C.C. Ch.27

Werewolf village.

Villager’s Viewpoint.

“Yeah! Yeah!”

My name is Pokko. I’m a werewolf. I’m training to be a great warrior, and that’s what I’m doing today.

“Yes. Nice swordsmanship.”

Her name is LuLu. She was the daughter of a chieftain, with ancestral white fur and a strong body. A year older than me, and she was kind enough to train me every day in this way.

I’m secretly in love with Lulu, and I always look forward to training with her. One day I want to become the strongest warrior and confess my love to Lulu. That’s what I’ve been fantasizing about.

“Pokko is going to be strong.”

“Thank you very much!”

And in this village, there is one traveler staying. His name is Yuri. He is also one year older than me and very strong.

Even the adults in the village were having a hard time with the Dogan Boa, but to my surprise, Lulu and he formed a party and defeated it by themselves!

All the villagers welcomed this very much. The Dogan Boa had been destroying their crops for some time now, and everyone was worried.

One day I want to be as strong as Yuri and Lulu. And I want to be married to Lulu. That’s what I’m aiming for, and I’m going to train hard today.

“Yeah! Yeah!”

Today, I’m training like this. As usual, Lulu was also watching me train.

But what’s different is that today Lulu looks a little hotter than usual. Her eyes are fluttering and her cheeks are a little flushed.

And her body smelled like a female in heat. I have a stronger nose than most werewolf tribes, and I’m more sensitive to smells.

But I wouldn’t point that out to her. I’m too delirious for that. But maybe it’s a man’s dream to have a sexual relationship with a rutting Lulu. No! No, me! Get a grip!

“Lulu. You don’t look so good. Are you okay?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve been feeling a bit feverish today. I heard that Yuri can use recovery magic, so I’ll ask him.”

After saying this, Lulu, with a puzzled look on her face, went to an empty house on the outskirts of the village where Yuri was staying.

I had a moment of unease, but there was no way that Lulu was going to allow a complete stranger to get under her skin. She’s an ironclad woman who has turned down the attacks of many werewolf tribes.

Speaking of which, there will be a village festival soon. There is an old saying that lovers who get together on the day of the festival will be happy. Such a legend has been around for a long time, and many couples have been born on the day of the festival.

“I think I’ll take the plunge and ask Lulu out on a date this year.”

I will continue my training today with a faint love in my heart.

“Yeah! Yeah!”

Lulu didn’t show up for training today. Well, I guess she has her own business to attend to. Today I’ll be training alone and lonely.


On my way back home after completing my training, I saw Lulu walking with a pouting face. I’m so happy to see her, and when I talk to Lulu, I see that she’s in heat again today, her cheeks burning red with her body odor.

“Lulu, are you alright?”

“Oh, yeah, …. Yesterday, Yuri cast a restorative spell on me and I felt much better, so I’m on my way to ask him to do it again.”

I’ve heard that estrus is a very difficult time for beastly women. I’m a man, so I don’t know, but I’ve convinced myself that’s how it is.

“Lulu has always been a great help to me, so you can always count on me if you need anything.”

“Thank you. Pokko is very reliable.”

Lulu flattered me by saying I was reliable, and I went home in high spirits. I knew I should ask Lulu out on a date for this year’s festival. I have to be brave. I now have one goal in mind.

“I can’t keep doing this! I need more training!”

To get even stronger, I decided to go for a run. When I got home, I quickly ran out of the room again and resumed my training.

After a long and exhausting day of running around the village, I arrived at an empty house on the outskirts of the village where Yuri was staying.

“Is Yuri there?”

I knock on the door of the house to say hello to him. Then Yuri comes out of the house.

“Hey, Pokko. What’s up?”

“No, I was just passing by and thought I’d say hi…”

“Oh, yeah. Thank you!”

As I was talking to Yuri, I could smell Lulu’s strong body odor on the wind from inside the house where he was staying. It’s a sign that Lulu was staying in this house a while ago.

I hope that one day my room will have the smell of Lulu’s in it. With these thoughts in mind, I finished my conversation with Yuri and headed home.

Lulu hasn’t come to training for three days in a row now. Her health doesn’t seem to be good.  I’m worried about her, so I decided to visit her at her home.

After the training, I go to Lulu’s house, but she seems to have gone out. She says she is not ill.

The village festival was coming up in three days, so Lulu was probably busy preparing for it. Oh, by the way, my parents also told me to come home early today.

On my way home in a hurry, I passed Lulu. Her cheeks were on fire again today. She’s always been so absent-minded lately. When I talked to Lulu, she said she was busy preparing for the festival.

I’m sad to say that Lulu and I have been crossing paths more and more lately, but I’m also going home to help prepare for the festival. I can’t wait for the day of the festival to come. And I’ll ask Lulu out on a date. I renew my determination.

“Yeah! Yeah!”

It was the day before the village festival, and I was training with my sword. Lulu didn’t show up for training today either. But that’s okay. Tomorrow I’ll ask Lulu out on a date. The days of not seeing her have given me the courage to do so.

“I’m definitely going to ask Lulu out tomorrow!”

My grip on my sword tightens. I wield my sword today to become the man she deserves.

Then the day of the festival arrived. I scampered around the village looking for Lulu. I could see several men from the village looking for Lulu, hoping to take advantage of the festival day to ask her out.

But no matter how hard I searched in the village, I could not find Lulu. While I was looking for her, the sun was setting and finally it was night. I still couldn’t find Lulu.

Could it be that Lulu is … with another man? Crushed by this anxiety, I gave up looking for her and decided to trudge home. It’s almost midnight. Time is running out.

Tomorrow she will come to see me train again, as usual. Then we’ll be back together again. I believe that.

“Goodbye. Pokko.”

The next day, Lulu left the village with Yuri. What happened to her last night? I have no idea.

She came to say goodbye to me while I was training as usual, and I could smell Yuri’s body odour coming from between her crotch.

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