IAIK Ch.12

Ch 12

Let’s put ourselves in context.

Alexander and the World.

This World of Kuroinu is a world that has been made from the dark part of the mind of a Japanese man who, while not sexually frustrated, was very horny and imaginative at the time.

Whether it is because of whatever, this world has a very different way of looking at sexuality.

This is pretty much demonstrated just in the different costumes in it.

Almost every type of women’s clothing is quite lewd and revealing, and even so, both women and men treat it as a very normal day-to-day thing. Of course, it is still quite effective in provoking lust in people’s minds but still, it is normal.

This gives way to the very character of the people living in this world to be a more open and adventurous.

Women see sex as too normal, men also see it as too normal.

And this is the main reason for the provocative, enthusiastic, adventurous, playful, explorative, exploratory and more that people living here have, especially and particularly women.

Alexander lived a somewhat hard life since he was an orphan, but within the margin of normal.

He had friends, he had girlfriends, he had people he considered family.

But he never fell in love.

He tried and tried, but of all the girls he met, and could have been with, not one made his heart race.

After he died saving that woman who was a total stranger, he was granted the wishes he always held in his heart. And he was given the opportunity to live the best adventure that someone like him could live.

He trained for 10 years in his pocket World, and in these 10 years, the introverted boy who had been reincarnated, transformed so much that he looked like a butterfly that had come out of the chrysalis.

More virile, more mature, more relaxed.

These 10 years were not easy, but because he knew very well what was coming next, he went on and on continued to endure, improving and exploiting his own Cheat.

Even with the change, he still hadn’t fallen in love and hadn’t felt that throbbing that with or without your permission, makes you mature into an adult.

He always liked her, the story and the character of Olga Discordia, yes, even if it had been taken out of a hentai, it’s stupid, but it’s true.

And only at the moment he saw her in front of him.

At that moment he knew.

He had fallen in love with her.

Her looks, her sexuality, her story.

He had to save her from that horrible fate and he had to give this woman what she deserved.

The fact that Chloe had also been much more beautiful than in the Anime itself, and had this crystal clear and pure aura, also made me have feelings for this one.

Is it selfish? Yes.

Is it hasty? Yes.

Is it neither the time nor the place for this? No, it isn’t.

But none of this matters.

Ever since he was reborn, and gained these powers he knew his future was not going to be small.

From that moment on, he began to follow his own desires.


Olga Discord.

Since she was a little girl, she was specially trained to be the next Queen of her race.

The training was very hard, but the worst thing was that….

She had to eliminate her emotions even though she knew it was impossible.

Years and years went by, and her fame as a cruel and merciless person only spread further and further.

Among humans she was known by different nicknames, The Black Death, The Ice Queen, The Devil’s Apprentice, and others that only increased as time went on.

Even the same Princess Knights who ruled her own region thought so of her.

But she herself knew better.

Not at all.

If one were to check under her bed on the upper left side, one would see human storybooks of tales of Princesses being saved by their prince on his white horse.

She really liked the color pink and smelling the soft fragrances of flowers.

She had her cool side to the front and had her soft side hidden.

The Dark Elves were a magical race from their beginnings.

Playing with magic was so natural to them that they did not even need to recite an incantation to cast a spell.

Or at least that’s how it was in the old days.

Now it was only the Dark Elf royalty that maintained the magical lineage.

But because of that, her race had very, very acute senses, and even a sixth sense that bordered more on the supernatural.

Because of this, this race of Dark Elves did not lie amongst themselves, it was stupid how easy it was to detect a lie to any Dark Elf.

The human she had summoned a few minutes ago, and who had made her feel a myriad of different emotions, was praising her so openly and insightfully, that she herself felt her skin turning red beyond belief and the feeling of shyness exploded from her person. And all this because of what this human was saying, was the purest and most sincere truth.

As unbelievable as it was, what the Human was saying, was what he felt in his heart, and to Olga Discordia, who was totally unprepared, this was something that shook her being.



This one had indeed had a very traumatic childhood.

As a young child at the age of 10, she had been captured by human slave traders who had invaded the village where she and her family lived, and from then on, her life had been a Hell.

She had been sold and sold again, raped at the tender age of 10 and discarded as a toy for someone else to play with.

Two years that seemed more like Hell than Hell itself to her, passed slowly and quietly in her life.

She had been abused in such a way…

Her uterus had been heavily damaged, eliminating any chance of ever being a mother.

When she was 12 years old and looked more like a living doll than a person….

That was when the Queen of the Dark Elves found her. She was so pained by the situation the girl was in that she took her in and taught her from then on.

Little by little the girl came out of her trauma and regained the will to live by being exposed to Olga’s original personality.

The motherly instinct and gentleness of the Elder Elf healed over time her broken mind and body.

It was because of this that Chloe dedicated herself to training and training, improving and improving, enough to be able to protect the Queen who saved and cared for her.

The human man that Chloe had first touched, the one who made her feel too good with just a few caresses on the head, the one who protected her and her Queen, found himself telling her that she was the purest woman he had ever known.

Ever since her childhood, she always thought she was dirty, her baths taking a little too long because of it.

And here this human is saying something like this.

That he knew her history, that he knew how she was treated, and yet, saying she was pure.

She couldn’t even respond by telling him that it was a lie since it wasn’t.

It was impossible to lie to a Dark Elf.

Not even with total control of your emotions.

The aura or magic would give you away.

She herself felt the red color slowly creep up all over her skin from the tips of her toes, down to the last hair on her head.

She had so many thoughts and feelings trapped together as if they were in a blender, that she felt dizzy.


I finished confessing how I felt about these two women in front of me.

It made me want to laugh a little for a moment, since even though they were dark Elves and had a little darkened skin, right now they looked like human-sized Mexican chili peppers because of how red they were.

red they were.

Chloe: “W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-what are you s-s-saying, you silly hu-hu-human!!! Don’t say w-w-w-w-weird things!”

Olga: “… … … …”

Chloe apparently activated her tsundere side as a defense mechanism while squirming a lot comically, and Olga had no words to speak as her hair covered her expression when she had her head down.


I took a long breath to calm down.

I looked around the place a bit and could see dead bodies strewn everywhere. These were the ones I had myself had killed shortly before.

Blood was beginning to stain the floor red and a faint foul smell could be smelled in the air.

Apparently the Ogres were in a very advanced state of putrefaction.

This really wasn’t a good place to converse.

Alexander: “How about for now we move somewhere a little more… clean, to continue to talk?”

My question seemed to wake Chloe up a bit as she looked all over the place, and made a slight grimace of displeasure, looked at me, blushed a little, and then nodded.

Chloe: “I think the best place to go is Her Majesty’s room, it’s away from this room and it’s like a small house…”

I was fine with that and then looked over to see Olga to see what she thought.

I was a little worried as she still had her head down, and you couldn’t see her expression.

Alexander: “Olga… are you all right?”

Olga: (I’ll bet…)

I could hear a little whisper coming from her.

Alexander: “Did you say something, Ol-? Mnhgh!?”

Chloe : “Olga-sama!!!?”

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