IAIK Ch.10

Ch 10

Alexander at this point felt like he was appearing somewhere.

He had hoped it would have been in a forest or something, but he realized as he finished the teleportation, that he was in the castle room where the story began.

Before it fully appeared, he used his ability, Manifestation of Mind / Energy, to levitate a few inches off the ground.

The clarity of the transportation circle was completely gone and he was able to get a good look at what was in the room.

It looked like a picture taken from medieval times, from the decorations and architecture of the palace to the poor and ancient clothing of the people he saw.

He noticed some monsters that he supposed were the Ogres on the side, they were really ugly, in his opinion, but being a world like this, that was expected.

Volt: “… Hey Hey, and who are you? Hey!”

Alexander heard Volt’s loud, gruff voice and looked at him for only a few moments before ignoring him and turning to look at Kin.

The Wizard was confused as he did not expect Olga’s spell to have worked, because Olga had a Magic Nullifier necklace that had been created especially for her. And when he realized that the ‘human’ who appeared looked at him, a shiver went down his spine and unknown pressure came the moment he looked into those Indigo blue eyes that seemed as deep as hell. Volt beside him had not noticed this and commented:

“I really don’t know who you are, but I don’t care about that, if you step aside without causing trouble, I’ll let you enjoy the Queen’s pits along with my soldiers after me, Guhehehehehehee.”

Alexander, masterfully ignoring Volt who was speaking, took his eyes off Kin, the latter was already breaking out in a cold sweat and shivering slightly, and then turned away still while hovering in the air inches above the ground.

And at that moment he could see Olga Discordia who was kneeling down and seemed to be suffering from a myriad of emotions.

Despair, Hopelessness, Horror, Condemnation, Fear and though very little… Expectation.

As I had seen in the Hentai Anime, she was wearing very lewd and skimpy clothes, and her beauty….

The Anime really didn’t do her beauty justice….

He stared at her for a little while and very small, but a blush appeared on his face as he looked at her.

And in fact, he was a bit surprised to notice that this woman, Olga Discorida, also had a very red face as she looked at him with her only visible eye that was not covered by her bangs…

For Olga there was no more Hope.

From the moment the spell failed and she could not find any summoned entity….

She thought it was all over.

She and her right hand and confidant were going to be raped again and again by this group.

A future that was in fact but Hell itself.

Or so she thought until suddenly she felt a Magic enveloping her, a very warm and very powerful Magic that filled her with an unknown pleasure as if it was cuddling her in a cold Winter night, which was almost permanent in this place of Eos.

Since she was a Dark Elf and a Sorceress, she knew very well that Magic had the same color and character as her master’s personality.

She at most hoped that a demon would be summoned and so her life would end but at least she would take with her the life of this whole filthy group.

But a demon could not be master of such vibrant and warm Magic as this, as powerful as she had never seen before.

‘If it is someone who possesses this Magic then…

… I wouldn’t mind being his slave.’

That was what the Queen of the Dark Elves thought.

She quickly saw with her eyes the back of that figure that was summoned.

She was surprised at several things, that he was a human, at his beautiful crimson hair that flowed down his back, that he was floating in the air, and of the thick, boundless aura he was releasing, the connection she had made with this individual, she felt that this aura was being restricted, what this said about the power of this being was that she could not even imagine its limits.

A few moments passed and the human who was to be her owner, turned around to look at her.

Just by the aura he exuded, and the small connection that had been made between the two of them, Olga was feeling small waves of warmth and pleasure.

And the moment she saw his beautiful face and that he was looking at her, she blushed furiously and became very nervous.

‘He’s very handsome.’

Olga felt her heart beating too fast for its rhythm and she could see that the human also blushed a little at the sight of her, which, to her, made him look adorable.

The human gave her a slight smile and this caused all of the emotions she was feeling to overflow like an avalanche through her mind.

“Please… save us…”

Olga said between sobs and begging, her voice was cracked in a very low volume.

She was sure that if it was this human….

No matter what dangers she faced…

She would be protected.

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