L.G. Ch.12

Homemade food.

“What? It tastes different from usual today.”

While munching on the meatballs from my lunch box, Futaba-senpai made a strange face.

“Is it bad?”

“No, not at all. It tastes so rich, I like it.”

“…was good.”


Senpair’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Did you make it, by any chance, Narumi-kun?”

“It’s a hit.”

Oh, no. Oh no, I should have tasted it a little more.”

Futaba-senpai flapped her legs excitedly.

“You’re a good cook. But why?”

“My sister and parents are away on an overseas trip from today. So I had to prepare it myself.”

“They’re leaving you alone on this trip?”

“It’s a big cruise trip until the new year. It seems they won some kind of prize. I had to stay at home because I’m still in high school.”


Convinced, she popped some spinach into her mouth.

“This one’s good too.”

I’m glad you like it.

I don’t want to tell her that I was actually nervous until I heard her thoughts.

“By the way, senpai.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ve been wondering if the door on the roof has been clanging.”

“No way.”

Futaba-senpai’s chopsticks stopped.

The doorknob was still moving with a clatter.

“Is anyone trying to get in?”

“Like a teacher, by any chance.”

“…That’s not good.”

The rooftop is off-limits.

If they find out that we took the key and used it without permission, they will definitely kick us out.

The key will be confiscated.

The resting place will collapse.

“What do we do? Should we run?”

“No, wait a minute… it’s probably not the teacher.”

“How do you know?”

“Something’s wrong. It’s like he’s having trouble unlocking the door…”

It’s taking him a long time to come in. It doesn’t look like he’s using a key.

“No way. Picking?”

“Yes, I think it’s a prank… I hope they give up.”

Even if it was the same student, it’s not nice to be seen here.

But contrary to our expectations, the door was unlocked with a click.

“It’s just opened…”

There was a brief pause, and then the door began to open. A female student wearing a lab coat used for science experiments appeared out of nowhere.


“Excuse me.”

The small student with long bangs hiding her face was carrying a wrench and an iron pipe in her arms. She carried the tools onto the roof without seeming to pay any attention to us.

Futaba-senpai and I were stunned and had no choice but to watch the female student.

“…What the hell?”

“…What is it?”

The female student was, no matter how you looked at it, a suspicious person.

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