IAIK Ch.14

Ch 14

In fact, it was at this moment that Olga had realized how incredible this owner of hers was.

Not only could he use spell-like abilities instantaneously and without any chanting, but he also had a great variety of these, it seemed.

And most importantly, it’s that energy that came out of it.

An energy that according to her, looked like a thick, giant pillar stretching into the sky.

And that was when it was restricted by something, she supposed that its owner was restricting its energy by the colossal amount of it.

Though of course only she could feel all this because of the bond between them, just as she felt that she couldn’t hurt him either physically or psychologically.

Of course not that she wanted to, she had to admit that although she had not yet fallen in love with this individual, he was her prince charming who had come to her rescue, it was only a matter of time, she felt.

It was quite strange.

It was very strange.

Just at the moment when Olga least expected it, just at that exact moment, this person appeared to save her.

Olga felt as if she was one of those Princesses in the fairy tales who had met their Princes…

She looked at the white flower in her hand.

Small, affectionate acts like the one now, made her blush more and more like a lady in love and her heart beat like crazy.

It seemed that it was not so far away… she thought again.

Chloe had truly been surprised that her new Master was such a powerful person.

Not only was he possibly, the best warrior she had ever seen, but even his magic, or skill, as he called it, was so amazing.

She also looked at the white flower and brought it up to her nose to smell it.

She didn’t know why, but the pretty scent this one brought only made her think of the otherworldly face of her Master.

She was blushing and imagined that instead of Olga, she was the protagonist of that kiss that had happened earlier.

Olga: “Ara ara, to think that Chloe could make a love-struck face like that, Alex-sama must be really good, ufufufu.”

Chloe: “Moou Olga-sama!”

Chloe pouted with a chibi face, then blushed even harder at the teasing of her Queen.

Alexander watched all this and felt that Chloe was too cute.

She was like an Imouto you spoiled and she would give you one of those smiles that would give you Diabetes.

Of course, only this Imouto had the explosive, hot and sensual body of Hourglass.

Although her breasts were smaller than Olga’s, they were still a powerful E-cup.

These two traits put together, made Chloe the second most beautiful woman he had seen so far.

It was clear who was first.

Alexander: “As I was saying, I have a wide variety of Abilities, and one of them helps me to search and find everything in range.”

“Wait a minute…”

Human Area.

Alexander closed his eyes and activated his Ability, from him a field of Energy spread out, light blue, almost gray, with him as the epicenter of it. This was only visible to him and not to the outside eye. Olga felt something but could not see it.

It spread until it covered the city 2 kilometers around, and then Alexander felt its power against this place.

(His Ability range was 1 meter by 1 Energy point).

He practically checked for signs of Dark Elf life and found absolutely nothing.

Other than a few animals here and there there were no signs of life.

He did more or less a head count of all the corpses of women, and a small number of men, which amounted to 1230.

Alexander: “Unfortunately I found no signs of Dark Elf life in the city, sorry.”

Olga: “Easy Alex-sama, you had nothing to do with this… besides you saved our lives… that’s enough.”

Chloe: “I think the same as Olga-sama, it’s sad that all my comrades-in-arms have died… but I’m very happy that Alex-sama saved my Queen and me…”

Alexander: “…”

“… I only found around 1230 corpses of Dark Elves in this range…. Were these all who lived here?”

Olga: “Those were approximately all those who lived in this city, a little further south in the first city that Kuroinu’s demonic armada attacked and the only other one where there were members of our race existed, there were more than 10,000 inhabitants.”

“The continuous wars with the humans wore our people down too much and practically now, we are in extinction…”

Chloe: “So… you mean we are the last of the Dark Elves my Queen!?”

Olga: “… Unless there were other hidden villages, or some group was held captive somewhere… then yes… we are the last ones.”

A brief moment of heavy silence spread through the group.

Alexander: “… … … Although I have a doubt, why is it that there were only 70+ members of Kuroinu in this place?”

Olga: “As they had done with the previous city, the main attacking force left shortly after the battle, only the people with the most… merits in the battle were left to receive their rewards…”

Alexander quickly realized that only Olga and Chloe were left alive in the city.

The main force had left shortly after the battle leaving only those who were to receive their ‘reward’.

He realized that this is what Volt was referring to at first.

Realizing that Volt had planned for a 70-strong group, of Ogres, humans and Dark Elves alike to rape Olga and Chloe….

Thinking to this point Alexander clenched his hands tightly and let out a small part of his energy.

Olga and Chloe did not feel anything as Alexander unconsciously avoided them with his Energy, but they still saw his expression, an expression of rage and gritted teeth. They felt quite sweet and protected since the reason he was like this was because of what Kuroinu’s group was going to do to them. They also saw that the sky was filling up with black clouds. And they were surprised to realize that somehow, Alexander’s state and his energy influenced the weather itself. They felt it almost as if he was a God in this area.

And in fact, they were not completely wrong, Alexander was still using the skill Area of the Human, and this made the area covered with his Ability respond naturally to his emotions, although in this case it was special because the anger he felt was simply too much. Normally something like this wouldn’t happen.

Although he wanted very much to go to the location of Kuroinu’s group and kill them all, he knew very well that within the cities ruled by the Princess Knights, there were rebellious people who had associated with Kuroinu.

If suddenly the main group disappeared, those who had allied themselves with them in the cities might become impatient and attack at that time.

In this way too many lives would be lost.

However, if everything went according to history, the small army in the core of the cities would only attack at the same time as the main group would.

So, even to his chagrin, he was going to let that lizard stay alive, he would defend each city and would kill those who dared to attack.

Both those inside, and those outside.

And Alexander wasn’t a hero, or he didn’t think so, but the fate this world held was something too horrible.

At this point he cursed the Japanese who came up with this Hentai.

He calmed down and deactivated the Ability.

He looked at his remaining Energy in the system as he felt there was a bit more expenditure than normal.

Energy: 8210/9583 (EX Quality).

He was about to wonder what had caused that expenditure of Energy….

But at that moment, from the sky rain began to fall from drop to drop gently, until it accelerated and before long there was a heavy downpour.

He knew that this time he had made it.

The sheer amount of Energy expended practically told him so.

It so happened that not only was it raining in the city where the Ability covered, but in half of the entire Northern Area was like the weather. The dispersion of his Energy had not only made the Area covered by it explicitly that one with black clouds, but they were gathered in a group of black clouds that was getting bigger and bigger.

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

Alexander instantly used the ability and moved a roof of a house that was close by over their heads.

And then he said:

“I think we’d better go for the cast-…..”

Alexander paused as when he looked at Olga and Chloe he realized something.

Despite how scanty their armor was, in which it was even possible to see the color of the nipple of both women…

It wasn’t made of iron or a hard material, no.

It was silk, in fact, silk.

And not just any silk, no, one that apparently became more transparent as it got wet.

They had gotten a little wet, before he used his Ability.

The color of the clothing was dulled quite a bit by the transparency of it.

And now he could practically see these two bombshell bodies, almost naked and transparent.

‘Fucking Japanese Otaku fucker.’

Alexander said to himself and apparently this time he had actually succeeded this time as he didn’t see a reaction from Olga and Chloe.

He quickly looked away from their bodies.

“I think we’d better go to the castle for now.”




When he noticed that they didn’t respond and he even thought he heard a throaty sound, he turned to look back at them.

Chloe and Olga were staring at his crotch. The former had blushed heavily

but was still staring, and the latter had a look of astonishment yet hunger,

she even swallowed in her throat.

Alexander had also gotten a little wet in the rain, and at this point he was wearing light clothing as he had thrown the blood-smeared cloak into the inventory.

There was a very large bulge showing through his white pants that was ‘showing’ too much.

Instantly he covered what he could with his hands and apparently this action awakened Olga and Chloe from their daze.

Olga: “Yeah, yeah, yeees we’d better get to the c-c-castle.”

Chloe: “Um, um.”

Olga was flushed hot and made several verbal tics as she responded.

Chloe was all red in the face, her eyes were rolling and rolling as she nodded


You could tell they were nervous.

And so, in a slightly awkward silence, they went towards the castle while Alexander carried the roof over them at the same time with Telekinesis.

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