C.C. Ch.15

Marie Cuckold♡

“Yuri-kun, see you later♡”

After listening to Anna’s love advice today, I headed home. Lately I’ve been into going home early and doing production activities.

As night falls, my cuckold dick skills intuition kicks in and tells me that today is my chance. I decided to go to Marie, who I’ve been impatient to see for a while now.

Passing through the crowded tavern on the first floor, I knock on Marie’s room on the second floor of the inn.

“What’s wrong? Al?”

Marie opens the door for me, mistaking the person who knocked on the door for Al. I hadn’t seen her in a while, and her face was a little dejected.

When Marie sees my face, she is surprised and gulps down her spit. Then, without saying a word, she invites me into her room.


As soon as I closed the door, I grabbed Marie’s big, soft ass and took her lips. As I force her to kiss me, Marie hugs me back tightly, as if she wanted me to do this to her sooner.

After playing with each other’s bodies like animals, we moved to the bed and undressed her. When I pulled down the light blue underwear that Marie was wearing, her love juices were all tangled up and stringing together like I had never seen before!

“Marie, you’re so wet, aren’t you?”



I kissed Marie, who turned her face away shyly as she opened her legs in the missionary position, and slowly and impatiently inserted my penis into her pussy little by little. Marie’s pussy was getting a little tight after not having sex with me for a while.

“…I knew it♡ It’s amazing♡”

With a little more sexual experience, she was deliciously tasting my cock in her pussy. She was drooling and looking up at the ceiling, as if she was satisfied with my cock filling her stomach for the first time in a long time. I meticulously knead her where she’s always wanted me to touch her.

I talked to Marie while we were having sex and apparently she had a fight with Al. She said they were staying in separate rooms for a while.

Thump, thump.

While I was enjoying Marie’s pussy from behind in the back position, there was a knock on the door of my room as it was approaching midnight. My detection skills showed that it was Al.

“Marie, are you awake?”

“What’s wrong?♡”

Marie responds to Al’s sudden visit to her room, feeling awkward. The door to the room is locked, so it’s okay. She continues her conversation with Al as I pull my cock in and out of her pussy.

“I’m sorry about the other day.”

“Uh, yeah. That’s okay♡”

“Actually, I got a letter from my parents saying that my mom had collapsed.”

“That’s right♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

“It’s been bothering me a lot, and I’m really upset about it. So I’m going to stop being an adventurer and go back to my village. That’s what I wanted to tell you.”

“Oh♡, no♡. I don’t want to leave you, Al♡… Ahh♡”

Pachu♡ Pachu♡

“So, Marie, if you’re willing, why don’t you come back to the village with me? I want you to marry me.”

“Really♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡… cumming♡”

Marie was slightly aroused by Al’s proposal. The moment she heard the words of marriage, her pussy tightened up.

“But I think Marie has a desire to continue being an adventurer. If that’s the case, I’ll respect your feelings. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be leaving the city by carriage, and if your answer is yes, I’d like you to come too. I’ll meet you at the carriage stop.”

“Yeah♡ Al♡ Cumming♡ Cumming♡ Cumming♡”

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

After saying that, Al left the inn without further ado. Oh well, I’ll miss you.

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

After finishing the conversation with Al, Marie and I continued to have sex. And still connected as one, we welcomed the morning.

“Yuri♡ Amazing♡… I’m cumming♡”

As the morning sun was rising, Marie was in a dimly lit room with her hands on the bed and her hips up in a standing back position, tasting my cock in her pussy. She hadn’t had sex with me in a long time, and her body was so aroused that she was about to have the best orgasm of her life.

“It’s about time to meet up, is that okay?”

“I’ll be there as soon as I’m done having sex with Yuri♡”

She replies to my words as she gets lost in the standing back sex. Marie’s ethics were steadily breaking down.

“Marie, be my woman.”

“I’m going to marry Al♡”

Marie resists, squirming on my cock.

“I can do even more things that feel good from now on. I won’t be able to pick up Marie’s pussy like this until it’s soggy with her own juices anymore.”

As I knead Marie’s favorite spot with my cock, I continue my conversation

“…Hmm♡ …Ah♡”

At my words, Marie showed a slight pretense of thinking.

“Do you remember that cunnilingus that made Marie cum so hard? Well, I can’t do that for you anymore.”

“…♡ …Kuuu♡”

Her vaginal walls tightened as she remembered the feeling of the cunnilingus that I always gave her. At the same time, a flood of love juices flowed out from the depths of Marie’s pussy.

“Marie’s body was developing as she continued to have sex with me, and it was only going to get better and better. Are you sure?”

“…Hmm♡ …Ah♡”

Marie’s mind was reeling. I folded up even more and said more words to her.

“How many times does Al make you cum in the first place? Maybe you’ll be happy if you go back to the village with Al, but then Marie won’t be able to have sex that feels as good as today for the rest of her life. Isn’t that why Marie is having sex with me now, because she hates it?”


“Be my woman and I’ll make you cum so good right now. You can forget about Al.”

I stop my pistoning and talk to Marie.

“In the first place, Al took his mother over your life as an adventurer. In other words, Al valued his mother more than you. So, Marie, you can choose me instead of Al, okay?”


Marie is silent and downcast.


I pull my cock out of Marie’s almost ready to come pussy and make one last enticement. I lie down on the bed on my back and show her my cock as we continue our conversation.

“Marie is going to have a very pleasant life with me. Which is your true happiness? Could you be satisfied with Al’s cock? Could you?”

An incomplete Marie was staring at my penis with greedy eyes.


A few moments passed in silence between us. I pressed Marie for a final choice.

“If this cock wilts, I will never have sex with Marie again. If Marie comes back to town from the village, I will never do it. But it doesn’t matter, because Marie is going back to the village with Al, right?”

With my words, little by little, my cock loses its hardness and returns to its original shape. The time is almost up.

“Oh, now Marie will never be able to feel good with this cock again.”

As I observed my own wilting cock, I gave Marie a final challenge. When Marie heard my words, her reason finally flew.

Marie, looking like a weirdo, hurriedly jumped on the bed and straddled my cock with a desperate look on her face. I’m sorry, Al. I won.

“Take responsibility…!”

Marie’s purple eyes darken and cloud, and she snorts at me. Her snort is raspy. Marie grabs my cock with her right hand and guides it to the entrance of her pussy with her own hand, then quickly slams her hips down on my still-hard cock!


“Oh, cock♡ it’s coming in♡”

That cocky little Marie was bucking her hips on top of me, her big tits quivering frantically. Her feelings for Al were now gone from her mind.

“I can’t reach Al. He’s rubbing me so hard♡”

Marie’s throbbing face was drooling as she swung her hips up and down, looking up at the ceiling in comfort. I knew she liked my cock.

“I’m going to make you cum a lot.”

“Yes♡ make me feel good♡”

She straddled my cock, her cheeks flushed red, and I pushed her down, and in the missionary position, I started to fuck her pussy.

“I’m sorry, Al. I lost… to Yuri’s dick♡”

With a pathetic face that only I can see, Marie declares that she is completely depraved. I’ve decided to give her a nice, hearty Creampie from now on, when all she can think about is my cock.

Top♡ Top♡ Top♡

“Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡”

After swallowing my semen, which she had been seeking for a long time, her pussy contracted strongly and Marie had a violent orgasm as if something had exploded inside her. She came so deep that she was twitching for the longest time in all the sex we had ever had.


A black crest appeared below Marie’s navel as she continued to come, her hips heaving as she stared up at the ceiling. This is the effect of my newfound cuckold dick skills due to the number of women I’ve had sex with. I can now mark any woman I want to fuck. Now she can no longer live without my cock.

“What’s this♡… It feels good♡”

Marie, whose sensitivity had been heightened by the effects of the lewd crest, was shaking with delight. A large amount of narcotics is secreted in her head, and an intense euphoric feeling takes over her entire body. And now my cock is going to lead Marie to heaven!

“Aren’t you glad you’re my woman?”

“Yeah♡ Yuri♡ I love you♡ I love you♡”

She clung desperately and forcefully to my body as she lost control of herself. She grabbed me tightly in a daisuki hold and wouldn’t let go, and I poured my second load of semen into her pussy.

“What’s this♡? What’s this♡? What’s this♡?”

Marie’s body reacts to my bodily fluids by producing a large amount of narcotics in her brain. This is another effect of the lewd print. She’s no longer a match for my cock.

Top♡ Top♡ Top♡

The black crests on Marie’s body gradually turn pink as she absorbs more of my semen into her body, and once the crests are completely pink, they will never disappear. That was the use of the skill.


As I pour more of my semen into her pussy, a feeling of pleasure runs through Marie’s body that is incomparable to what it was before the lewd crest appeared. The Marie of the past is no more. From now on, my semen is going to break her heart into mush.

“Yuri♡ Give me more♡”
Marie begs me with her mouth, her tongue protruding from it because it feels so good. As if in response to her request, I poured a large amount of semen into Marie’s pussy.

“Why does it feel so good♡ Yuri’s cock is making me feel like an idiot♡ my pussy feels so good♡”

The crests on her body turned an even stronger shade of pink. It seems that Marie will be the first woman to fall for me since I arrived in the other world.

“What’s this♡? Yuri cock is making my pussy… feel so good♡ I’m so happy♡”

Marie’s womb crest turned a perfect shade of pink. Now she’s my cock case for life.


She arched her body with a face full of ecstasy as my semen was pumped deep into her pussy, and her hips bucked as she came. And just like that, she lost consciousness.

From this moment on, Marie, the naive and cocky country girl who had feelings for Al, disappears. Marie, who had been carved by me, turned into a woman drowning in sex, leaking female pheromones to everyone around her.

Al. Thank you for picking a fight with her. Marie is now my woman.

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2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter

2 years ago

i read the exact same thing on “cuckold wizard adventure”novel
are you sure it ain’t a ripoff?

AnimePal 99
AnimePal 99
1 year ago
Reply to  Noih0

Yeah seems similar but doesn’t matter

5 months ago
Reply to  ChadonBed

it’s all the same. this reminds me of a lot of hentai too. does that mean they ripped each other off? Nope, they’re just not creative

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Hope Al’s mom is okay… wait no, it’s probably safer for her if she died.

I’m a bit sad about the crest, I feel like Yuri made legit points for why Maries should sray with him. It felt unnecessary, but I guess that’s what makes it an Evil God skill? This also makes this an actual evil thing Yuri has done right, he definately has brainwashed her now.

2 years ago

Yeah, MC win