C.C. Ch.13

Gathering Herbs♡

“Okay! Let’s split up and do some foraging!”

Marie, Al, and I had formed a temporary adventuring party and were going to the forest to gather medicinal herbs. We found a place that looked like it would be easy to gather, and we immediately decided to split up and gather separately.

I used my appraisal skill to quickly collect some useful materials from around the area, and then headed to Marie who was looking for medicinal herbs.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Marie, do it with your mouth.”


I expose my cock in front of Marie, who is squatting down to collect the herbs.

“Hey! You!”

When I suddenly show my cock, Marie reproaches me in a whisper so that Al, who is probably foraging in the vicinity, won’t find out.

“Hey, that’s nice.”

I press my penis against Marie’s mouth, making light of the situation.

Kun♡ Kun♡

The smell of my penis pressed against her nose may have attracted her attention, but Marie’s eyes changed.

“…I just got carried away by the mood last time, so don’t get all nice and fancy.”

Marie whispered, her lips pursed in embarrassment as she looked down.

We decide to move to a nearby bush, hoping that Al won’t see us. When we hide in the bushes, Marie crouches down at my feet with a familiar look on her face.

Kun♡ Kun♡

Holding my cock in her right hand, Marie secretly sniffs it without me knowing.

“Your cock…”

Kun♡ Kun♡


After a little hesitation, Marie licked and sucked my cock.

Jururururu♡ Zuzozozozo♡

Marie’s face, which had been disgusted earlier, is now sucking my cock with a delicious look on her face. The first time she gave me a blowjob, she was a bit scared, but after gaining experience with my cock, she was getting better at pulling it out with her mouth.

Juppo♡ Juppo♡

Marie is still sucking on my cock with her lips rising up like an octopus. She is also sucking on my cock with her tongue as she moves her face back and forth.

“Hey Yuri, have you seen Marie?”

At that moment, we’re hiding in the bushes doing something nasty, and Al comes up to us. He seems to be looking for Marie. Marie is hiding in the bushes, giving me a blowjob, and she’s hidden from the outside world.

Al’s voice startles me, and I grab Marie’s head firmly with both hands as she tries to remove her mouth from my penis and let her continue to suck me off. Marie, who doesn’t want Al to see what she looks like now, looks up at me with tears in her eyes as she sucks my cock.

“‘Hmmm, I didn’t see her. What’s wrong?”

I keep Al company so he doesn’t find out that Marie is at my feet sucking my dick.

“I wanted to talk to Marie about something. I’ve been looking for her for a while and haven’t seen her, so I got worried.”

“You worry too much, Al. There aren’t many monsters around here, and if something happens, I’ll know immediately with my detection skills. I’m sure Marie is just preoccupied with finding herbs.”

“Yes, you’re right. But I’m going to look for Marie some more. Let me know if you see her too!”

“Ugh… Yeah, got it!”

Topu♡ Topu♡

While talking with Al, I poured my semen into Marie’s mouth.

When I checked on Marie after making sure Al was far enough away, she was red-faced and angry. Her eyes were filled with tears as she glared at me. And she had a mouth full of my semen.


When Marie is sure I’ve cum, she angrily but carefully sucks up the remaining semen from my urethra and slowly removes my cock from her mouth!


After she finished sucking my dick, she purses her lips while holding her right hand over her mouth to prevent spilling the semen that was filling her mouth.

As it was, Marie moved her mouth to make it easier to drink the slimy, warm liquid in her mouth, and after mixing it with her saliva, she gulped it down in one go!

Koku♡ Koku♡

We had an unspoken rule that Marie had to drink the semen after every blowjob. It’s a sign that we’ve done this many times before. Even though Al had almost witnessed it, Marie had kept this rule intact.

“You! What will you do if Al finds out!”

Marie was whispering, angry and stuffy. I could smell the disgusting scent of her mouth as she hurled words at me. I brush her off lightly and make my next suggestion to her.

“It’s okay that you didn’t find out. It’s my turn to do it to you, isn’t it?”

“… I’m fine.”

I let her lean against a nearby tree, face down, complaining. She’s complaining with her mouth, but she’s not resisting. She seems to be expecting it when she follows my instructions so readily.

I crouch down at Marie’s feet, and as she stands leaning against the tree, I flip up the robe she’s wearing and remove the underwear she’s wearing under her skirt. Her underwear was soaked with her love juices from her arousal, and a thick, clear liquid was running down her legs.

“Marie, you’re so wet.”

“Oh, don’t say that…”

Without paying attention to Marie’s embarrassed mumbling, I plunged my face into the skirt she was wearing. The inside of her skirt was stuffy, damp, and hot.

Chu♡ Chu♡


I suck on Marie’s pussy and start cunnilingus. She was sweating, and her genitals were a little soggy. As I lick her clitoris and knead her labia with my tongue, Marie’s pussy becomes even more slippery with my love juice. As I licked her pussy, she kept breathing shallowly, as if it felt good.

“Oh, there you are! Hey! Marie!”

Al, who was looking for Marie, finds her and approaches her. Al has no idea that Marie is now getting her pussy licked. I was so well hidden in the bushes that Al couldn’t see me.

“What’s wrong? Al?”

Marie keeps her composure and asks Al. Marie’s body is shaking a little, as if she’s afraid that Al will find out about our relationship.

“What? Yuri was here a moment ago. Did he go somewhere else?”

“Come on, I don’t know that guy.”

Chupu♡ Chupu♡

Marie swears while her pussy is being licked by me. Quickly, I slide my tongue back and forth across the crack between Marie’s legs.

“But that’s just fine. Actually, I wanted to talk to Marie alone about something.”

Kuni♡ Kuni♡

“what do♡… you mean, talk?”

“Yeah, actually…”

“Don’t come any closer!”

Marie restrained Al from approaching her to talk to her.

“What? Marie, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, I’m sweating, I’m so embarrassed, don’t go near me now♡”

Chupu♡ Chupu♡ Chupu♡ Chupu♡

While I was sucking on her clit, Marie continued her conversation.

“I see. Then I’ll tell you here. I’ll tell you straight to the point. I like you, Marie!”


“…Hmm♡ …Ku♡”

“So, Marie, will you go out with me?”

Chupa♡ Chupa♡


“I’d love to hear your answer anytime.”

The air between them was sweet. However, I didn’t care about that, I unreservedly screwed my tongue into Marie’s vaginal hole and started to stir her vaginal flesh with my tongue. Whether it was because she was happy that Al had confessed to her, or because my cunnilingus felt good, Marie’s pussy was overflowing with love juice.

Marie’s pussy tightened up, probably due to the nervousness she felt just before telling Al her answer. But that didn’t stop me from kneading Marie’s vaginal flesh.

“Aru, I like you too♡ Oh♡ Ho♡”

“I see. Thank you!”

Marie is accepting Al’s confession. As to congratulate her, I moved my tongue up and down hard as I screwed it into Marie’s vagina, kneading her pussy even harder. Her vaginal hole was making obscene sounds.

“…Cum♡… cumming♡… cumming♡”

“What’s wrong? Marie? What do you mean ‘come’?”

“I’m going♡… to look for some herbs♡… and I am♡… going to cum♡”

“I see. Oh, you didn’t want me to come near you now, did you? Marie, I’m going to go collect herbs too! Good luck, Marie!”

Then Al happily walked away from Marie.

“Yes♡, Al. I’m going♡ to collect herbs too♡”

Bikun♡ Bikun♡ Bikun♡

“…Fuuu♡… Fuuu♡”

Marie came the moment Al’s presence left in the distance. Breathing deeply, she clung to my head with both hands, her body quivering on her inner thighs.

When I peeked out of my skirt to check on Marie, she was glaring at me with a bright red face.

“You! What are you going to do when Al finds out?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter because he didn’t find out. Anyway, Al confessed his love to you. Congratulations.”


Marie is looking down with a maiden’s face.

“You’re going out with Al?”

“Yes. Because I like Al.”

“I see. Congratulations.”

“You’re not going to stop me, are you? I thought you were going to get in my way…”

“I don’t like to be tied down. What do you want? If you’re going out with Al, do you want to stop having sex with me?”


When she heard those words, she looked at me with a very disappointed look on her face.

When I saw her face, I pulled down my pants again and showed my erect penis to Marie and pointed my finger at her.


Marie gazed at my cock, which was on edge, and swallowed her spit greedily. I think she’s lost her patience with me licking her pussy.

“Do you want to?”


Marie gave a small nod to my words, and with a sniffle, she put her hands on a nearby tree, and in a standing back position, invited me to insert my cock into her quickly. Her pussy is so thick and gooey as she squirms and sways for my cock!


Even from behind I could see her breath heat up as I placed the tip of my cock against Marie’s pussy, her eyes dark and cloudy as she waited for my cock.


I thrust my hips hard, and my penis slips into Marie’s pussy, ripping through her vaginal flesh from the entrance to the back in one swift motion. In no time at all, the tip of my penis reaches her womb, and Marie, her body filled with my cock, begins to exhale deeply, as if she’s feeling good!

Marie’s pussy has started to get used to the size of my penis, and my cock is now smoothly entering her pussy.

Kuchu♡ Kuchu♡

Every time I thrust my cock in and out of Marie’s cunt, a sickening sound echoed through the quiet forest. Her warm, slippery vaginal flesh was entwined with my cock buried inside her, and the feeling was irresistible!

“Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡”

Marie, who was being penetrated by my cock, was also clinging to a nearby tree, making unbearable noises, as if she was feeling good. Luckily, Al wasn’t nearby.

“Mmm♡… kuu♡…”

“What do you want to do? Do you want me to take it outside today?”

I make one last check on Marie, who is enjoying the feeling of having my cock in her pussy, moving her hips in a pleasurable way.


“…Come inside me♡”

After a little bit of agonizing, Marie gave her answer. She stared into the void with her dark, cloudy eyes, waiting for me to cum in her pussy. Her mind was once again occupied with nothing but the pleasurable things in front of her.

When I received Marie’s answer, I didn’t hesitate to pour my semen into her pussy.

“Marie, I’m gonna cum.”

Dopu♡ Dopu♡

“Ooooooooo♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

As the semen was pumped into her pussy, she let out a beastly cry as she matched the rhythm of the ejaculation. Her strong sense of immorality towards Al was intensifying her arousal.

Topo♡ Topo♡

Even though Marie’s womb was full of semen, I didn’t stop cumming. Even when her pussy is overflowing of semen, I continue to ejaculate.

“Shugoiii♡ Shugoiii♡”

Marie climaxed, her body jerking and twitching as she gobbled up my semen in her pussy. My semen that couldn’t get into her vagina hole was making a gooey, white waterfall from her crotch to her feet.

“Ooh♡ ooh♡ ooh♡ ooh♡ ooh♡ ooh♡”

Marie’s eyes flashed white as my semen poured into her womb, sending her consciousness flying in a fluster. Her pussy began to twitch and Marie came, deeper than she had ever come before.

“I’m sorry, Al. Yuri’s cock is… amazing♡”

Marie murmured with muddy eyes while cumming with a deep vaginal cum shot. Her pussy was dripping sloppily with the large amount of semen that I had given her.

After having sex with Marie, I give her some medicinal herbs and leave so that Al doesn’t find out that we skipped foraging and had sex.

After that, we met up at the meeting place with casual faces and headed back to the city.

On the way back from the forest, I found Al and Marie hiding from me, holding hands.

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Thanks for the chapter

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I hope Yuri does find someone for himself eventually… not that I’d imagine he stops cuckong, but you know.
I’m curious if this story is going to let AL and Maries have sex and it just never be good enough for her.