L.G. Ch.9

It’s warm.

I told her.


Futaba-senpai rounded her eyes.

“What? Are you dating someone?”


I’ve said it.

What should I do?

I said what I was thinking out loud. There was no way I could take it back now.

“Um… uh.”

She looks down.

“I’m not at… I’ve never been.”

“Is that so?”

“Of course. I told you I’m a loner.”

That’s true.

I’m a little relieved.

“Why are you asking me that?”

I swallowed the spit that had collected in my mouth.

Just say it.

It’s almost there. The pink poison is munching away at my head.

“Um, actually…”


“Senpai… I.”

“Well… Hey, this is a little…”

Futaba-senpai was so upset that she dropped her yakisoba bread on the blue sheet. Her arms were limp, as if she had nowhere to put her hands.

The eyes that look at me are blinking repeatedly.


I should have said it a little sooner.

The words I tried to spell out were drowned out by the sound of thunder that struck nearby.

“Oh my God!”

The sound of a thunderous explosion caused Futaba-senpai to scream out. The lightning that struck nearby was so strong that it stained my vision white.

When I came to my senses, Futaba-senpai’s body was very close to mine.


“Of thunder.”

She hugged me tightly and said.

“I’m scared.”

Once again, the area glows a bright white. A few seconds later, a crack of thunder rumbled through the air.


“Hey, do you want to go inside?”

“No, I’m afraid to move.”


“Stay here, please.”

Futaba-senpai was trembling like a puppy. I don’t think it’s going to fall on the school building, but the approaching thunder was certainly getting more intense.


Whenever thunder rumbled, senpai’s shoulders shook.

“Senpai, um…”

I can’t say anything.

I can’t even say a word when I’m attached like this.

When I breathe, I can smell the sweet fragrance.

I can see Futaba-senpai’s hand on my back, and I can tell that she is putting a lot of pressure on it.

Every time there is a clap of thunder, my clothes and Futaba-senpai’s clothes rub against each other.

The bulge of the body touches.

The thunder did not stop.

“I’m sorry, but it hasn’t been good for a long time.”

“…Everyone has something to be afraid of.”

“I’m glad you were there for me, Narumi-kun.”

Futaba-senpai exhales with a huff. Her breath tickles my stomach. It spreads slowly.

While I was being hugged tightly, the lunch break came to an end. Futaba-senpai looked up and whispered to me in a small voice.

“…The chime rang.”

“I’ll stay until the thunder stops.”

“But you have class.”

“Futaba-senpai is always slacking off, aren’t you? I’m okay with skipping at least once too.”

“Thank you…”

Futaba-senpai squinted her eyes and smiled.

“You are kind, Narumi-kun.”

“I’ve been told that a lot.”

“That’s a lie, you’re a loner.”

“I get that a lot, too.”


She smiled at me, in my chest.

“…It’s warm.”

In a small voice as if talking to herself, Futaba-senpai said.

“You are warm, Narumi-kun.”

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