C.C. Ch.23

Let’s go to the alchemy guild.

“Oh, my God! You’re such a pervert!”

The next morning, I visited Marie at the inn where she was staying and asked her to give me a boob job. I wanted to take a shot before I went to the Alchemy Guild. As I sat on the bed, Marie was kneeling on her knees, wearing nothing but a red skirt.

“Hey, Yuri! It’s very rude to ask a girl other than me to do something like this! Be careful!”

Marie was twitching and angry, but she grabbed her own big tits and softly wrapped my dick around her squirming tits. Then she started squeezing my cock up and down, bobbing her big tits with both hands.

“Hmm♡ Hmm♡ Totally♡… this dick is♡”

Marie is in just her skirt, sniggering as she plies me. The view of Marie’s tits from the top of the bed was fantastic. I can honestly pull it off just by looking at the sight of her big tits swaying softly in the air.

Chupu♡ chupu♡

Marie bent forward while giving me a big titty squeeze, took my glans in her mouth and started licking and sucking it. The feeling of her saliva covered mouth licking my cock is so warm and messy. Marie, who had already used her tits to pull my cock out of her mouth many times, was used to this action and had improved her tit-fucking skills!

“‘Come on♡ let it out quickly♡”

Marie looks up at me with a smug smile and squeezes my cock hard between her tits. She’s always letting me make her cum, but she also likes to be the one to blame.

Topu♡ Topu♡

“Oh my god♡ Yuri’s dick♡… just done it♡”

As my cock overflowed with semen from being teased by Marie’s huge tits, a generous white puddle formed in the valley of her huge tits as she squeezed my meat pole between her tits. Marie looked on with a satisfied expression on her face as she watched the semen overflowing from the tip of my cock.


Marie put her face close to my semen, squeezing her mouth around it, and drank it down with a vile sound. In no time at all, all the cum from her cleavage had been sucked into Marie’s mouth!


She finished drinking my semen and licked her tongue with an excited look on her face. Due to the effect of the lewd crest, Marie had become very fond of my semen.

“Hey♡ you’ll do it to me too, won’t you?”

Marie lay down on the bed with a greedy look on her face and opened her legs in the missionary position. Then she begged me for sex, fluttering her red skirt up with both hands to show me her pantyless pussy. It’s wonderfully erotic to see Marie lying on the bed, her big tits hanging squishy on her upper body, smeared with my semen!



I decided to fill Marie’s pussy with the first load of semen of the morning.

Now, let’s go to the alchemy guild. With a clear head after becoming a wise man, I headed for the alchemy guild. The sun was a little higher in the sky.

When I arrived at the alchemy guild, I went to the reception desk and told them that I wanted to sign up for the guild. The receptionist asked me if my purpose was to study. Apparently, there’s a system where you can be introduced to a master by joining the guild. Seeing that I was still young, the receptionist seemed to think that was my goal.

I told her that I wanted to register so that I could sell potions, and after a brief potion-making test, I was told that I had passed. The registration is now complete. I received my guild card for the Alchemy Guild.

After that, I heard that the rank of your guild card goes up depending on the type of medicine you can create, but I decided to leave without taking the test this time.

By selling some of the potions I had made before coming to the guild, I was able to get some money. From now on, if I sell a discrete amount of potions on a regular basis, I’ll easily be able to accumulate some money.

When I got home, I decided to try out my slime creation skill. I activate the slime creation skill with all the magic and delusion I can muster, and all of a sudden I feel as if I’m being interfered with by magic from the outside, and a buzzing thunder echoes through the room.

And after the feeling of having activated the cuckold dick skill, I noticed that there was a slime standing in the room. The slime is holding a letter. I read the letter I received from the slime, and it said the following

“This is a bonus for you, who have successfully begun to bring chaos to the world. Henceforth, bring more and better chaos to the world.”

It seems to be a letter from an evil god. Apparently, the evil god knows what I’m doing. If he doesn’t tell me about the status board, does that mean there’s no problem logging in to the administrator’s page?

“Well, I don’t remember bringing chaos to the world, but if you appreciate it, I’ll take it.”

I mumbled to myself and looked at the slime I had just created with my skill. The slime that was standing on the floor of the room had a strange appearance, slightly translucent as if it didn’t exist, even though it did.

“From now on, your name’s Pru! Nice to meet you, Pru!”

Furu♡ Furu♡

I named the strange looking slime and immediately applied my appraisal skills to it.


Race: Cthulhu Slime


Maleficium: The Art of Creating Chaos

Division: Body can be divided into multiple parts and parallel thinking is possible.

Digestion: Digestion and absorption of substances taken into the body.

Body Fluid Alteration: Can convert body fluids into poisons. Can also be used for medicine.]

Well, it looks like I’ve got an amazing new member!

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