C.C. Ch.28

Lulu fallen♡

“Hmm. So, Lulu likes Pokko?”

I’m currently in the house where I’m staying in this village, and I’m taking Lulu’s advice on her love life. It seems that she is unsure of her feminine charms. The fact that she had avoided feminine activities since childhood and had spent all her time training for battle had created a complex in her mind.

However, Lulu has fallen in love with Pokko as she sees how he treats her with kindness and how he diligently trains with his sword every day to become stronger.

But Lulu, who has always only been able to watch Pokko’s training because all she can do is fight, doesn’t seem to know how to proceed with their relationship.

Lulu chose me as her advisor, as we had gotten to know each other through defeating monsters together, and as a traveler, she didn’t have to worry about revealing secrets to me.

“I know a way to make Lulu more attractive as a girl, want to try it?”


I made a proposal to Lulu. At my words, she leaned forward happily, her green eyes shining in the pure white short cut characteristic of mutants.

“It’s a technique from my hometown, and it’s a little embarrassing, if that’s okay?”

“What’s embarrassing about it?”

“The idea is that by stimulating the body’s acupuncture points, the reservoirs of energy, you can change the flow of mana in the body and thus change the constitution. In order to do this, I need to be able to touch Lulu’s body. If Lulu is still okay with that, then I can make Lulu more like a girl.”


Lulu was a little troubled, but I convinced her that this would be good for her pocko and that experiencing a little embarrassment would make her more girly, so she agreed to receive my massage.

“Take care of me…”

As Lulu lay naked and embarrassed on the bed, I gently massaged her back with the oil I had created with my potion creation skill, which was filled with ingredients that would make a beast go into heat. Lulu’s breath, which had been soothing at first, gradually became glossy as I massaged her, and her cheeks began to glow red from the aphrodisiac.

“Now Lulu will be more girly.”

“Oh, yeah…”

Lulu, who had received my massage on her back, was lying face down on the bed, wriggling her body in embarrassment. No wonder. I used a lot of oil that makes the beastmen go into heat, so her body must be very horny right now.

“Could it be that Lulu is having a hard time with her body being all mushy?”


Lulu looks down in embarrassment at my question and tells me the state of her body, and I make another suggestion to push her over the edge.

“That tingling is a sign that Lulu’s body is changing into a girl’s body now. It’s like when your body gets heavy after a workout.”

“I see…”

“If you want, I can give you a massage that will help you clear those tingles. I’ll have to touch up some of the more embarrassing parts of Lulu’s body.”

“What’s the embarrassing part?”

“I’ve already massaged Lulu’s back, but this time I’m going to touch the front of her body. If you don’t mind, I can give Lulu a massage now that will make her feel better.”

“Yeah, that’s…”

Lulu was reluctant to show her naked body to me, but I told her that this massage combined with the previous massage would make her body more girlish, and she agreed to receive more massages from me.

“Well, I’m embarrassed, so don’t look too closely…”

In front of me, a naked Lulu was lying on her back on the bed, shyly turning her face away from me. Lulu’s well-trained body was moderately toned and her abs were cracked. Even when she is lying on her back, her breasts, which are estimated to be about G-cups, do not sag, but maintain their taut and firm shape.

“Then I’ll give you a massage.”


As Lulu turned her face away from me in embarrassment, I started massaging her body with more of the aphrodisiac oil. I start by massaging her collarbone and armpits, and then gradually move my hands to her armpits and the underside of her breasts, applying the aphrodisiac oil to Lulu’s body. Every time I massaged her body, Lulu’s breath became wetter and wetter.


Finally, my hand reaches Lulu’s tits. Her body is in heat, and she loses all resistance in her mind and just accepts me touching her tits. This is a massage. That’s what she’s telling herself now.

I reassured Lulu with words of reassurance, and gave her an excuse by explaining that from now on Lulu’s body would become more feminine by touching the important part of the massage, the part that is important to women, and gradually melted Lulu’s aversion to having me touch her private parts from her consciousness.

Munyu♡ Munyu♡

“Nfu…♡ Ah…♡”

Even now, Lulu is shyly covering her face with her arms, closing her eyes and keeping her mouth shut as I continue to squeeze her breasts. Her tits are firm and soft, and when I bury my hands in Lulu’s breasts, her big tits swoop up and suck on my fingers. The best kind of touch.

Well, now I have the title of the first man to rub Lulu’s breasts. Now it’s time to blame her vagina.

“Well, there?!”

The moment my hand reaches between Lulu’s legs, she shows strong resistance, but I push her mind further away.

“The acupuncture points here are the most effective. Besides, I need to touch it here to clear Lulu’s mushy feeling. We’ve defeated monsters together. Trust me, okay? Lulu.”


Lulu, looking determined, hid her face, which was burning red with embarrassment, with her arms and gave me permission to touch her crotch. As soon as I got her permission, I started to play with Lulu’s crack without hesitation.

“Nfu♡ An♡ Hah♡”

Lulu’s body wiggled and twisted in surprise at her first pleasure, and she began to make pleasurable noises. I spread her labia apart and smeared a generous amount of aphrodisiac oil into Lulu’s cunt. I also spread some of the slime that wasn’t aphrodisiac oil in her crack.

“Doesn’t Lulu ever touch her own vagina?”

“That’s what I didn’t do♡ Ah♡”

Apparently, today was the first day Lulu had ever felt the sensation of having her clitoris touched. I smeared a lot of aphrodisiac oil on her crotch and gently kneaded her clitoris with my fingers, which was hard and erect from the rutting.

“Yuri♡ Oh my god♡ Something is happening♡”

As I delicately kneaded Lulu’s clitoris, I could see her vaginal hole twitching and contracting as her thick love juices began to spill out. Apparently, Lulu was about to cum. It would probably be her first orgasm in her life. This means I got Lulu’s first orgasm too!

“That’s called cumming. When you cum, your body will feel better, so just let me do it. When you cum, say it properly and Lulu will feel even better.”

As soon as I told her, she gripped the bed sheet tightly with both hands, stretched out her legs for her first orgasm, and started to moan. I slowly and comfortably kneaded her clitoris with my fingers to bring her to a gentle orgasm.

“… Ah♡ Yuri♡ Ah♡ I’m cumming♡ I’m cumming♡ I’m cumming♡”

Bikun♡ Bikun♡

Lulu’s well-trained body sagged weakly like a little girl’s, and she came comfortably. She looked up at the ceiling as if in a daze, her eyes clouded with the feeling of her first orgasm. The fact that I’d smeared so much aphrodisiac on Lulu’s body made her feel even better.

Now Lulu will never forget the way I made her feel. After all, her first experience will be the benchmark for the rest of her life!

“How are you, LuLu? Didn’t that feel good? If you continue with this massage, your body will become very girlish. Whenever you want to have another massage, come to my house.”


At my words, Lulu’s face changed from her usual warrior’s face to that of a maiden, and her eyes moistened in affirmation.

“It’s a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, as long as it’s between me and Lulu. If I go on a trip, no one will know. And if everyone in the village doesn’t find out, Lulu won’t get hurt.”

“I don’t know…”

Lulu’s mind was torn between regret and guilt that she had done something wrong, the fact that her body could be so aroused and feel so good, the fact that she could get a secret massage and become a woman without anyone knowing, the fact that she could get rid of her complex that had been bothering her for so long, the fact that she could become a woman and have confidence in herself and attack Pokko in love. If she became more feminine, she would be able to attack Pokko for love.

“Whenever you feel like it, Lulu. But what’s best for Lulu is to be with Pokko rather than me. Don’t forget that. See you later!”

With that, I whisked her out of the house. I’ve decided to let Lulu go home for the day. I need more time to corrupt her mind. Let’s see how Lulu’s heart will turn in the future…

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Ari Lee
Ari Lee
1 year ago

What a sly man, but that’s what I’m here for, besides cute mushy girls~