C.C. Ch.12

 With Marie♡


“Ah♡ Ah♡… Ah♡”

It’s been a week since I arrived in the other world. I was now on all fours on the bed, scratching Marie’s tender pussy and slowly inserting my cock into her.

Nuru …♡ Nuru …♡

I rubbed my cock against the folds of her flesh as she sucked on it disgustingly, and moved it around inside Marie’s pussy in a hurried, accustomed way. Every time I connected her vaginal walls with my cock, her pussy melted into a soft, slippery mess.

Marie’s pussy is a superb pussy, the folds of her vaginal walls sucking sticky every time I pull my cock out of her, and twisting pleasantly with every thrust!

“How does it feel to have a younger cock? Does it feel good?”

I ask Marie, who is straining her shoulders, trying desperately to hide the fact that she is feeling good as I pull my cock in and out of her. Her beautiful, white body was already plump and sweaty.

“Shut up…!”

Marie, who was out of breath, argued back. But as she spits out her strong words, she keeps her face turned down to hide her expression from me. She’s on all fours, staring at the bed sheets, the nape of her neck glowing red with pleasure.

When I heard Marie’s stern words, I pulled my cock out gently and inserted it deep into her pussy and started to extract hard.

“Ooh♡, hoo♡, aaah♡, aaah♡… aaah♡”

Marie’s pussy was slippery and smooth, but her primal reflex from the intense pleasure caused her to flood with her love juice. Whenever my cock stirred inside her vagina, her gooey love juice made a loud gurgling sound.

“If we make this much noise, Al in the next room might hear us.”

“Don’t say it…”

With a hot exhale, Marie remembered Al and felt guilty. But her thoughts are soon tinged with the intense pleasure colors rising from the pussy where my cock is thrusting into her, and she becomes obsessed with the feeling of sex in front of her.

The large amount of love juice scraped out of her pussy by my penis trickles down her labia and dangles sloppily from the tip of her clitoris.

Zuchu♡ Zuchu♡

Every time I thrust my cock deep into her pussy, my pubic bone hits Marie’s big, soft, resilient ass. I can’t get enough of that feeling.

“In no time at all, you’ve grown to love my cock.”

As I enjoy the slippery feeling of Marie’s pussy with my cock, I call out to her to provoke her.

“You’re nothing but a cock…”

She lies down comfortably, staring at the bed sheets, her lips pursed in a small mumble.

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

I can’t see Marie’s current face from the back of my head as I look down at her while thrusting my cock into her, but I can easily see that her ears and cheeks are burning red with pleasure.

As I look down at Marie shyly accepting my cock into her cunt, I remember how I came to have sex with her.

The day after I registered as an adventurer, I formed a temporary adventuring party with Marie and Al’s party. After completing a few simple requests, we had a get-together at a tavern. The place was a tavern attached to the inn where they were staying.

After quickly getting Al drunk, I got Marie drunk as well, and provoked her a lot. After walking the crushed Al to his room, I broke into Marie’s room to continue drinking. In the course of the conversation, I try to goad Marie into saying she’s a virgin.

“What about you, then?”

When she is provoked, I suggest that we should actually have sex and try it out.

“You’re not a virgin, what’s wrong with an experienced Marie having sex with me once or twice?”

At my prodding, she stubbornly declared that she was having sex with Al all the time.

“Hmm! Try it if you can! Virgin!!!”

I picked up Marie, who was sitting on a chair drinking wine, covered her soft, pouting lips, and forcibly twisted my tongue into her mouth.


I forced my tongue into her mouth, which smelled of the alcohol she had just consumed, and began to fuck her gooey mouth. The next thing I know, my tongue and hers are intertwined and we’re gobbling up each other’s mouths.

She was not expecting me to really attack her, but she was surprised, and her eyes began to cloud over with the pleasure of an unfamiliar kiss.

“If you scream too loud, Al will know as he is sleeping in the next room.”

I whispered in Marie’s ear, and her resistance to push me away weakened.

“Fuu …♡ Fuu …♡”

As we stood there playing with each other’s bodies, I rolled up the black robe Marie was wearing, which made her snort, and put my hand inside her underwear. Then I saw that her pussy was already throbbing wet. I slowly traced up her labia, spreading her warm, slippery love juice over her crack.


As my fingers slowly traced her crack, Marie let out a little squeal of delight when I touched the top of her crack. I continue to use my middle finger to knead Marie’s erect clitoris without restraint.

“Hmm…♡ Hmm…♡”

Marie clutched my shoulders with both hands and squeezed her inner thighs, as if she was losing strength every time her sensitive flesh was kneaded.

Bikun♡ Bikun♡

After playing with her clitoris for a while, Marie shakes her body slightly while stifling her voice. After confirming this, I screwed my middle and ring fingers into Marie’s pussy, and the next time I forcefully stirred her. Her pussy was already slick with love juice, and I could easily get my two fingers inside.

I stirred her pussy until her underwear was soggy and wet, and Marie slumped to the floor.

“Did you cum?”

“…I’m not cumming.”

Marie turns away from me, her lips pursed in a small mumble. Her cheeks were hot and flushed.

After undressing Marie, I gently lay her down on the bed. As I pulled down her underwear, her love juices were sloshing and stringing together.

We face each other on the bed, in missionary position and in silence. She was lying on her back, her chubby big tits lying plump on her upper body. It was so erotic!

But Marie looked away shyly, as if she didn’t want me to stare at her tits.

“Are you going to make fun of me for being a cowgirl too?”

Marie spoke to me as if she had given up. Apparently, she had only ever been surrounded by stupid men. How could I not enjoy such a sexy pair of big tits?

“I like your tits, Marie.”

When I spoke softly to her, Marie, perhaps not expecting my words, raised her body and spoke to me.

“Hey, really…”


Interrupting Marie’s words, with or without her permission, I insert my cock into her pussy.


Marie moaned softly as she raised her upper body slightly to speak to me.

I stop moving when my penis is slightly buried in Marie’s vaginal hole, as I worm my way through the flesh of her pussy, which is still closed and uninitiated. The tip of the glans bumped against her hymen. I knew Marie was a virgin.

“I’m in…”

Looking down at Marie, who was holding her mouth with both hands as if regretting what she had done, and looking down at the penis still buried in her pussy, I decided to take her virginity.

“Al, I’m sorry. I’ll take it♡”



Marie and I are now connected as one. With a throbbing sensation, I worm my way into Marie’s pussy, where she accepts a foreign object for the first time, and my cock makes its way deep into her vaginal canal. Now she’s a grown woman.

“What should I do…? I’ve just had sex with Yuri…”

Marie whispered in a quiet voice so I wouldn’t hear her as she opened her legs in the missionary position. She was holding her mouth with both hands, teary-eyed, and looking at my penis, which was now completely buried inside her own body.

Now, I’ve got to make this the best sex she’ve ever had, not regret it.

“Marie, you look beautiful.”

I spoke to Marie in a reassuring voice. When Marie heard my words, she sighed as if she had given up, and lay down on the bed, turning her face away from me and mumbling shyly.

“…Be gentle.”

It had been a week since Marie and I had had sex for the first time, and we had become involved in a relationship where we would have sex behind Al’s back after we had completed our requests as a party. At first I was reluctant, but slowly Marie started to get used to having sex with me.

And today, after completing a request, Marie and I are having sex in Marie’s room, hidden from Al who is resting in the next room.

“Marie likes to be penetrated from behind.”

I started thrusting into Marie’s cunt in the back position, her favorite position. The feeling of Marie’s pussy on my cock is very pleasant.

“Yuri, Oh my god♡ Something is coming♡”

Today I was very careful to stimulate her G-spot. When I heard her say that something was coming, I concentrated even more and kneaded her swollen G-spot.

“Something is coming!!!”

Pyu♡ Pyu♡

Marie squirted for the first time as she couldn’t stand the stimulation anymore. The sheets of the inn’s bed were covered with large stains from her squirt. It seems that Marie’s body is steadily being developed by me.

Marie, who had never squirted before, was embarrassed and humiliated, as if she had just peed herself.

“Marie, look at me.”

After kneading Marie’s pussy in the back, I moved her to the missionary position. Marie’s eyes were wet and moist with pleasure as she turned from face down to face on her back.

As I thrust my cock into Marie’s pussy in the missionary position, I looked down at the spot where they were connected, and saw that my cock was soggy and white from her pussy’s juices.

The sheets of the inn’s bed were covered with even bigger stains from Marie’s love juice.

As it is, I’m carefully kneading her vaginal flesh with my cock while exploring Marie’s pleasurable parts, and her pussy starts twitching as she tries to come.

“Huh…♡ Hah…♡”

Marie was full of energy, breathing shallow and fast, staring pleasantly into the void. She was already so full that her usual cheerful eyes had melted away!

“Al♡ sorry…♡ sorry…♡”

Marie is mumbling apologies to Al as she snorts excitedly. In fact, just a few moments ago, she asked me to cum inside her for the first time.

At first, she rejected me, saying she didn’t want me to do it, and was letting my semen out, but I kept telling her that I could use contraceptive magic and that it felt so good to be inside her, and I succeeded in seducing Marie.

“Hey, you can cum inside today…”

While I was thrusting my cock into her in the missionary position, she turned her head away with moist eyes and said.

“I’m going to come inside you.”

I continue my deep pistoning motion and talk to Marie, who is tasting my cock in her pussy. I wanted to make sure she was ready.

“Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡”

Then Marie’s gasps intensify in affirmation. Her legs tightly encircle and entwine around my waist, and she doesn’t let go of my cock from her pussy. This is her sign of intent.

Our genitals mingle into a gooey mess while holding a big hold.


Her pussy twitches and sucks on my cock as if she’s rushing to drink my semen as soon as possible. Marie’s excitement was at an all-time high as she heard my words and expected me to cum inside her.

“Marie! I’ll put it out!”

Zuchu♡ Zuchu♡

I thrust my penis deep into her pussy and gave her the final warning.

“…come on♡”

When Marie hears my words, she closes her legs tightly and spreads her hands in delight, begging for my semen. She chose the event that was right in front of her, the one that made her feel good, over Al.

Dopu♡ Dopu♡ Dopu♡

While listening to Marie’s voice asking for my semen, I ejaculate into her womb.

Each time my semen poured into her vagina, I could see the tip of Marie’s vision turn white with pleasure. Marie’s eyes are slowly becoming dark and muddy as she gasps for air at the feeling of being creampied for the first time in her pussy.

“Al. This feels so… good♡”

With downcast eyes, Marie was mumbling to Al about her current feelings. But it wasn’t Al who poured his semen into Marie’s pussy for the first time, it was me.

Top♡ Top♡ Top♡

And the large amount of semen that continues to come out of my penis fills Marie’s pussy. Just as I was filling Marie’s heart with water, her womb was filling up with my semen.

Marie, whose female instincts have been stimulated for the first time by the male semen that has been poured into her body, exhales hot breath and shakes her body in a pleasant way. I’m sure her whole body is now experiencing the sweet numbness of the pleasure of having semen poured into her pussy, mixed with the feeling of versatility.

Marie continued to stare into the void for a while, breathing deeply.

I kissed her gently as she regained consciousness, with my freshly cummed cock still embedded in her pussy.

Marie’s cheeks were on fire and she had the look of a maiden after I’d just given her a Creampie. She was in the missionary position with her legs open, her eyes moist and staring at me. I looked down at her and asked her how she was feeling.

“Do you want to do it again?”





Marie’s heart was racing with pleasure.

“Make me full♡”

That day, our Creampie sex lasted until morning.

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