C.C. Ch.19

With Jeanne in magic mirror carriage

Kuchu♡ Kuchu♡

In the empty and deserted carriage, Jeanne and I were hugging and kissing. In the middle of a trial run of the Magic mirror carriage, I stopped the carriage on the side of a wide, busy street, invited Jeanne to join me, and we went straight into sex!

“Yuri is such a pervert…”

Jeanne, who didn’t expect to have sex in the carriage, is swearing and taking off her clothes. By the way, the magic power has not been passed through the Magic mirror carriage yet, and the inside is not a magic mirror.

“That’s not true. Jeanne is very wet, too.”

When I finished undressing Jeanne, I hugged her from behind and played with her pussy with my right hand. Her puffy crack had already formed a puddle of slime. I spread that slime all over her crack and kneaded Jeanne’s rutting pussy.

Kuchu♡ Kuchu♡ Kuchu♡

“Yeah, that’s true♡”

Jeanne is mending while her pussy hole is being hogtied with two fingers. As I use my index and middle fingers to gurgle and deform Jeanne’s vaginal walls, the contents gradually thicken and the vaginal flesh softens and loosens!

“Now, should I put it in?”

I called out to Jeanne, who was a little exhausted from having her pussy smeared, and she put her hands on the wall, and in a standing back position, she wiggled her little ass, inviting my cock to enter her. Jeanne’s well-trained and toned ass is plump and erotic!


After placing my penis at Jeanne’s vaginal opening, I thrust forward, putting my weight on my hips, and inserting my cock into her pussy. Jeanne’s well-trained pussy sucked on my cock with a powerful cooing sound.

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

“Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡”

Jeanne begins to pant and moan with pleasure. It seems that she is beginning to lose herself in sex. When the time is right, I pass my magic power and turn the walls of the carriage into a magic mirror.


The walls of the carriage became transparent, and the whole area could be seen from inside. Jeanne, mistakenly thinking that the carriage was now made of glass, shouted in surprise when she saw so many people walking along the main street. Her pussy tensed up and tightened.

“Yuri♡ stop it, stop it, stop it♡”

But I don’t care, I keep plunging my cock into and out of Jeanne’s pussy. Jeanne, mistakenly thinking that we were having sex for the whole town to see, begged me to stop, but I knew it was a magic mirror and I wouldn’t stop pumping!

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

As I squirmed and twisted in Jeanne’s comfortable spot, she made a winning sound. Jeanne, who is squirming shyly while having sex with me standing back, still doesn’t notice that the people walking on the street aren’t giving us a second glance.

“Yu, Yuri♡ Oh, you’re♡”

“Let everyone see Jeanne cum.”

I lifted Jeanne’s hips with my arms and positioned her in an ekiben standing back position, exposing her crotch to the world as I continued to piston my thick cock in and out of her pussy for all to see.Since arriving in the other world, my status has increased, and I am now able to perform this kind of act with ease.

“Yuri!!! Oh my God♡”

Unusually, Jeanne is screaming in shame. But Jeanne’s pussy was spilling out her love juices as I continued to insert and remove my cock, and her vaginal flesh was making gurgling sounds every time I thrust my cock into her.

Zuppo♡ Zuppo♡

“Ohhhh♡ Cumming♡”
Pyu♡ Pyu♡

I focused on kneading Jeanne’s favorite parts, and she squirmed and came. Jeanne’s body was developing nicely after having sex with me so many times.

Jeanne was exhausted after her orgasm, and I told her the truth. Jeanne looked around in horror and realized that no one was looking at them. The fact that no one noticed that we were naked and connected to each other meant that we were invisible to the outside world.

“Yuri, you idiot♡”

Jeanne shouts in embarrassment as I poke her in the pussy while she stands back. It was a success to see Jeanne so full of shame.

I was so excited to have sex with her that I felt as if I could see us doing it in full view of the outside world, and Jeanne’s pussy was overflowing with thick love juice. I thrust my hips into her, stirring up her love juices, and continued my pistoning motion.

“Well, I guess it’s okay to have a vaginal cum shot while everyone watches.”


Jeanne blames me, looking like she’s not entirely sure.. As I listened to her words, I poured a generous amount of semen into Jeanne’s pussy as she stood and fucked me, still feeling shame.

Topu♡ Topu♡

“…ah♡ ah♡”

Jeanne is also tasting the semen in her pussy deliciously. She slumped down and let out a deep breath as she shuddered horribly. A reflex of pleasure caused the muscles on Jeanne’s toned back to twitch and rise as she let me cum inside her.

“Did that turn you on?”

I ask Jeanne, who has just finished having sex and is putting on her undressed clothes.

“Of course not!”

Jeanne angrily argues with me.

“Then I won’t have sex with Jeanne in this carriage anymore. I’m sorry.”

When I heard her words, I apologized to Jeanne in a deliberately sullen way.

“No, no. Well, you know what? As long as it’s not visible from the outside, I’d say it’s fine…”

For what it’s worth, Jeanne also seemed to like the Magic mirror carriage. She looked down shyly and replied that she did.

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