C.C. Ch.9

 Let’s go to the workshop♡

Apparently, the workshop that Jeanne frequents is on the outskirts of town.

Jeanne led me down a narrow alleyway off the main street. According to Jeanne, it’s a shortcut.

As we approached a dimly lit alley with no sign of people, I stopped and asked Jeanne for a favor. I was following Jeanne, looking at her petite, shapely ass, and I was getting horny!

“Hey, Jeanne. Can you give me oral?”

“No! Yuri! We’re outside!”

When Jeanne hears my words, she rejects them with a surprised look, but I ignore her and continue speaking.

“Please, Jeanne.”


Seeing that Jeanne is not a pushover, I pull down my pants and expose my private parts in front of her. I’m going to play with my penis, shaking it around and showing it off to Jeanne.

“Hey Jeanne. If you don’t hurry, people will come.”

“Damn. I don’t have a choice…”

Looking directly at my penis, Jeanne, whose face was turning red, got down on her knees at my feet and grabbed my penis with her right hand.

“I’ve never done anything with my mouth, so don’t complain.”

She then nuzzled her face between my legs and sucked my cock into her mouth.


After sucking my still soft penis to the root, Jeanne rolls it around in her mouth like a candy ball. The slime of her saliva stirs my cock into a gooey mess, and it feels great.

My cock gets hard all at once as she sucks me off with a gurgling slurp. After confirming this, Jeanne squeezes her lips into a circle and starts moving back and forth

Jupo♡ Jupo♡ Jupo♡

Grabbing my thighs with both hands to make it easier to move, Jeanne sucks on my cock. Her hair touched my thighs as she gave me a blowjob, and it was a little choppy.

Jeanne’s lips are flirtatiously raised as she moves her face, sucking up my cock, trapping it. There’s nothing quite like looking down from above at a beautiful woman sucking on your cock with a cynical look on her face.

“Jeanne. I’ll put it out.”

In no time at all, I was being squeezed out of my semen by Jeanne’s oral skills. Jeanne seems to have a talent for sucking cock.

Dopu♡ Dopu♡

I pour my semen into Jeanne’s mouth. Surprised by the sudden overflow of semen from the tip of my penis in her mouth, Jeanne tries to take her mouth off my cock, but I can’t stop her from doing something that feels so good. I force Jeanne’s face down and continue to forcefully ejaculate into her mouth.

Topo♡ Topo♡

Jeanne’s mouth fills with my semen. Little by little, as she struggled to hold my cock in her mouth, the white liquid that couldn’t be contained in her mouth began to spill out from between her lips, running down her neck and staining her collar.

In the cock-sucking position, Jeanne is looking up at me with slightly angry, teary eyes. Apparently, she wants to spit out the semen in her mouth as soon as possible.

“Jeanne, swallow it!”


Jeanne’s screams of rejection made my newly exposed and sensitive penis vibrate and itch. I stroked Jeanne’s hair and pleaded with her in a cat-like voice.

“If you drink, I’ll make you cum a lot. Please.”


After thinking about it for a while, a red-faced Jeanne nodded her head and pulled her face away while sucking up the remaining semen in her urethra with her mouth.


My cock slipped out of her mouth.

Jeanne, a beautiful face with long, clear eyes, purses her lips as she sucks up my semen in her mouth, trying to keep it from spilling out. Honestly, it’s messed up and erotic.

She swallowed hard, trying to keep her mouth full of semen, turning her head slightly upward to keep it from spilling out.

“This is good, isn’t it?”

Jeanne opened her big mouth and exposed her tongue as if to provoke him. Jeanne’s mouth, which had just drunk all the semen, was filled with a moody and mysterious atmosphere.

After making sure she had emptied her mouth, Jeanne hurriedly took off the lower part of her light armor and began to expose her pussy in the open air.

“Hey! Jeanne! We’re outside!”

I panicked and tried to stop her, but Jeanne was quick to retort.

“That’s my line! And now that I’ve said my piece, it’s Yuri’s turn! And now it’s your turn! You’re going to make me cum, aren’t you?”

Jeanne put her hands on the wall and pointed her plump little ass at me, provoking me. Jeanne’s pussy, exposed to the open air, was already squishy and tender!

I put my cock in Jeanne’s cunt in a standing back position and rubbed my cock up and down inside her cunt. Jeanne’s cunt was tight from working out, and even tighter from the back.

“Cumming♡ Cumming♡ Cumming♡”

Jeanne is moaning with pleasure. It seems that Jeanne is steadily falling for your cock. Let’s just keep going and cum inside her.

“Jeanne! I’ll put it out!”

Dopu♡ Dopu♡

“Semen… feels so good♡”

I poured a generous amount of semen into Jeanne’s womb as she came all over my cock. Jeanne is breathless and stunned in a standing back position as I pump her full of cum.


I pull my cock out of Jeanne’s pussy, which she won’t let go of as she sucks on it, begging for more, and her vagina hole, now devoid of the meat plug, overflows with semen.

Her pussy twitched and fluttered a bit, opening and closing as she tried to hold back the semen from spilling out of her vaginal hole.

The white liquid overflowing from Jeanne’s pussy trickled down her labia and dripped from the tip of her clit to the ground. Jeanne was still in the standing position, her slit stained white with my sticky semen.


“Come on, let’s go.”

After we finished having sex and getting dressed, Jeanne went on down the alley, looking her usual crisp self. I decided to follow Jeanne down the alley toward the workshop.

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