Wishes 1 and 2, which I had asked for earlier, became firmly rooted in my consciousness as skills that I could use as easily as breathing.

I remembered everything, exactly everything of my past life, down to the most minute details.

But that’s all I remembered.

I couldn’t internalize or learn what I hadn’t learnt, i.e. for example, I remember the whole damn maths book, and all the explanations of the teacher, but I don’t understand things directly just because of this, it is when I think about them and concentrate, that I can understand.

And even every single Anime I watched, and Fanfic I read, everything was clear in my mind.

Now with more enthusiasm than ever, I was checking the first wish, the Cheat I had.

My Cheat.

Haaa. I really, really love that I had this opportunity….

The Goddess said that “integrating with paradise”, please, please bitch, never, absolutely never, can there be anything more paradise-like, for an otaku, than the pleasure of being able to enter the stories you love so much.

Especially now that I have the most mastered Cheat I know.


I know I chose the world of Kuroinu for the world I would be reincarnated into, but with this power that feels as normal as breathing to me, I know, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry right now, it’s so simple to open a multiverse slot and even travel to another anime, another hentai, another light novel, sorry….

I can feel it…

It’s like when you know perfectly well that you can lift a bucket or you can climb a ladder, it feels like that.

Anyway, I am so, so, so, so happy right now that I could cry.



Well, that aside, all that remains is to use it for the first time.

So… according to the knowledge that raped my brain… surely there was some better way to say it…

Anyway, according to that knowledge, the Skill I have, literal creation, is possible only and only with the same supply as Asora. That is, with the “energy” within me.

It’s strange because as much as I read Chinese novels and almost all of them talked about the “Dantian”, I never thought it was even close to true. And at this very moment, I can feel like there is a small mass of warm and cold energy at the same time, below my navel.

The most accurate description would be that it feels like air, which from time to time travels all over my body making me feel good. It takes away all the tiredness.

Now, here we go…

Hu… Haaa… Hu… Haaa…

Well, first of all, it’s the image…

As detailed as possible, and in fact, having a photographic memory, I remember all the details, even the smallest ones.

OK, that’s it, now the next thing to do is to put gas in it…

Haaa, it feels weird to feel “air” coming out of your body, although I knew that was the energy.

Yeah that’s it…


Another strange noise rang out and I found in front of me, which I quickly held in my hand before it fell to the ground, the first object I had ever created with my magic…

A “MEN” brand Boxer…

I did it.

I used magic.

I created a brief.



Hahahahahahaha I don’t have to buy clothes anymore!



Hahahaha, the feelings I have right now, hahahaha, how good it feels….

There was still a part of me that thought this was a dream or something.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Now, to analyse.

First, the Boxer was the one I totally had in my mind, everything was exactly as I had imagined it.

Secondly, the energy expenditure was about….

Let’s say that out of a total of 100%, I used either 1 or 2% to make this object.

In other words, I could make 50 to 100 more underpants. Good. Very good.

‘At this moment this Boxer is going to be an heirloom, I will not touch it and I will leave it as the first item that this “wizard” here… this “wizard”… wizard…’

I am a Wizard.

Well, I guess I’m a full-fledged Wizard now, that is, I was able to use the internal energy.


Next, I went about creating clothes to wear, a new boxer, a trousers in my size, and a shirt and quickly put them on.

The expenditure remains at 7%, that’s about 1.5% to create each piece of clothing, now, I don’t have to worry about wasting energy because it fills up over time simply with the energy of “Nothing”. I don’t understand what it is, but I know it exists everywhere, it’s… what exists.

Now let’s… wait a minute.

I just realized but if just making a few clothes takes up almost 10% of my total energy then…

To open a multiverse slot would take me…

I closed my eyes and concentrated on what the energy expenditure felt like in correspondence with doing the groove…

It is…

Enormous what it takes to make it…

If I put it in numbers…

I would say it would be 100% of my energy… a 10000%…

That is, 100 times more energy than I have.

If I had 10 mana right now, it would take me 1000 to open a slot to another Dimension.

Following the situation I said before, it is as if I were going to carry a bucket but it weighs what 100 buckets weigh.

Although it seems a bit difficult, I personally don’t think so since I have 10 years here before I will be transported to Eos, the continent where the hentai anime Kuroinu takes place.

And now, what I’ve always wanted, I’ve done the calculations and if it’s as simple as I imagine it to be, then it will use 90% of my energy.

Yes, the time has come…

The time…

Time for this daddy to create his own fucking system!

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