C.C. Ch.29

Lulu training♡

“Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah…♡”

The next day after I had massaged Lulu’s body with aphrodisiac oil, she was once again receiving a massage at the house where I was staying, her cheeks red and flaming as if she were in a fever. Lulu’s rutted body kept getting mushy even as she went about her daily life, and she couldn’t stand it!

“How was it when you saw Pokko today?’

“Ah…♡ It’s different from usual♡ Pokko seems to be shy… Hmm♡ He was so nervous♡ Oh♡”

“That means the massage is working. So today, Lulu, let’s get comfortable and become more feminine.”

“…Yeah♡ …Ah♡”

While talking with Lulu, I gave her another sexual massage today, using plenty of aphrodisiac oil. As this was her second message of the day, the tension had lifted a bit from her mind.

The next day, Lulu came to my house in the late afternoon instead of the evening like the other day. Her rutting body was getting even more uncomfortable and Lulu wanted to have my massage earlier.

“Since you came early today, I will give you more massages than usual. If you come earlier, I’ll be able to give you more massages.”

I welcome Lulu into the room and increase the number of massages I give her, since she came earlier than yesterday. By rewarding Lulu for coming in earlier than usual, I can instill in her a sense of dependence on me.

Kupu♡ Kupu♡

“Kufu…♡ Ah…♡”

Today, I’m going to give Lulu a new taste of what it feels like to be cunnilingus. Her pussy is in heat, and her pussy has an intoxicating scent that can make a man go wild, and I taste her love juice and pussy with my tongue.

“Does cunnilingus feel good?”


Lulu was also excited by the new pleasure of having her sensitive parts licked by my warm tongue, and after feeling good, she went home.

The next day came, and to my surprise, Lulu came to get my massage in the morning. She was embarrassed that she had come first thing in the morning to get my massage, and she was standing at the door with her eyes downcast, fidgeting with her inner thighs in embarrassment. It’s a lie that she’s a seasoned warrior.

I gladly welcomed Lulu, who was uncomfortable in front of my house, indoors and broke her sense of shame and guilt by welcoming her with words of welcome. Sooner than I had expected, Lulu was getting into the act with me.

“So today, I’m going to put my finger inside Lulu’s pussy.”

“Well, that is…”

Lulu had refused to let me put my fingers inside her vagina for the sake of her future husband, but I told her that there was a point in her vagina called the G-spot that could be pressed to make a woman more beautiful, and that it would make Lulu’s body more beautiful. She finally gives me permission to finger her vagina.


Kunyu♡ Kunyu♡

“…Ah♡… nn♡… n♡… n♡”

I stretched my index and middle fingers inside Lulu’s cunt, and bent my two fingers to shake her vaginal walls, searching for the best part of her. Her cunt was so hot that her vaginal walls were sucking on my fingers.

“How do you feel? Does it feel good?”

“Ah♡ haa…♡ yeah♡ ah♡”

As my fingers fondled her cunt, Lulu opened her legs on the bed and wiggled her body, shyly holding her mouth with her right hand. I decided to numb the guilt from Lulu’s mind by asking her such nasty questions!

“Lulu. Is there anything you want to say to Pokko?”

“No, don’t say it…♡”

Kunyu♡ Kunyu♡

As I continue to finger Lulu’s pussy, I am corrupting her mind. By making her choose pleasure over shame, I’m going to corrupt Lulu’s mind from now on.

“Tell me or I’ll stop this massage, okay?”

“No…♡ Ah…♡ Hmm…♡”

For a while, Lulu seemed to be struggling with the conflict in her mind, but finally her mind chose pleasure. This drove a wedge into Lulu’s heart. From this point on, her mind rapidly begins to fall.

“…Po, Pokko♡ Ah…♡ This is…♡ It feels good♡”

Lulu, shy and thin, hiding her mouth, mumbled in a small voice. But I don’t stop blaming her heart. Because Lulu’s heart is going to be broken more and more.

“I don’t understand this, so can you tell me properly?”

“Kuu…♡ Ah…♡ Hmm…♡”

Once again, a conflict arises in Lulu’s mind. Pleasure or embarrassment? As I continue to gently finger her pussy, I wait quietly for Lulu’s mind to give me an answer. It’s almost time for her to fall.

“Yu, Yuri’s fingers touching my pussy feels so good…♡”

A determined Lulu, her cheeks flushed red with shame, chose to say the nasty words for the sake of pleasure. Her eyes were teary with too much shame.

Lulu’s mind was safely engraved with the behavioral pattern of sacrificing other things in order to make me feel good about her body. This has become an unconscious habit of hers, and from now on, it will change Lulu’s thinking.

“Try to tell Pokko that more clearly. If you do that, I’ll make you feel really good about Lulu.”

“That’s right…♡ Nku…♡ Ah♡”

I would train Lulu’s mind in this way so that she would do anything to make me feel good about my body. Little by little, I could see the tug of her heart coming off. Finally, Lulu starts to deliver her message to Pokko in a loud voice. She wants more, because she wants me to grope her.

“Pokko♡ Yuri’s finger is inside my pussy♡… It feels so good♡… I’m sorry♡ Pokko…♡ I’m sorry…♡”

A sense of relief comes over Lulu as she says the embarrassing words for the sake of pleasure. Her beautiful green eyes, looking up at the ceiling as she enjoys my fingering, are clouded with a thin layer of dark pleasure. I decided to reward Lulu for her efforts.

“As a reward for saying it right, I’m going to make you cum a lot, Lulu.”

“Yeah♡ I want to cum a lot♡… Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡… There♡ I like it♡”

Guchu♡ Guchu♡ Guchu♡ Guchu♡ Guchu♡

“Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Yuri, this is♡… Amazing♡ Amazing♡”

I twisted and turned the two fingers I had twisted into Lulu’s cunt to stimulate her G-spot, and her vaginal walls clenched tightly in pleasure as her pussy gushed out a flood of thick, muddy love juice. Lulu’s body shuddered and screamed with pleasure, and the sweet pleasure that surged through her body with each press of my finger on her G-spot quickly became an obsession.

Lulu’s vaginal walls began to twitch and contract as she sucked on my fingers, her body slowly tensing up for a nice orgasm. Lulu’s thumbs were bent tightly in pleasure as she opened her legs to give me more room to finger her.

“-Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Yuri♡ This♡… It ‘s amazing♡ I’m cumming♡ I’m cumming♡ Cumming♡”

Bikun♡ Bikun♡

Lulu came, clutching the bed sheets tightly with both hands as my fingers clenched in her pussy. Her stomach heaved up and down as she drowned in the pleasure of her orgasm. For a while after she came, Lulu’s eyes were dark and cloudy, and she was staring at the ceiling, breathing in and out in satisfaction.

Today, Lulu learns how good it feels to be in a physical relationship. By giving her a taste of guilty pleasure, a track record has been created in Lulu’s mind that she chose pleasure over guilt. This changes her behavioral patterns. Steadily, Lulu’s mind and body were being developed by me.

“What do you want to do? Continue this massage every day from today?”


At my suggestion, Lulu shows signs of thinking. It seems that she still has reason and resistance in her heart. I decide to further break down her sense of ethics by preparing a convenient hope for Lulu’s mind.

“Why don’t you not see Pokko for a while, Lulu, and get a massage from me?”

“…What do you mean?”

“Rather than seeing Pokko every day, I think Pokko will be more surprised if I work out in secret from today until the festival day and show him how feminine Lulu has become. I’m sure Pokko will ask Lulu out on a date when he sees her looking so beautiful on the day of the festival. And even if Lulu asks Pokko out on a date, I think the success rate will be higher if Pokko asks Lulu out on a date.”


“You can’t keep pushing a fight, right? Let’s try pulling back once in a while.”


“Let’s just keep massaging her for a little while longer, okay? Then we’ll think about it. I’ll make you cum a lot.”


In response to my words, Lulu opened her legs on the bed again and started urging me to give her a massage. Her heart was steadily breaking. Thus, in an uncontrollable manner, Lulu would receive my massage every day in the morning.

And finally, time passed to the day before the festival.

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