C.C. Ch.24

Try it with Jeanne♡

Jeanne’s perspective.

Hitori… hitori…

In the middle of the night, while I was sleeping in my room, I woke up feeling something strange. Something was invading the room. My intuition, cultivated as an adventurer, whispered that to me.

“What’s that, Pru?”

But in my room was Pru, the slime Yuri had introduced me to as the one he had tamed during the day. Apparently he went to the trouble of taming the weakest slime he could find. What a strange man!

Oh, by the way, when I was introduced to Pru, Yuri asked me to help him test Pru’s abilities this evening. Is that what this is? Surely, sneaking him in at night would be a logical way to use the slime that can change its body shape at will.

“You’re in trouble, too…”

When I called out to Pru, who was listening to its master’s orders in a healthy manner, Pru approached me, shaking its slightly transparent and plump body. The color of Pru’s body is different from that of other slimes, and perhaps it is a unique individual.

As I sat on the bed, Pru popped in towards me. And Pru was adorably swaying its pudgy body on my lap.

“It’s so cute…”

The air was warm and relaxed. Slime is not so bad after all. But the soothing time didn’t last long. Pru that had been plumping on my thigh suddenly stuck to my crotch!

“Hey! Pru! You don’t have to be so much like your owner!”

I was surprised, but I tried to pull off the Pru that was tightly attached to my crotch, but I just couldn’t pull it off my crotch because my hands were buried in its soft body.


While I was doing this, to my surprise, Pru slipped through the fibers of my nightgown and slipped inside my underwear.

“Hey♡ Pru, what are you learning from Yuri♡”

Pru’s mucousy body is raw and warm as it squirms and sticks directly to my cunt. I can feel Pru’s warm, slimy body opening the crack of labia and entering me.

Every time Pru’s body moves slipperily inside my underwear, a pleasant feeling of pleasure rises from my stimulated vagina!

“No, stop♡”

My pussy was made to feel so good that I managed to resist with my slightly weak body, but Pru stayed attached to my pussy and wouldn’t let go. As it was, Pru started to open up my wet crack even more, making the surface of my vagina groan with her clenching.

“Oh♡ Oh♡”

Pru was really good at playing with my pussy. What a slime! Yuri is teaching the slime some crazy things.

Combined with the slime’s warm, mucousy body, my hips were quickly crushed, and I was like a raw girl, my inner thighs pressed against my crotch with my hands as I lay motionless on my back, enduring the pleasant, squishy stimulation rising from my pussy!

“That’s the wrong hole.”

Pru that had been attached to my pussy crawled backwards up my body and now it was crawling around my asshole. I was shocked and embarrassed, but I was still in the comfort of my anal cavity. Gradually, a sweet and pleasant sensation spreads from my asshole as Pru wriggles.



To my surprise, Pru twisted its body to open my asshole and entered my stomach on the other side of my pussy. I could feel the warmth and softness of Pru’s body spreading inside me.

Gopo♡ Gopo♡

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

Pru continued to move in and out of my anus, making slurping noises. Each time it moved in and out of my asshole, a sweet numbness would rise from my anus and run down my back to my head, pulling me into a world of pleasure I never knew existed.

Little by little, my body was being trained by the slime. This is how Pru was teaching me the pleasures that I should never know, pleasures that would ruin my mind.

Gupo♡ Gupo♡

“Kuhaa♡ Ah … ♡ Nguuuuu ♡”

Before I knew it, Pru’s body, which had been continuously stimulating my cunt along with my anus, had left, and now I was feeling good only from the pleasure produced by my asshole. I couldn’t believe that my body could feel so good just from having my ass chewed.

But now Pru is only playing with my anus. Every time Pru messed with my asshole, a pleasant numbness kept spreading towards my whole body. I had no more excuses.

It felt so good to feel Pru’s body copulating in and out of my asshole that my pussy kept twitching open and closed, spluttering along with my anus. It was frustrating, but it felt good.

Zuryu Ryu Ryu♡

Suddenly Pru makes a vile sound and pops out of my anus with a thumping sensation. A sweet, melting sensation of intense pleasure shot through my body, accompanied by the shock of my anus flaring as the whole body of Pru passed through my asshole. It felt so good that my eyes were flashing in front of me!

“Oh, my God♡”

I was so exhilarated and comfortable that I was shattered, but my heart told me that this was a pleasure that I should not know. But as if to trample on my thoughts, Pru once again climbs up my body to invade my anus.

Mozo♡ Mozo♡… Gunyuun♡


I easily pry open my resisting asshole, and Pru slips back into my ass. Once it was all the way inside my belly, Pru’s body quickly pulled back, pushing my anus apart from the inside, in a hurried manner!

Despite my desire to stop, my body became uncontrollably excited in anticipation of the same pleasure that would come next.


“Ohhhh♡ Ohhhh♡ Ohhhh♡”

And again Pru made a vile sound as it popped pleasantly out of my asshole. My body was so weak from the pleasure that I was lying on my inner thighs with my buttocks pitifully up in the air, unable to move.

But Pru was determined to overwhelm me, twisting its body further into my anus.

Zuryu Ryu Ryu♡


I couldn’t believe how pathetic I sounded. Every time Pru’s body popped out of my anus, the pleasure of endless exhilaration and shame mixed with the intense feeling of excretion hit my brain!

The sweet numbness continues to spread from my gaping asshole as if I am being led to heaven, not only around my asshole but also to my waist and thighs. It was such an intense pleasure!

Gupo♡ Gupo♡ Gupo♡

Pru goes in and out of my asshole with a sound that should not be coming from a lady’s anus. The sweet numbness rising from around my asshole continued to spread in intensity, erasing any sensation other than the numbness of feeling good from my lower body!

Zuryu Ryu Ryu♡

Mozo♡ Mozo♡

…Gupo♡… Gupo♡

Pru’s body kept moving in and out of my anus. To be honest, I was at my limit. I was about to cum. But I also have the will to be a lady. I don’t want to come in my asshole. If I did, I would never be able to come back. I had such a premonition.

…Zuryu Ryu Ryu♡

“Oh, my God♡”

I struggled to hold back my climax, but Pru’s anal torture never let up. The sweet numbness spreading in my asshole as Pru pounded away at me consumed my entire body with a sizzling sensation. My consciousness was slowly being swept away by the comfort of letting the pleasure wash over me.

Gupo♡ Gupo♡

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Ohhhhh♡”

As if the dam of my heart finally broke, intense pleasure overflowed from my anus. The pleasure that I had been holding back was flooding my chastity like a flood!

No, no. I can’t think about anything else…



Bikun♡ Bikun♡

The moment Pru began to stir my anus violently as if to say the final thrust, I came very easily. It felt so good to have my asshole played so unexpectedly by Pru!

I was pitifully lying on the bed with my buttocks thrusting high towards the ceiling, unable to move and my body kept jerking and twitching. But as I reached orgasm, my body was filled with a sense of release, which was frustrating but pleasant!

A sweet and pleasant numbness continues to spread from the asshole that Pru has been playing with, and my head is still numb from the humiliation and pleasure that Pru has taught me pleasures that I should never have known.



After confirming that I had come, Pru simply returned to her master as if to say that it’s work was now done.

“Oh, no…”

After my orgasm, I was left in a darkened room, and the sheer ease of it left me dumbfounded in the silent, dark room. I was left in a dark room with no one to speak to. I want you to do more. It was as if my anus was telling me so, it was mushy and itchy.

“No, no… Don’t get carried away!”

But I shake myself out of my thoughts. It’s a pleasure I shouldn’t know about. I won’t do it again. I’ll protest to Yuri tomorrow. I promised myself that.

Before I go to bed, I decide to clean my room. I’ve had my asshole played so hard that I don’t know how much I’ve soiled my nightgown and my room…

“What? Nothing is dirty?”

But despite my worries, I couldn’t find a single stain on her underwear or bed sheets. On the contrary, the fabric was even cleaner than before the anal fondling. That’s what I call slime!


If I didn’t have to worry about getting my body dirty, I wouldn’t mind experiencing that feeling again. This thought crossed my mind. However, I shake off such evil thoughts and lay my body down on the bed, still weak from being made to cum by Pru, and fall asleep again.

I’m never going to feel good in anal again. That’s what I keep in my mind…

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