C.C. Ch.22

Skill acquisition.

“Yuri, you’re such a pervert♡ Do you like this kind of thing?”

This is how Mu and I have been having regular physical relations since I carved her lewd crest. Today she had closed her workshop early and was giving me a titty fucking in the shop. Every time she has sex with me, Mu’s sexual knowledge steadily increases.

“Ei♡ Ei♡ Ei♡”

Mu-san was wearing a tank top and was covering my penis with her tits, wrapping it in her soft flesh and squeezing my cock up and down with her goo-punching tits. Mu was on her knees, looking up at me with a mischievous smile as she sat on a chair and happily titty fucked me!

Funyun♡ Funyun♡

It’s incredibly erotic to see the cleavage of the gray tank top Mu is wearing, smiling and playing with my cock, and the mountain swelling with my penis as it moves in and out of her tits!

Bururu♡ Bururu♡

“Aaha♡ you’re out♡”

With my cock between Mu’s big, loli-clad breasts, I was done. Her big tits were covered with a fountain of my semen. I’m sure you’ll be able to imagine how much fun it was for me to feel my ejaculation on her chest, as she squeezed my cock between her big tits.

The gray tank top that Mu-san was wearing was swollen to a mountainous size with my cock, and my cum was oozing out of the gaps in the fibers, soaking her jacket in a white sludge. A large amount of semen that had no place to go inside of Mu’s clothes was running down her cleavage by gravity, staining even Mu’s slippery stomach.

“Oh my god♡ my clothes are so sticky♡”

Despite her words, Mu was excited by her own body, which was now sticky wet with semen. She loves my semen now that she’s been carved with a lewd crest.

“Hey♡ give me some of this here, too♡”

As she begged me, Mu took off her semen-soaked clothes and stood on the counter, her hips swaying from side to side as she waited for my cock. She’s a loli, but her big, plump ass is halfway erotic.

As I peeked behind her to check out Mu’s slippery single-stranded pussy, I saw that her gooey love juices were overflowing from the entrance of her plump dwarf pussy, wetting all of Mu’s labia until they were turgid!


I screwed my penis into Mu’s pussy without hesitation and slid it in and out of her pussy, which was spread out like a hole.


Mu-san was screaming with pleasure and clinging tightly to the counter. I grabbed her hips firmly with both hands to keep her from letting go of the pleasure, and continued my pistoning motion while forcibly pulling Mu’s hips together. Every time I thrust my cock into her pussy, Mu’s soft ass against my crotch felt good.

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

As I was thrusting my cock into Mu’s pussy, suddenly her belly began to undulate and her vaginal walls began to contract. I decided to pour a generous amount of semen into her pussy as Mu-san came.


Topu♡ Topu♡


Dopu♡ Dopu♡

I continued to pour my semen into Mu’s womb until her stomach was full. As I continue to pour my semen into Mu, she lets out a satisfying moan and her body twitches and jerks.

“This feels really good, after all♡”

After the battle with Mu, I returned home and checked the status board to acquire new skills.

[Yuri, level 23

Available skill points: 3023]

My skill points had increased considerably. Apparently, every time you gain a level, you gain 1 skill point, and every time you carve a lewd mark on someone, you gain 1000 skill points. I’m pretty sure it’s true, since my skill points were 2023 when I checked before I whored out Mu. I quickly logged in to the administrator’s page of the status board and found the skill I was looking for.

“Okay! This time, it’s this one!”

The first skill I’ve acquired is potion creation. This is a wonderful skill that allows you to create potions without any ingredients by directly converting your magic power. I decided to use this skill to save up the money to go on a dungeon building trip. The potions I made with my magic power would be sold in this town.

Another skill that I got was Slime Creation. This is a useful skill that allows you to create slime of your choice from magic power. The slime created with this skill will listen to anything I say. The more monsters I tame, the more things I can do with them. Now, what kind of slime shall I make?

Each of these two skills required 1500 points to acquire. That meant I had consumed a total of 3000 skill points. I only had 23 skill points left.

As I was thinking about what to do with the fractions, I found a skill that looked good. It was a skill called ‘Create Bottle’. This skill was the one I wanted the most right now, as it allowed me to make plain bottles out of magic power. I needed 20 points to acquire it, and I would acquire the bottle making skill as well.

After I acquired the skill, I tried out the potion creation skill, and a potion made from my magic power came out of my fingertips, oozing liquid. It seems that this is the potion that converted my magic power.

I put the liquid into the bottle I made with my skills, and then ran it through my appraisal skills. It showed the quality as normal. Apparently, the quality of potions made by the potion creation skill is standardized as normal. In order to make potions of good quality, you need to make them yourself using alchemy and formulas.

Incidentally, the location and speed at which the liquid transformed from magic power came out could be changed by consciousness. Depending on how you do it, you can even shoot potions out of both eyes at high pressure, but I don’t think you need to do that.

Now, in order to sell potions, you need a membership card to the Alchemy Guild. Well, it’s like a pharmacist’s license. It’s scary to drink potions made by people who don’t have proof that they can make legitimate potions.

Well, tomorrow I’ll go to the alchemy guild to make a guild card.

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