Ch 6

Unfortunately, he did not feel that he increased anything, he noticed a small change, but not an increase in quantity, but in quality.

His energy inhabited as a nucleus in his Dantian below the navel, before it felt like a soft air passing inside her body, but at this moment he realized that this air was a little heavier.

That is, if one were to follow the Chinese line of thought, it would be that his energy would go from gaseous, to liquid and then solid with each increase in quality.

Or something like that.

Anyway, he lay down in the grass to wait for the whole energy to fill up again.

I still needed to keep experimenting.

Some time had passed and he was ready to make his first Anime skill.

He was undecided on two options:

1- Take the skill and discard the weakness of an Akuma no mi, a Devil fruit, from One Piece.

2- Or choose between a Magic like Erebea Magic from Mahou Sensei Negima. This one would make him

practically immortal, but at the moment that is one of his least worries since he has so many ways to become immortal…


I kept thinking for a while and finally decided to take the ability of a Paramecia Devil fruit, especially, the fruit of More-More, that is, More-More.

I had all the time in the world to explore immortality and Magic later on.

I remembered that this Devil fruit was arguably one of the most powerful fruits in this anime, and yet it didn’t have a very big role and as it should.

This fruit is used by the villain Byrnndi World to increase the size or speed of objects by 100 times. This one used it mainly to increase the size of the projectiles he used, or the weapons he wielded, for the most part.

The huge potential it has and it was being ruined by a second rate villain who didn’t even use it to increase his body Stats, strength, speed, etc. Or at the very least, increase it more

than 100 times, seriously…

Well, here we go…

Imagine and let the energy flow…


*Ding: You have created a new Skill.

More-More Ability: This ability allows the user to use the More-More Fruit Power from the One Piece anime, regardless of their weakness.*

Hohoho, so it’s that easy, huh?

I’m already getting the hang of it.


I said softly.

[*Name: Alexander Smith.

Race: Human.

Vitality: 22.

Strength: 10.

Energy: 33/104.

*List of Skills:

-Creation (EX): Create what is inside your mind.

-Photographic Memory (EX): You will not forget what your eyes have seen.

-Asora (EX): A natural dimensional space directly connected to your energy.

-System (1.0): A simple different way of viewing, processing and executing data. Available spaces: Status, Inventory, Office.

-More-More (EX) (NEW): This ability allows the user to use the More-More Fruit Power from the One Piece anime, regardless of their weaknesses]

An expenditure of 70 energy points to have the ability of such a fruit is totally worth it. Too much. It’s a hardcore bargain.

Ah, it went up a point of Energy, and one of Vitality, must be for the expenditure and recovery of the energy.

I also noticed that the Fruit skill is (EX), the maximum score. It is true that I have fully integrated with the Fruit since I have received the knowledge of how to use it, only the practical experience is missing now.

Most likely, to make use of the Fruit I need energy, so I’ll wait and later I will try my first Anime attack, hehehehe, my own Anime attack, hehehehehehe.


Some time had passed and Alexander stood up from his previous monk’s posture.

He had noticed that this increased a little, just a little, the speed of his energy recovery.

He had a big smile on his face as he was going to use a power from one of his favorite anime.

He walked until he stood in front of a tree, took a deep breath, activated the More-More ability and said:

“Strength x4.”

He automatically felt a bit of warmth enter his body, and even though he already knew it was the force, he still looked at his retina state:

Strength: 40/10.

His 10 Strength Points quickly multiplied by 4.

And with this, I knew that at this moment I had approximately 8 times the strength of a 21 years old.

Quickly and without wasting any time, he threw his fist toward the tree in front of him with all the force

he had.

“Dragon Fist!”

He shouted without any shame as he was fulfilling one of his childhood dreams.

*Thud* *Creak*

The tree was brutally split in half after his fist went through it.


Alexander looked at the mess he made and what he did was laugh loudly because he now had a special attack of his own, a bit copied but still, no one could sue him.

Some time passed and he had found out what the limits of this Ability were and how much it spent.

For now his body only accepted a 10 times increase in Strength, just as he could only increase objects the same amount of times. Great was his surprise when he made an increase of 100 times the size of a one-meter twig, he literally transformed it into a giant stake of 1000 meters high and 20 meters wide, he had to deactivate his Ability before such a thing fell on his cabin. And more than by use, or by wear and tear, the ability expended energy for the time it was used.

It was approximately 1 point, per minute the skill was active.

That is, he could maintain this ability for 104 minutes in a row, he could maintain a Strength Stat of 100 points, which was 20 times the strength a 21-year-old should have, for 1 hour and 44 minutes.

This was even more strength than the Hulk.

At this point, he had realized how broken he was right now when it hadn’t even been 24 hours since he started his 10-year training journey….

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