L.G. Ch.8

Together, even on rainy days.

It was raining that morning.

I don’t think I can go to the roof today. I thought absentmindedly as I watched the water droplets on the window during the class before lunch break.

During lunchtime, there were many people in the school building.

Carrying my bag, I walked out of the classroom and headed towards the east school building where there was no one around.

No matter how much I was able to talk to Futaba-senpai, it didn’t mean that I could get along with the rest of the class. This communicable disorder has become ingrained in my body, and it’s not something that can be broken out of quickly.

…I wonder where that person is eating now?

In front of the corridor lined with third year classrooms, I stopped and suddenly thought. There was no sign of Futaba-senpai among the bustling students.

I couldn’t imagine Futaba-senpai being in this group. But that didn’t mean that I couldn’t imagine her in the corner of the classroom, munching on some yakisoba bread.

Futaba-senpai should be eating her lunch in a more comfortable place.

However, in the closed space of this school, I don’t think there is a place where you can be alone so easily.

“No way.”

What came to my mind was the rooftop.

I looked at the rain falling on the school grounds. The clouds were gray and muddy, and the rain was falling in torrents.

No student would eat lunch outside in this rain. That’s a normal thought.

Still, I couldn’t help but check.

Open the door to the rooftop.


There, under a huge parasol, was Futaba-senpai eating yakisoba bread.

She looked up and waved her hand at me.

“Hey. Narumi-kun. Good morning.”

“What are you doing?”

“It’s lunch time. Come on. Let’s eat together quickly.”

I patted the top of the blue sheet and Futaba-senpai urged me to sit down.

The place where she was sitting was protected by a large umbrella, and there were hardly any drops of water coming in.

Futaba-senpai proudly said.

“Are you surprised?”

“Where did you get this from?”

“From the sports warehouse.”

“I see. It’s the one we use for the sports festival…”
The umbrella was big enough to keep out the rain even with two of us sitting under it. Surely, this would allow us to eat lunch without getting wet.

“It was hard to carry.”
It was indeed a funky thing to do. If the teacher found out, she wouldn’t be able to get away with a reprimand.

“Don’t worry. This rooftop is in a blind spot. First of all, you wouldn’t think that students would be eating in the rain like this, would you?”

“That’s true, but…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’ve never been found before.”

Futaba-senpai, who was proud of herself, pulled the bento bag from my hand.

“Well, today Narumi’s lunch is…”

“Can you please stop eating other people’s lunches first, as if it’s natural?”

She took off the lid of the lunch box, ignoring my small talk.

“Oh, no. No meat today?”

When she saw the almost entirely green side dishes, her shoulders slumped.

“Hmmm… disappointing.”

“I asked her to adjust the menu, because you only take meat. That’s not the way it should be.”

“Meat becomes blood.”

“I’m telling you to eat vegetables too. Look, there are some meat rolls there. This is today’s exchange supply.”

“I hate asparagus.”

“Don’t be selfish, just eat it. Come on, come on.”


With a face like the end of the world, Futaba-senpai put the meat roll in her mouth.

“Just don’t eat the meat around it, and spit out the rest.”


With a small cluck of her tongue, she began to eat the vegetables as if she had given up. Closing her eyes, Futaba-senpai began to munch on the meat roll.

“Huh? It’s surprisingly tasty…?”

“I know.”

“Can I have another one?”

“Please do.”

This time, I put my own chopsticks on it and ate it in a flash. Futaba-senpai’s face lit up.

“It’s delicious! It doesn’t smell green at all!”

“I make sure I choose the freshest.”

“I hated it without eating it.”

After properly finishing the meal, senpai patted her stomach in satisfaction.

“I feel like I’m getting healthier. Thank you.”

“Why don’t you take a lesson from this and buy a salad or something?”

“No. I’ll get it from Narumi-kun.”

The assumption that she will be given something is pretty lopsided.

“Okay. Then you can eat it. Aah!”

Futaba-senpai tore off a bite of yakisoba bread and offered it to me.

“I got two today, so it’s bigger than usual. Here, open your mouth.”


“Come on.”

Half forcibly, Futaba-senpai opened my mouth.

“Ah, uh…”

“Yes, ahh.”

A piece of yakisoba bread goes into my mouth. Futaba-senpai’s hand touches my lips, just a little.

“Is it good?”

Futaba-senpai tilted her head and asked.

I don’t know what it tastes like…

“It’s delicious.”

If what I was eating right now were a dry sponge, I would give the same answer.


Futaba-senpai smiles at me.

I swallowed the bread and it landed in my stomach in a heavy lump. It was as if I had swallowed something strange along with the yakisoba bread.

“Today is a good day.”

The sky was cloudy and the rain was much heavier than when I arrived.


As I looked up at the umbrella making a pitter-pattering sound, I vaguely called her name.


The pounding in my chest didn’t stop, becoming even more intense than the sound of the rain.

“What’s wrong? What’s the matter with you?”

It’s all your fault, Futaba-senpai.

“Are you dating anyone?”

My mouth slipped in an unexpected direction.

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