IAIK Ch.11

Ch 11

I saw her begging.

The Queen of the Elves.

I saw her beg.

Instantly I walked towards her, still with a smile on my face.

Walking now, step by step until I was in front of her and crouched down to be at her level.

“Easy… easy.”

I said and my hand instantly went to her head, and as I had always read, and had seen in the Anime, I tried to stroke her head.

“With me here, you are safe.”

I didn’t know if it would be disrespectful, since she was a Royal Queen, but apparently my words and my caresses worked as she was blushing heavily and I noticed her body relaxing.

The tension left her face and her moist eyes turned to me.

The most beautiful face and expression I had ever seen in my life.

She had such a cute face.

I almost unconsciously activated the Sharingan to never forget this image, but I remembered that thanks to the second Wish my ‘soul’ has a photographic memory.

I looked towards Chloe who was looking at me with amazement and confusion on her face.

“You too.”

She was stunned for a moment at my words and then blushed slightly as she averted her gaze.

Kin: “Oh no… this is bad Volt-sama, we have to get out of here! Now!”

It was at this moment that Kin awoke from his daze and immediately approached Volt, Once he realized the threat posed by this being that Olga Discord had summoned.

Volt: “Hey but if you still-….”

Kin: “There’s no time to waste!”

He interrupted his leader and quickly recited the words of a spell, grabbed him by the arm while the latter was in confusion and the two disappeared with a flash from a magic circle.


Alexander helped Olga to stand up, removed the iron chains from her hands (Olga’s) and her feet with a pinch of his hands.

*Klennn* *Klennn*

He took her next to Chloe and did the same with the latter.

*Klennn* *Klennn*

Needless to say how amazed they were at the great physical strength this human had to break iron like that.

And then he looked around at everyone left in the place.

Soldiers, mercenaries, Ogres, dark elves and army renegades who looked at him, some with confusion and others with rage. They looked as if they were going to attack him shortly since he wanted to take away their opportunity to fuck the Queen of the Dark Elves and her Right Hand.

He sighed heavily and made a katana appear out of nowhere.

Rather, it had come out of his inventory.

It was a simple weapon, with no frills or fancy touches.

The blade looked sharp.


He disappeared from the place he was at with its normal speed that was too much for them, as he reappeared in the center of the monsters, dark elves and humans, at the same time he began to kill.

Slice after slice, they felt for Alexander like the wedge that his destiny from now on… would not be normal.

He had prepared himself very well for this, he had trained his mind for this.

Unique Soul found himself constantly minimizing the emotions he had at this moment.

Chloe: “My Queen, are you okay?!”

Olga: “… Yes Chloe… I’m fine…. although a little exhausted from spending all my Magic…”

Chloe: “… here let me support you.”

Olga: “Thank you… looks like we are safe now…”

She said as she looked at Alexander who had ended in a few seconds with the lives of more than 70 members of Kuroinu’s group in this room, and he had stained some blood on his clothes.

The resulting scene was incredibly gory, and Alexander was standing there in the center of the scene as he took a few breaths of air.

Chloe: “Olga-sama, who is that human? And why is he fighting for us who are Dark Elves?”

Olga: “I… I really don’t know… but right now we are in his hands…”

Alexander had come out of the daze he got from killing so many lives, since he had never done it, but he didn’t feel more than that, because he himself had seen in the Anime how the people in this group behaved, they raped and killed without batting an eye. They didn’t deserve to be alive.

He put his weapon in his inventory and walked over to Olga and Chloe, who were apparently talking.

Alexander: “… My name is Alexander Smith, I am from another world and have been summoned by you, as soon as I learned of your situation because of the connection we seem to share, I saw what this group was doing, how they were treated and what they were planning to do with you and me…”

“…I simply had to eliminate them. They didn’t deserve to live.”

Olga: “Ah, no, these filthy bastards deserved it… my name is Olga Discordia and I am…. no, was the Queen of this Earth, she is my right hand Chloe.”

Olga was quite distressed to realize that there was a connection between this charming human and her, and then she snapped out of her daze by introducing herself and her companion gently and with as much greatest grace she could muster.

Chloe: “…hmph, I thank you human for saving our lives, but you didn’t have to touch the head of my queen like that!”

Olga: “Chloe!”

Alexander was speechless for a few seconds, blinked once, then twice.

Alexander: “Ah, are you…. Are you jealous? …I see.”

Alexander commented and put his hand on Chloe’s head to start stroking her.

Chloe stood stupidly.

This being fondled by a man and a human at that, she thought she was going to feel disgust and filthiness only to be terribly wrong. Very terribly.

The most pleasurable feeling she had possibly ever felt in her entire life should have been that touch.

A large, warm hand and a slightly stiff, inexperienced movement, which seemed to him rather tender to tell the truth, is what she felt in his head at the moment.

Alexander: “Yosh yosh, here’s one for you too.”

Olga: “… … … … Pfff, Fufufufufufufufu, there you go Chloe, there’s one for you too! Fufufufufufufu!”

Chloe quickly blushed exceedingly and even more so when she saw that her Queen was teasing her in this way, although she really didn’t want Alexander to stop as it felt too good, her tsundere urges ruled her body.

Chloe: “W-b-b-but w-what are you doin’ ma-damn human, let go of me this very instant!”

Chloe was saying rather haltingly though she wasn’t really pulling her head away from the damned human herself.

‘This is for the best.’

She thought in her brain as she felt the tickling in her head.

Alexander stiffened and removed his hand from her, much to her chagrin and said in a sad and bitter tone.

“I see, you don’t like that.”

Chloe: “…”

“No… it’s just…”

Chloe was at a bit of a loss as she didn’t know what to know, she was going to feel too bad if she was insensitive in any way to this man who had saved her and her Queen, besides that he gave her comfort and security and had given her this surprisingly good, gentle and pleasurable feeling just by stroking her head.

Olga: “Ara Ara Ara Chloe… looks like you’ve been tamed so fast…. Ufufufufufufufufu.”

Chloe could only remain embarrassed and blushing due to her Queen’s teasing.

Alexander looked at Olga and she looked back at him, and suddenly they burst out laughing between them.

Olga: “Pff Hahahahahahahaha.”

Alexander: “Hahahahahahahaha.”

Chloe: “….. hahahahahahahaha!”

Even Chloe had to laugh as all this had lightened the mood that existed in the room.

Some time had passed and now with a better harmony, they began to talk to each other about the current situation.

Alexander: “And this group… Kuroinu was aiming to…”

Olga: ” … To turn this nation into a Sex Nation, or so said Volt, their leader.”

Chloe: “Despicable Humans to have a goal like this, what’s worse is that not only are they a group but even the Ogres and Dark Elves, people who were under my command gave themselves to this group. men are scum!”

Alexander: “We’re not all like that.”

Chloe: “…”

Olga: “Putting that aside, the spell by which you were summoned… it was one I didn’t know well, it practically forced me to be a slave to whatever entity was summoned, and that’s if I didn’t it was that I would die in the process… so basically…”

Chloe: “Olga-sama, but…! Why would you do something like that!!!!”

Olga: “There was no other choice Chloe… you know it… I’d rather die or be… his (Alexander’s) slave, than to be raped and used as a toy by them…”

Olga gave a smile of satisfaction and freedom for being saved from that fate.

Chloe: “…”

Alexander stared at her smile.

“You are beautiful, Olga.”

He said to himself in his mind.

Olga: “Wh-what!”

Oh, apparently he said it out loud as he sometimes does. A bad habit of loners. Yu IIhan would surely understand.

Olga paused to look at him in amazement and Chloe was a little annoyed as she suddenly became moody.

Chloe: “What are you saying to my Queen, you stupid human!”

Alexander shrugged, took a breath and put on a serious face with which he looked at them.

Alexander: “Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you Olga, and even your Magic feels smooth and crystalline… like someone holy. Just from this alone I can tell what kind of person you are, you are someone very good… very kind… very pretty… very strong…”

He spoke with a soft tone and he could even feel his heart beating a little too much. Maybe this was the first time he confessed something sincere so boldly. He paused and looked up at Chloe to continue:

“You too Chloe, it’s not just the amazing looks you have, but from your aura I can tell… you are someone very pure… because of the connection I formed with Olga by… making her my slave… I knew your story… and I can assure you that even with a past like yours, you are the purest woman I’ve ever met…”

Alexander said what was on his mind, leaving nothing hidden as the courage to do so came from somewhere he didn’t know he had.

“It is completely my honor to use my skills to save two Ladies like yourselves and if I had to sacrifice myself for you…even though we only met a few minutes ago…I would do so gladly. That’s why I’m so excited that… you are my slave Olga, so I can spend a long time with you and Chloe.”

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