L.G. Ch.11

Count Maporin’s next notice.

Two, AM!

Pigs all over the country, give us your asses!

This is the midnight radio of the demon who controls the Tarot of Fate.

Count Maporin’s Midnight Channel!

Neru, neru, neru… (echo)

Today, too, we’ve received a mountain of letters from listeners all over the demon world. It’s not much!

Not many!

Well, then!

To those listeners who are troubled in the darkness of the night, let me drop a ray of hope.

The first pig is a man who goes by the radio name Midnight Yin Man!

“It’s been a while.

I’m sending you another letter.

Thanks to the Count, I’ve been getting closer and closer to my partner.

We had a lot of trouble with our bodies getting close to each other due to various reasons, but we enjoyed chatting with each other everyday.

It’s very painful to fall in love with someone, isn’t it? It makes me feel very embarrassed.

I usually talk normally, but when I become aware of it, I instantly feel embarrassed.

How can I look them in the face properly?”


It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you.

But still, I didn’t know that the… body was so close. What the heck is… bothering you? I’m really curious. I’m curious about…

Well, that’s it.

Ah, this is it.

It’s the kind of thing you tend to do when you start to like someone. I think you should watch as much as you want. I think you should just look at them as much as you want.

Considering the fact that he is a student, this is where the Tarot of Fate comes into play. Yes, that’s what we should do.

Your problems are certainly engraved in this Tarot of Fate.

What you should do.

The path you should take.

The future you should believe in.

Everything is in my hands!

Now, point it out!

(Loud sound effects)

…Okay, here it comes, here it comes.


This is ….

Gorillas, huh? Not a very good one.

This is. It means that something is about to come along that will be an obstacle.

It could be a romantic rival who intervenes.

Or perhaps it’s your parents who want to interfere with the marriage ceremony.

Or perhaps it is a relationship that cannot be allowed to continue. Maybe they were brother and sister…

Well, it may not be that bad. There’s no doubt that something will get in the way.

But rejoice, pigs!

The wall can be overcome!

In other words, you can get over it or break it down. Break it down with the passion that burns inside you!

Then lick it up and look at it!

Then the two of you will be very close!

So, this is a live phone call corner, which I have not been able to do even once yet.

Bye, bye, bye…(echo)

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