L.G. Ch.15

It’s not that, it’s not that, it’s not that!

Harufu Rima, high school senior, 143 cm tall, black hair, long bangs that take up half of her face. On top of her school uniform, she wears a dirty white coat, and always has her hands in her pockets.

Where is the mad scientist?

She was always working away from us, and when I say working, I mean just staring at her laptop.

“I wonder if she doesn’t get bored with that every day.”

Futaba-senpai said while eating her (my) stuffed peppers.


“Please swallow before you say anything.”

“…Sometimes I’m here in the morning.”

“…You must be eccentric.”

Then I found out that there was another member of the occult research club.

“I knew you were here.”

Saginomiya Renma, high school sophomore, 5’9″ tall. Straight, dyed gold. He has a fearless face and is very popular with the girls.

As soon as he appeared, Saginomiya said loudly to Harufu-san.

“Director, what are you doing?”

“Assistant Saginomiya, I’ve come to the right place. I want you to change. It’s very hot.”

“I don’t like it. Why do you have to go up to the rooftop…?”

“This is the graph that Pulse-kun is catching. We’re getting some interesting data, so I want you to take a look.”

“Because that’s what it’s … always does.”

Saginomiya, who had no choice but to appear in the sunlight, sat down next to his senior and stared at the monitor.

He was nodding his head and saying, “Huh?” and “Huh?” to Harufu-san’s explanation.

“What do you think?”

“Sure, it’s interesting, but you don’t get to see it all the time.”

“Because I’m curious.”

“Yes, yes. We’ll see how it all fits together after school.”

Saginomiya, with a practiced hand, grabbed her by the collar of the neck and began to drag her along. As he left, he looked back at us and said, “I’m sorry to have disturbed you.”

“No offense. Okaka Ken doesn’t have a club room, so please give us a break.”

“Okaka Ken?”

“The Occult Science Research Club. Okaka Ken for short. Is that… Kaneshiro?”

Saginomiya seemed to have finally noticed my presence.

He glanced at Futaba-senpai who was sitting next to me and said.

“Kaneshiro…, wow, you’re eating at a place like this? Nice.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Who’s next to you?”

“Third-year Futaba-Senpai.”


He looked at us curiously, and then he nodded his head.

“Hi, nice to meet you.”


“Well, sorry to bother you. Take your time.”

Saginomiya left with the resisting Harufu-san. Futaba-senpai looked at his back with a wary look in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing. It’s just that I don’t feel excited.”


“He’s not as good-looking as he looks, you know.” (TL : I don’t really understood this sentence in the raw – 「彼,ほら,どう見てもイケメンじゃない」)

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“I don’t like him.”

Senpai angrily bit off a piece of yakisoba bread.

“I’m not good at that kind of face that 99 people would love if they had 100 people.”

“Do you have some kind of trauma?”

“There is.”

Futaba-senpai nodded loudly.

“Big brother.”

“Big brother…?”

“My brother, he’s handsome. He made a lot of girls cry. I once found a long letter and a bunch of hair in his house.”

“It’s horrible.”

“He’s not a bad person at heart, but he’s a bit indiscriminate. If I were to go out with him, I wouldn’t go out with him.”

“I see.”

“I like a guy with a good personality.”

“Like what, for example?”

“Like Narumi-kun.”


There is…

Senpai in question had a strange look on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, I thought you were going to give me the name of a celebrity or something…”


She looked as if she was surprised.

Futaba-senpai’s cheeks were turning red as soon as she saw me.


Averting her gaze, Futaba-senpai turned her head and began to crumple up the wrapping paper.

“Sorry…, that’s not what I meant. No, it’s not that.”

The pre-bell chime rang.

“No, it’s not…!”

Looking flustered, buzzing and waving her arms around, Futaba-senpai pushed me towards the door.

“It’s not that, it’s not that, it’s not that!”

Shouting loudly, she threw me out with a poof and closed the door.

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6 months ago


“I mean he is… no matter how you look at it, he’s an ikemen, isn’t he?”