C.C. Ch.16

Anna’s Diary.

Anna’s Perspective.

XX day

Today I had my first date with Tom. Tom is so kind and I feel so happy when I’m with him.

XX day

On my way home from my date with Tom, Yuri talked to me. It seemed that he was worried about my depressed state. I’ve started dating Tom, but I’m having a hard time moving on from that.

Yuri, who is the same age as me, promises to help me with my problems next time. I hope this will help me understand how boys feel and get to know Tom better.

XX day

Thanks to Yuri’s advice, I gathered up my courage and was able to hold hands with Tom. Yay!

XX day

At Yuri’s suggestion, I decided to practice hugging. He said that if Tom hugged me on our date and I got scared and pushed him away, he would be shocked and our relationship might be over.

I think a hug would be nice. I wish Tom would give me a hug.

XX day

I’ve been practicing hugging with Yuri. I’m so nervous and embarrassed when a man hugs me. I wonder when Tom will hug me? I’m anxious.

XX day

When I was practicing hugging with Yuri, I was surprised to feel a man’s cock against my thigh. If I hadn’t been practicing hugging with Yuri, I might have been surprised and pushed him away when the same thing happened to me when Tom hugged me. If I hadn’t practiced hugging, I might have been surprised and pushed him away.

Yuri said it was a good thing that I had practiced hugging because accidents like this can happen. I think so too.

XX day

Today, when I was practicing hugging with Yuri, his cock was very hard and it hit my thigh, which made me very embarrassed…

Yuri tells me that boys can’t help but do this when they’re hugging a girl. Girls should be used to this kind of thing, he says.

Tom and I are going to have that kind of relationship someday, and I’m going to try a little harder.

XX day

Yuri taught me how to get a man’s hard-on back to normal. He said I should learn a few things about this stuff for Tom’s sake.

Yuri showed me what he was doing with his hand. I was so embarrassed and nervous when I saw Yuri touching his cock with his hand, it was the first time I felt that way.

As I watched with excitement for a while, I was very surprised to see white cum coming out of the tip of Yuri’s cock. It was the first time I saw semen. I think I’ve grown up a little today.

XX day

I was allowed to touch Yuri’s cock with my own hand. It was so hard and hot, and I felt my heart pounding when I touched it, and Yuri taught me that girls get excited like that with boys.

Yuri told me that I should practice for Tom’s sake.

While I was working on his dick with my hand, I suddenly felt a stream of semen coming out of the tip of Yuri’s cock. It was a little fun to see that and to think that my hand had done it for him.

XX day

I’ve been doing this a lot lately, hand-fucking Yuri’s cock. It’s a great way to learn how to please Tom when you’re in that kind of relationship with him.

I really shouldn’t be doing this, but it was really fun to do something naughty with a guy without telling anyone.

It’s better to practice now and please Tom someday than to not get it right the first time.

XX day

Today, Yuri told me that it wasn’t fair that he was always the one being touched, so in return, I had to let him touch my vagina.

It was the first time I let a man touch my vagina…

But Yuri’s nipping and tugging on my pussy felt really good, and I learned for the first time that my body can feel this good.

No matter how hard I tried to hold back, my naughty voice kept coming out on its own, and it was so embarrassing.

When Yuri touched my pussy for a while, my crotch twitched and then my body jerked, which was amazing. He told me that this was called ‘cumming’.

It felt so good to cum that my mind went blank and I never knew I could have such an experience. Yuri is gently teaching me that this kind of play is for adults.

It felt so good to have Yuri hug me after he touched my pussy and made me cum so nicely.

I couldn’t forget the thrill of that moment, so I did it with my own fingers when I got home♡

XX day

Lately, every time I meet Yuri, we touch each other’s genitals with our hands. Because it feels so good!

I know in my head that it’s a bad idea, but my body just can’t help but let it happen.

Seeing that I was feeling guilty about touching each other’s genital with a man, Yuri gently patted me on the head, saying that I wasn’t dating Tom yet, so there was nothing wrong with it.

I guess he is right.

Lately, even when I’m home alone, I can’t wait to meet Yuri and have him touch my pussy.

XX day

Today, for the first time, I had Yuri’s finger inside my vagina hole. I’ve always been afraid to ask, but when I got up the courage to ask him to put his finger in, it felt so good, I wish I’d asked him to do it sooner.

Having my fingers inside my pussy was different from cumming on my clitoris, and it was amazing to feel my belly shaking with excitement.

Yuri did a lot of that for me today. He said that if I get into the habit of cumming now, I’ll be able to cum a lot.

I know in my head that I shouldn’t do this, but I still want to feel better, and when Yuri asks me out, I can’t say no, so I let him touch me. I’m a little scared that I might get stuck in this relationship with Yuri.

XX day

I’ve been refusing to go on dates with Tom lately because I enjoy touching each other’s bodies with Yuri. I’ve been refusing to go on dates with Tom, because when I try to touch his body, he runs away. I wonder if he hates me?

XX day

Today, I licked Yuri’s cock with my mouth. Yuri is gently teaching me how to make a man cum. Yuri’s cock was so big that I was embarrassed to have to open my mouth so wide to suck it.

When I have a man’s cock in my mouth, I realize that I am doing something very naughty, and it makes me very excited.


It was the first time I’d ever had semen in my mouth, and it tasted bitter, a little sour, but it made me feel lightheaded and nervous.

XX day

Today, Yuri licked my pussy, saying he was thanking me for always doing it with my mouth.

That was amazing♡

The feeling of Yuri’s warm tongue moving around my pussy felt so good, and it stimulated my pussy more sensitively than fingering it, making me cum all the time until I became squishy and weak♡

XX day

Lately, I’ve been making it a routine to have Yuri lick my pussy every day. The last time I did this, I had him sneak off a little ways from a busy alley and give me a cunnilingus in a hidden place.

It turned me on so much that Yuri told me my pussy was even more tender than usual.

On days when Yuri didn’t make my pussy feel good, I felt lonely and even began to comfort myself by myself. I think it’s a loss that I’ve lived my whole life without knowing how good it feels.

I had a date with Tom today, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wanted to finish the date with him and go get Yuri to make my pussy feel good.

Tom is too shy and doesn’t make me feel good like Yuri does. I wonder if I really like Tom?

XX day

“Will you be my woman?”

That’s what Yuri said to me today. As soon as I heard his words, my body became very excited and I wanted him to make my body feel so good right now.

When I talk to him about what to do about Tom, he says he’ll make me forget about him, and Yuri kisses me gently. That’s my first kiss.

I was kissing Yuri until my tongue became tangled with his tongue, and my underwear became so wet that I could feel it, and I knew that I liked him.

But today, Yuri wouldn’t let me touch my vagina. He wouldn’t even let me touch his cock. He said he’d save it for tomorrow’s date.

I’ve been wanting to do it myself since I got home, but I’ve been holding back for tomorrow’s date. My pussy has been itching for a long time now, and I can’t sleep because I’m so excited.

I’m inviting a guy for the first time to my room, where I recently started living alone. I wonder what’s going to happen to me tomorrow♡

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2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter

2 years ago

“but it was really fun to do something naughty with a guy without telling anyone.”
this girl was already broken bruh XD

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… how old is she?

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“Yuri wouldn’t let me touch his vagina.” Should it not be “MY vagina”? Unless MC is a futa.