???: “Hmmm, oh, that’s right, the lucky soul was still missing.”

I heard a voice after all the time I had spent in this dark space. It was a very… unreal voice to say the least… dreamlike, really strange to me. Although it was female, I couldn’t distinguish it completely well, but it did sound like a woman’s voice.

Alex: “Hello, are you still there, can you tell me where I am or at least where I’m going?”

He asked that voice he had heard.

???: “And that’s the first thing you ask, well, listen to what I’m going to say anyway so I don’t repeat it. This is the Middle World, this is a place where souls go after they die and decide where they go. I am the Goddess of Reincarnation and well, that is my job, now then, because of your luck and your karma for being last in this place, you should be reborn in a place of your choice with only 5 inner desires that you have always wanted. It is always the last soul of the day, the one with the most positive karma, who can access the wishes. Whether it is in one of the 12 Planes, or in a story of your world, wherever you can reincarnate. Got it, good, now quickly choose to finish the day’s work.”

She said quickly and disinterestedly, as if she had said this more than a thousand times.

Alex: “…”
At this moment, I could only be shocked, and with lots and lots of questions in my head, ‘Are you a real Goddess? What are those 12 planes? Why do you sound like a fast food saleswoman? Do I have the most positive karma, only 5 wishes, only 5? Sure, that must not be enough for you, 5 wishes! For God’s sake! 5! 

In the Fanfiction novels I read at most they always gave 3 wishes or wait…. really what was in those novels was possible…

Ohhhh if other people who read fanfics knew about this, hehehehe, I can’t imagine, hehehehe. Suddenly the world would be full of Anonymous Heroes hehehehehehe.

Goddess of Reincarnation: “Hey hey human, come on I don’t have all day, choose quickly the desires and the world you want to be reincarnated to, quickly.”

She said in an exasperated voice.

I could only hear her voice as there was still only darkness in my vision. Apparently, according to what I know of the situation, out of all the souls that were here today, I was the one with the best karma… Well, thinking about it too much doesn’t solve anything.

Alex: “… Well, although all this still seems rather strange to me, these are my wishes…

1- I wish for an ability integrated into my soul, by this I mean that it cannot be extracted or removed from my being in any way, that allows me to create things, concepts and even abilities from my mind.

2-I wish to have photographic memory also integrated into my soul.

3-I wish to keep my memories intact when I reincarnate and to have a body similar to the one of Sirzech Lucifer from the Anime Highschool DxD, I want to give it my touches.

4- I want to have the ability Asora, from the novel Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, don’t ask me how I remember the name, and spend 10 years there before reincarnating.

5- And lastly, I wish to know what I lose by having these wishes.”

This last Wish, I wanted to know because I always imagined that in order to be reincarnated in another world with Wishes and all that, like in the novels, the MC had to give something in return, because no matter how positive their positive his karma has been, it’s impossible that beings of such power as the Gods would just give you such wishes without there being any plot or anything strange behind it all. Although it could just be me being too pessimistic. It’s good that apparently this “Goddess” can’t read my mind.

Goddess of Reincarnation: “Hmm, your wishes 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be granted, and 5, it’s a bit unbelievable that you have realized it, but still it’s just that, a bit unbelievable. Yes, you miss the opportunity you have to integrate into the Plane of Light as a soul of paradise, I’m not going to explain. Now, quickly tell me where you want to reincarnate.”

To integrate myself as a soul from paradise into the Plane of Light, how good can it be more than to reincarnate in a world and become the most powerful being there with the Cheat I desired. Hmm, I have a Cheat, *Sob* *Sob*, it makes me want to cry, I’ve got my own fucking Cheat! YEAH BABY! 

I have to calm down, I have to be at peace. Take it easy, man, come on, take it easy.

Alex: “I want to… be reincarnated in the hentai anime Kuroinu.”

I said this with a bit of embarrassment, of course, it’s a hentai anime, who the hell asks for something like that?

Goddess of Reincarnation: “Ok, all set, now you will spend 10 years in your Asora world, and then you will be transported to that world since, you will reincarnate in Asora, Ok, all set, see you never human.”

She said with joy, too much joy I would say, when I thought she was going to tell me something by asking to reincarnate in that world, apparently she was so eager to get rid of me, I bet she didn’t even check what kind of world it was.

Then, while I was still thinking to myself, I heard a loud noise and saw for the first time in a long time, apart from the usual darkness, a speck of light that was getting bigger and bigger the closer it got to me.


The light hit me and at that moment I lost consciousness completely.

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