.

I can see Jeanne’s cunt contracting greedily, wanting the cock to penetrate her quickly.

Jeanne’s pussy was sucking on it and making her vaginal opening rise up, as if she really didn’t want to let go of my cock that had been pulled out!

“…feels so good ♡”

Jeanne turns her face away from me and answers shyly. But that’s not good enough.

“Look me in the eye and answer me properly.”

I don’t start the pistoning motion. I order Jeanne again, keeping her impatient without inserting it. Jeanne turns around slowly, as if she is afraid, and asks me in a desperate way.

“Please make me cum! Please! I’m going crazy for your cock!”

Jeanne has fallen.

When I heard those words, I screwed my cock into her pussy, all the way to the very back. Jeanne’s pussy began to overflow with excitement, and her love juices began to flow out of her.

“My cock is here♡”

Jeanne begins to taste my cock with enthusiasm. Jeanne’s mind was already filled with nothing but the feeling of my cock going in and out of her pussy.

Zuchu♡ Zuchu♡ Zuchu♡

“Oh my god♡”

I gouge every inch of Jeanne’s cunt with my cock. Jeanne squirmed with each rubbing of her vaginal walls. Jeanne’s cunt starts twitching again, but this time he doesn’t stop moving. Rather, he speeds up his pistoning motion.

“It feels good♡ It feels good♡ It feels good♡”

Jeanne was drooling and clutching the bed sheets, rasping the same words over and over. Her once dignified eyes were dark and cloudy with pleasure, and now all she could see was his cock.

The sex she had once rejected, the sex she had been unwilling to have, she was now fully immersed in.

When I was sure that Jeanne was completely depraved, I thrust my cock deep into her pussy and gave her a full load. It was time to finish the job.

Dopu♡ Dopu♡

“Ah…♡ Ah…♡”

I poured my semen into Jeanne’s womb while she was still coming. I don’t stop even when her womb is full. I poured my semen into Jeanne’s womb until it overflowed like a flood. Jeanne’s body is filled with the instincts of a female.

Thanks to my cuckold cock skills, I was able to keep cumming at will.

Even though Jeanne’s pussy couldn’t hold all the cum and it was gurgling and spilling out of the crevice, I didn’t stop pouring it into her.

Jeanne continues to stare into the void as I pump her full of cum.. Her eyes were dark and cloudy with pleasure.

This must have been Jeanne’s first time cumming inside her, and it was an intense experience. Honestly, having sex with any man other than me wouldn’t satisfy her anymore.

I had succeeded in corrupting Jeanne with my cock.

Jeanne, who was twitching with pleasure as I continued to pump into her, suddenly lost consciousness. Apparently, she was tired from her first time having sex and had reached her physical limit. Jeanne is lying on the bed, breathing comfortably.

I also stopped ejaculating, pulled my cock out of Jeanne’s pussy, and went to sleep in the bed with her.

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nice chapter

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Dul' Mephistroph
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If 0nly all yuri girls could be conquered like this