IAIK Ch.15

Ch 15

Once they entered the castle, Alexander immediately set to work.

Olga and Chloe were preparing the bath and filling it with hot water.

In fact, it was like one of those indoor hot spring baths that you could find in Japan, and it was obvious since the creator of the story was from there.

Alexander took all the corpses of the people he had killed with his Telekinesis and took them outside to burn them to ashes with the Amaterasu.

The rain could not put out the fire and until there was absolutely nothing left of them, it was that he deactivated the black fire.

Then he returned to the throne room which was found to have a very foul smell and even blood stains all around.

He activated the Human Area Skill again in a small range that covered the room and used what he called, the Cleanse Sub-Skill.

This was just a trick in which, it would disappear in small particles all the stains and dirt he found, and then leave whatever he was cleaning as good as new.

It even claimed to leave a slight soapy smell after the fact.

And the room had been cleaned in a way it had never been.

Olga: “Alex-sama the bathroom is ready.”

Alexander: “Ah, that’s ok Olga, if you want you can bathe yourselves first.”

Olga: “Not at all Alex-sama, please go ahead.”

Alexander simply thought no more about it and went straight to the bathroom but as he was walking past Olga he realized something.

He stared at her and said:

“Olga, can you stand in front of me please?”

Olga: “H-hai…. Alex-sama.”

A little nervous she was, as she thought Alex was going to kiss her as he (she to him) had done before. Even though she wanted to do it herself…

Alex looked at her, more specifically her neck.

Olga was quickly going very red and looked away.

And then, Alexander gently moved his hands and wrapped them around her neck.

It looked exactly as if he was going to hang her, but Olga cared so little about this that she didn’t even think about it, in fact, she trusted Alexander on a very deep level that she herself did not know.

Alexander gently touched her neck.

The rubbing of the skin was very exciting to Olga as she found herself breathing heavily with a red face.

Alexander did not notice this as he was concentrating.

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.


With a snap, the Magic Nullifier necklace that had been constructed for Olga, had broken off and Alexander had stored it in the inventory.

Alexander smiled and said:

“You look more beautiful that way.”

Olga had momentarily lost her words as she was very happy at this


Alexander: “Well, I’ll be getting ahead of myself.”

Since he had walked through the castle before, he knew exactly where the bathroom was and moved there.

He arrived, noticed it was empty and stripped very quickly to the level of Gray from Fairy Tail.

No, even faster than Gray.

This was like his original unique ability, since even before he was reincarnated, every time he would accidentally go to bed with his clothes on, he would take them off in his sleep.

That’s how great his Ability was.

It was like an Automatic.

He had never been like this before, from so many anime, manga and novels he read, he always wanted to try it in a real one, but he could never do it.

Now that he had the chance he definitely wasn’t going to pass it up.

He rinsed himself first as he had seen since this was always done by the characters before getting into the bath.

And then he immersed himself in the hot water.


He exclaimed.

The Japanese were fucking geniuses. Even he didn’t think something as simple as hot water in a bath this big could be so relaxing.


He knew full well what was coming next….

This was something too cliché by the time he saw it on screen or read about it….

But in reality, at least in his own?

He was very nervous, he even doubted he could contain himself, and this affected him a little.

Unique Soul.

He concentrated and activated the ability to its maximum capacity.

And then he thought of something.

He remembered from the memories he had read, passed down from Olga, at the time Olga had summoned him and became her slave.

Regarding Chloe’s most brutal wound, her womb was almost completely destroyed.

Something like that hadn’t come out in either the Anime or the Manga, as it didn’t focus on the characters’ past.

Normally just remembering this would have been enough to change the weather once again if the Human’s Area Ability was active. But now under the direct effects of 100% of Unique Soul, this was not the case.

If what he thought was going to happen in a moment was going to happen, then he would have a chance to heal her completely.

She had suffered too much as a young girl, so much so that it wasn’t fair. Because of this and because he had grown too fond of Chloe, he resolved to give her all the love he could give this girl.

About 5 minutes passed and just when he thought the classic cliché scene wasn’t going to happen…

He heard footsteps in the doorway.

Olga: “Sorry for the interruption Alex-sama, I hope you don’t mind if we bathe together with you.”

Chloe: “S-sorry for the interruption.”


A hentai world out of the head of a horny Japanese guy.

Alexander: “… Quiet… make yourselves comfortable.”

He was doing his best not to look back.

He heard some noises and it was a few moments before each of them went into the bathroom on each flank respectively.

Olga on the right and Chloe on the left.

He looked towards Olga and noticed that she was staring at his body with a small drop of blood dripping from her nose.

Well, he knew perfectly well what kind of body he had, he had set it up and maintained it after all.

The fact that they had more or less gotten used to seeing his otherworldly face was an accomplishment in itself.

Alexander looked down a bit and quickly averted his gaze to the front with a slight blush.

‘So it’s true huh?’

When a woman’s breasts are too large and she bathes in a hot spring bath, the breasts will float in the water.

He didn’t believe it, but the visual evidence was too explicit to deny it.

He looked to his left and saw that Chloe was very, very red, and would sometimes glance quickly at his body only to turn to the front even faster.

It had been a couple of minutes and he had more or less adjusted to having them naked at their sides.

Alexander: “… So, it’s a little late… but could you tell me more about yourselves and this world? To see what I’ll do next.”

Olga: “With pleasure, Alex-sama, I was waiting for you to ask.”

Chloe: “It’s fine with me too.”

They spent a long time making explanations to Alexander.

Olga told him practically everything about her life.

She didn’t lie and spoke truthfully.

She also told him what kind of world this was with Chloe who sometimes said something for herself.

Chloe too, didn’t avoid talking about her cruel past, but it didn’t affect her that much as Alexander kept stroking and patting her on the head.

Olga at the sight of this made a cute pout with a chibi face and Alexander stretched out his other hand to do the same to her.

If he kept doing this a little longer, he believed that just like Vahn, the main character of Endless Path Infinite Cosmos, he was also going to awaken the divinity ‘Petting,’ which was a literal Divinity patted on the head.

He also once or twice touched the elven ears that he loved so much and could feel them squirming prettily as he did so, apparently it was something like a slightly sensitive area.

Olga: “And you Alex-sama, could you tell us something about yourself?”

Alexander: “Sure, from this moment on we will practically spend our entire lives together, especially now that almost everyone else of your race has been killed…”

He paused before continuing:

“I’ll be taking over your life and safety in the future so… it’s only natural that I tell you about myself.”

Olga and Chloe at this point were at a loss for words to describe how they felt.

They were at a loss after seeing that all of their kind had died.

And that this human being, their owner and master, would tell them that he would protect them and take care of them in the future with such gentle words, while he used his two arms to pat and caress them on the head in an adorable way…

It triggered a tide of feelings in their minds.

Chloe held Alexander’s left arm tightly and began to cry greedily.

Olga just hugged Alexander’s right arm really but really tightly as if she never wanted to let go in life as tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

Alexander knew.

These women were usually very strong and determined normally…they were also very pure, very fragile and very sentimental. Especially today, which was the day they had lost almost everything.

It had been a day full of so many difficult moments. It is normal that they had a lot of stress crowded together.

He knew that he had become their spiritual pillar.

And naturally he could not let them down.

He pulled them both tightly to him, and comforted them as much as he could.

He also did his best to ignore the fact that he had two explosive bodies glued to him as one.

He even activated the ability Connection, this was an ability that created a bridge between them where he could send and receive any kind of thoughts and feelings, that was the fundamental thing about the skill.

He connected with Olga and Chloe and sent them tender, comforting, protective, trusting and loving feelings and thoughts. Practically what he really felt.

They received them in a good way and were quite reassured.

Chloe at his side had stopped crying and did something that surprised him.

She kissed him in an inexperienced and quick way, as she had never done it before, and pulled away with a flushed face.

Chloe: “… Olga-sama had already done it and only I was missing… thank you for being here at this moment Alex-sama, thank you for saving us, really, Thank you.”

She gave a refreshing smile with tears at the corners of her eyes. Chloe’s attitude had undergone a slight change towards Alexander, which even she herself could not understand.

Alexander wiped her tears with his finger and replied:

“From now on I will always be there for you, Chloe, no one will separate you from me.”

And he hugged her.

A few minutes of comfortable silence passed.

Olga: “Chloe I didn’t think you would grow up so fast to be so bold ufufufufufu.”

Chloe: “Olga-sama don’t make fun of me! Muu.”

Chloe made a chibi face and said with a pout.

Alexander just smiled seeing this.

Alexander: “Before we talk about me, let’s get something straight, according to what I’ve been told by this group of mercenaries or Kuroinu’s demonic armada wants to turn the entire Nation into a Nation where all the women will have the duty to satisfy the men regardless of their opinion, they will also attack the City-States of the Knight Princesses and in about 9 days or so, according to what you heard  their members talking to each other, they will attack the First Fortress of the Seven Shields Alliance.”

Olga: “Exactly.”

Alexander was silent for a moment.

Alexander: “Olga I… I can’t allow scum like them to do what they plan to do….

especially since I have the power to spare to stop them… and I know you were at war with-…”

Alexander stopped as Olga put a finger on his lips and looked at him gently.

Olga: “Easy, Alex-sama… my race was at war with humans, but I don’t hate them… my dream was to see an era of peace where one can live in harmony regardless of race.”

“But right now my dream is something else… and that is to always be with you Alex-sama, my owner.”

Alexander was blushing a little.

Alexander: “But… what they did to Chloe…”

Chloe: “You don’t need to worry Alex-sama, the moment my Queen rescued me, she killed the most of those who abused me…”

“Besides you said you would always be with me right… please never leave me… my owner.”

Chloe told him with a look of strong belief and the last moment she blushed as she called him her owner.

Chloe was really too cute.

Especially now that she’s no longer tsundere with Alexander and just being honest.

She is too cute.

Alexander pulled Olga and Chloe closer in his embrace as they were before and said:

“I think at this moment I am the luckiest man in the world.”

Olga: “It’s the other way around Alex-sama, we are the ones who are the lucky ones to have found you~”

“Hum.” Chloe nodded.

The 3 of them spent a moment in this position.

“So you’ll come with me huh?”

Alexander said to see how they both nodded.

“Then it’s settled.”

And Alexander decided to continue the conversation after making this point clear.

Alexander: “As I was saying before, I will now tell you about myself and where I come from.”

They nodded and listened quietly.

And so he spent some time telling them about himself.

Of course, it wasn’t all the details but the main ones.

That he came from the earth.

That he had been reincarnated.

That he had obtained an ability that allowed him to create various Abilities.

That he had a world of his own that he would take them to later.

They asked questions from time to time.

He had finished telling them his story.

And they were getting ready to leave when all of a sudden.

Alexander: “Chloe…I know it’s too sudden but…would you let me heal you?”

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