IAIK Prologue


I know this is cliché enough. In fact, I didn’t even expect something like this to happen, let alone that I would respond like this.

But… that look… that look was something I couldn’t ignore.

That’s when I realized that I did have courage, I… I had courage, I felt it, all my life I had thought I was a coward, but at that moment when I spread my arms wide open protectively in front of that unknown woman, in front of a weapon that in reality and physically I had never seen…

My arms were trembling, sweat was pouring out of my pores all over my body like never before, no exercise had ever made me sweat as much as this situation…

Even for a moment I thought I was going to make it out of here alive, as I could hear the sirens of police cars approaching.

But well, apparently the criminal in front of me who was shaking just like me didn’t like to hear that noise as he fired the gun and I felt a dull impact in my chest, close to my heart.

After that I don’t remember much, but I’m sure I saw the man being handcuffed by some policemen, ambulances blaring nearby, lots of lights everywhere, and I even thought that this woman, who I had never seen in my life, I saw her crouching near me, crying and moving her mouth as if she was talking to me…

Too bad I couldn’t hear anything, and apparently, being satisfied with the way it all ended, I simply watched little by little as darkness filled my sight.

My name is Alex, from Alexander, and my last name is Smith. I always liked my last name even though I am not from America. I always had a normal life, the same as my age group, a little bit Hikimori when I had free time, but since I also went out a lot, and I even had a job, I think it was


I really like Anime, Mangas, Comics, Movies, Light Novels, and even Fanfictions, they literally took 90% of my time, but because I liked them I never saw this as wrong, or out of the ordinary.

I was 21 years old, two months shy of my 22nd birthday, and I was neither skinny nor fat, I liked to say I was strong. I went to the gym a lot, I didn’t run that much as I preferred dead weight exercises to cardio.

As for girls… Although I did have a girlfriend in pre-university, I didn’t make it to the last base with her…

Yes, I’m still a virgin, “Dotei” if this were Japan. I loved Japan, I loved its animes, its Hent- *cough* *cough*, its many literary circles.

Too bad that although I was not poor, I was always able to survive independently and managed to get by quite well, I was never able to go to that country, another of my regrets.

And well, to be honest, after having read so many Fanfics, seeing how the MC’s had wishes and reincarnated with their Cheats and all that… it’s a bit silly but even I myself had

a list of this.

I always thought that the moment such an unreal and fictitious situation would happen to me, I would have my wishes ready…

This is what happened, in a nutshell:

I was returning from work in the afternoon. On a normal day, I was driving along the same road as every day. Although it was a slightly dangerous area, I was already familiar with it. In an alley that was usually empty, I watched with my eyes as a man struggled with a woman, an attempted rape. I don’t know why I approached them quickly, it’s strange these days for someone to act like that. I didn’t even know what the situation was, the woman could have been this man’s wife and it could have been a family problem.

If I had to say why I took the plunge, the most I could say is that I did it after seeing that lady’s eyes…

I’ve never seen those eyes before…

I never thought they would have reached me so deeply….

Eyes of a corpse, eyes of exhausted despair, eyes that should have someone give up on everything…

I arrived quickly and after pushing the man as hard as I could, I stood in front of the woman while I waited to fight the guy.

But it wasn’t like that, when he looked at me and looked at the woman behind me, he pulled a gun out of his back and pointed it at me.

At that moment I just opened my arms to try to cover the woman behind me with my body, I didn’t even know why I did it, I didn’t even know why the police were coming into this alley with some ambulances but I was still too happy about it. The man pulled the trigger and well, since I fell to the ground with my own blood spilling out, I was pretty happy because at least at the cost of my death, I saved a life.

That’s it.

I would no longer see my acquaintances, even though I was an orphan and independent I still interacted with people I considered my family, it seems this will be goodbye.

Only darkness filled my vision? After this, I didn’t know if I had eyes or hands as I felt nothing, absolutely nothing.

I know this is pretty cliché, I know, but I was still really hoping that a God or Goddess with big breasts would come along and give me some wishes for reincarnation. Ha, like that’s going to happen.

‘So this is what there is after death, eh?’

All black, all dark.


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Thanks for the chapter.