C.C. Ch.18

Let’s finish the chores.

Today I’m going to get a bunch of chores done. First, I need to do some shopping.

I decided to replace my current beginner’s sword with a better one. I head to Mu’s workshop to buy a weapon.

The big-breasted, tank top-wearing Mu-san, who was happy to accommodate my visit, has two healthy patches on her chest today.

I bought a steel sword with ten gold coins while staring at Mu-san’s two patches. However, the expression on Mu’s face as she conversed with me was rather gloomy.

With my cuckold dick skills, I have a hunch that I’ll have a chance to get Mu-san soon. But now, it seems, is not the right time.

I follow my intuition and leave the workshop, pretending not to notice any change in her. I went straight to the industrial district and shopped for materials for production.

After purchasing the materials, I went outside the city and used my alchemy skills in an open area to perform magical processing on the sand, one of the materials I had purchased. The result was a certain material.

What I made was a material to make a carriage. I can’t keep staying in the city of First forever. Once I’ve gained a certain amount of strength, I’ll go on a journey to find a place to build a dungeon.

To make the journey more comfortable, I decided to build myself an ideal carriage. Fortunately, I have an assortment of production skills thanks to my cheat, so I can make a golem carriage on my own that doesn’t need a horse. The fuel is my magic power.

Over the course of a day, I was able to make the main body of the carriage and the horse golem to pull it. I can do the interior later.

I’m going to check the performance of my finished carriage… Good! It worked!

The material I used to make the carriage this time was a special magic glass that had been processed in a magical way. This magic glass looks like just a thin black plate, but it is stronger than metal. In other words, in terms of appearance, the carriage I made looks like an ordinary black, square shaped carriage that a rich person would ride in.

And the nature of the magic glass I made, when I pass my magic power through it, you can see through it from the inside, but you can’t see in from the outside. In other words, the magic glass is black, but it has the properties of a magic mirror.

I made a carriage out of this magic glass. In other words, my carriage is just a black carriage when seen from the outside, but from the inside, it becomes a magic mirror carriage that can be seen from the outside by passing my magic power through it. I’m going on a journey one day in this magic mirror.

Satisfied with the quality of my magic mirror carriage, I decided to return to the city before nightfall.

Well, tomorrow I’ll invite Jeanne to join me for a test drive of the carriage!

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Thanks for the chapter