L.G. Ch.2

I hate lunch break.

Narumi Kaneshiro, high school sophomore, 168cm tall, skinny, homecoming club. No particular hobbies. No girlfriend, no friends. No strong points.

I’m horrified by the lack of substance in my profile.

By the way, my weaknesses come out easily. Communication disorder.

What I hate is recess.

In my high school life, where the day passes by if I just sit at my desk, recess is a foreign matter.

Especially lunch break.

Who you eat lunch with is a test of your friendships. It’s a hell of a time for a gloomy little guy like me.

If I eat alone in the classroom, I have to worry about other people’s eyes, and of course I have no friends to eat with. It’s the worst.

The only hiding place was the men’s room on the first floor of the east school building.

It’s the oldest bathroom in the school, and no one goes near it because of the foul smell that permeates it. It smells like a shitty mixture of sewage and air freshener.

It’s the smell that I eat my lunch in every day.

It’s more relaxing than eating in the other toilets, where I’m always afraid of people’s presence.

I cover my ears with earphones and watch a live game by an unsuccessful voice actress called Count Maporin.

“Thank you!”

There are three hundred registered users.

Even if I make a comment, it’s returned. It’s a small blessing. This should have been enough to get me through the hell of… but…

[Due to a water leak, use of this toilet will be discontinued for a while.]

A sudden turn of events.

The hiding place has been closed.

How long will it be for, I wonder? A day? A week? A month?

Either way, it was a matter of life and death.


I sighed in front of the sign.

There was no way I was going back to class now. I had to find a new place to rest.

I trudged up the stairs.

I never thought that I would be this far away from making friends. The world is too cruel to communication disorders.

No matter what I do, I am alone.

I walked home, looking at my classmates who seemed to be enjoying themselves. The days of my youth are as gray as a ditch.

I want to find a place where I can at least relax and eat my lunch.

I’ve been wandering around the school building looking for a good place to eat, and I came across a dimly lit staircase that leads to the roof.

…Maybe I can avoid being seen here.

There is no sign of anyone, and the landing is cluttered with cleaning mops and upside-down buckets.

Past that, there was a door.

Instead of being empty, I could see the blue sky through the half-opened door.

“…is open.”

Was it a teacher or a student?

I peeked fearfully at the door to see if it was a teacher or a student.


At the sound of a squeak, a figure on the roof looked back at me.

That’s where I met the girl I mentioned earlier, the one who blew out the yakisoba bread.

Another person who hid and went onto the rooftop. It was Futaba-senpai.

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2 years ago

Cute love story, I hope.