In this place, you could see a white Dimensional space, in this space there was a place that looked like a land mass suspended in the air.

If this had been a Ghibli film…

That would certainly have been LAPUTA! The castle in the sky.

But no, unfortunately it wasn’t, this island floating in the void of dimensional space was in fact Asora.

This was a magical ability that had been created accidentally, by combining an exorbitant amount of Magical Power with a Dragon God’s Mastery of Illusions in another Dimension.

But right now it was the skill and personal pocket space of our MC Alexander.

‘First, I have to see what the boundaries of Asora are, and secure a shelter. It is true that I can make a simple system but first I should prioritize shelter and food, I’m getting cold and hungry too.’

As I was saying this to myself, I was inspecting every inch of this place.

I don’t know what name these specific trees had, but I do know that I have seen them many times, not only that, but also the flowers and the different plants and mushrooms, everything was something that existed in my hometown.

Continuing the tour, I roughly calculated that at this point Asora was around 50 meters in diameter.

I had realised that it had been 30 minutes or so since I had woken up and 25 minutes since I had spent 7% of my energy.

It was already completely full at the time.

I did some mental calculations and spent only 85% of the energy to make a cabin like the one I had seen before in my past life.


I looked at it and was satisfied with myself.

This was a simple cabin with two rooms, a dining room and kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and a doorway.

I went into one of the two rooms it had and made a clock and hung it on the wall.

I quickly made a bed, put it in its place and lay down to rest on it for a while.

I was already starting to feel dizzy when I had only 9% of my energy left.

In other words, I realized that as soon as my reserves dropped below 10%, they started to affect me physically.

And so, I waited as I lay there and counted the time passing.

30 minutes passed and I realised that I now had approximately 59% energy.

In other words, my energy had a recovery rate of 30 minutes=50% recovered.

This fact made me super excited as it was a very fast recovery, it seemed that this energy produced by “Nothing” was everywhere in quantities. It was actually confusing, but it is the energy of reality, of existence or something like that. Concepts as abstruse like that are a headache.

I created a Freezer with my energy and then I started to create meats and products to put in it, then I made the tools for cooking, the pots, the plates and cutlery, various gas cookers, gas bottles and so on, and then I made myself a pizza to eat because I was hungry. All this left me with 12% energy remaining.

Then I went back to bed and continued to wait quietly until I had all the energy back to create the system.

The dream of every novel reader.

I knew that this was not going to be a system with a personality of its own, but more like a simple system with the main options of analysing, processing and executing.

But this is exactly what I wanted, not as a system that came with its own humanity and backstory, which somehow always screwed the MC in the novels.

But hey, it’s a system.

I am going to have a system. This fact alone was enough to make my day.

Thinking like this, I close my eyes and take a nap in this terribly quiet space.

I got up quietly some time later and went to the small stream ahead of the cabin to wash myself.

‘Let’s go there.’

I said to myself, slapped my cheeks and sat down on the grass.

Imagination, it was all imagination, I gave it a few finishing touches and it was ready, simple, but ready.

Now, driving the energy…

Yeah that’s it…


There was the odd sound I was already familiar with and I looked at the little white ball floating in front of me.

Because I had created it, I knew exactly what I had to do.

I took the little ball and pressed it against my forehead, it went in easily and after waiting for a while, and excited to the max, I said excitedly:


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