IAIK Ch.17

Ch 17 (R-18)

(Contains R-18 scenes so skip it if you are under 18.)

“We want to give you our all tonight.”

Olga said with a soft look and Chloe, though a bit flushed, also nodded in agreement.

Alexander: “Olga, Chloe, are you sure about that? I am someone very selfish I -….”

“Please stop Alex-sama.”

Olga said and walked over to the bed. Chloe did too.

Olga: “We’re totally sure about this, we’ve already talked about it.”

Olga smiled erotically and beautifully and Chloe more like prettily.

Alexander sighed and climbed down from the bed.

He was naked just like them and they were surprised.

He felt them scan his body up and down, stopping their gaze on his crotch.

Instantly they turned beet red, and thought to themselves:

‘How is something as big as that going to get inside me?’

They were also biting their lips slightly as they were feeling too aroused at this moment.

They felt it was their duty to tame this Dragon at once.

Alexander noticed all this, put his hand behind his head nervously and


“Ahh this… it’s just that I can’t sleep unless I’m naked…”

Olga: “Relax Alex-sama, after all…”

Olga said and stood in front of Alexander and took his thick penis in her hand.

“We are glad that our owner has such a perfect body like this…”

Chloe also stepped forward with a lot of pain, but also determination, and held his penis that apparently had plenty of room for these two to hold it.

Yes, Alexander had noticed. At the time when he had created the ability God Yang Body, which gave him this very physique, he had noticed how

the same physique, he noticed how his not-so-little brother had grown a bit. Let’s say that the day has 24 hours. Let’s just say that.

Quickly in response, Alexander’s sleeping Dragon awoke and as if to roar at the world, it rose strong and powerful in the direction of the sky.

Alexander looked at them and saw the feelings they had in their eyes.

Alexander: “… Then from this day forward…. Olga Discordia, Ex-Queen of the Dark Elves and Chloe her Right Hand… will be my women… they will be mine and I will be theirs… until of their own accord they decide to leave me… as long as neither Gods nor Demons… will separate them from me.”

Alexander said in a soft and powerful voice.

“”Yes, Alex-samaaaa~!””

Said both Olga and Chloe with small tears in their eyes.

Alexander: “Then I’ll stop holding back right now.”


God Yang Body.

Sexual Impulse connected directly to the Energy.

He activated in order the three techniques he had created especially for sexual moments. The first one had already been explained, the second one gave him a body like those in Chinese novels, which made him perfect for

perfect for fucking women, since they had a Yin physique and a synergy was formed between them, besides that it improved both attributes, and the weaker one received from the stronger one, The third one was one that allowed him to fuck without limits until his Energy dried up, that is to say, he could fuck for a whole year… approximately, without stopping.

Olga and Chloe approached Alexander and each hugged his arm while putting their lips on his ear.

Olga: “We are yours Master…”

Chloe: “… So you never have to hold back, you can do whatever you want…”

Alexander felt too excited at this moment.

He planned to satiate his lust today.

Of course he still planned to be gentle as this was Olga’s first time, and one could say that it was Chloe’s ‘willing’ and desired first time… and especially her first time as well.

Although it was clear that he had seen so much P*rno that he knew quite a few things….

He took Chloe and began tongue kissing her at a wild pace.

He took Olga who exudes sensuality from her pores and began to touch her.

Her round and very large buttocks, her explosive G-cup tits.

Olga: “Hyannn~”

Olga was also too aroused at this point.

Alexander parted his mouth from Chloe’s and moved to Olga’s twin peaks and started sucking.

The latter was trembling from the pleasure she had never felt before.

He went from one tit to the other, then lay down on the bed.

He took Chloe and positioned her so that he had her white, beautiful and glistening vagina though dripping a bit of juices near his face.

Alexander: “Olga, serve me.”

Olga: “Right away, Master~”

Olga knew that Alexander was very kind, he was possibly the kindest soul she had ever seen in her life, even more so than Chloe, but that he also had this side to him when they were about to have sex…

He was turning her on in such a way that she had already cum with a mini-orgasm just hearing his voice to take charge of his huge penis.

Alexander instantly began licking and sucking the juices from Chloe’s vagina and was playing with her.

While sending her thoughts and feelings of excitement, lust and love.

Chloe: “Nyahhhhhhh~”

Chloe was letting out cute squeals and was already on her third mini orgasm which was already approaching a real one from how damn good it felt what Alexander was doing to her.

Olga grabbed Alexander’s fat cock by the base and pulled it close to her face.

She smelled it and had to admit that that smell, contrary to what she thought, made her addicted to how good it smelled to her, she even thought she was addicted to it. she even thought it was better to smell the big, fleshy, veiny penis in front of her than to smell the flowers.

She licked it from base to tip and then gently kissed the fat head of it.

When she felt Alexander’s slight shudder she knew this was making him feel good and she continued happily.

She licked it like candy and then popped the fat tip into her mouth.

It was a little big for her small mouth and she had to open it a little wider.

She began to use her tongue while moving her head back and forth at the same time as she sucked hard as if she wanted to extract as deep as she could.

*suck* *suck* *suck*.

This elicited some overly erotic and very lewd sounds.

And suddenly, she shoved as much as he could into her mouth to feel it touch her throat.

She saw that there was still a quarter of it left out and she tried even harder and shoved the penis deeper into her mouth.

She wasn’t fully in but she felt it touch the balls and then pulled back to continue sucking.

*suck* *suck* *suck*.

While this was happening Chloe was already at her limit.

Chloe: “Alex-samaaaaaaa I’m comingggg~~~!”

Like a dam bursting, juices began to fill Alexander’s face as he just took and kept playing with her pussy as if nothing.

Some time passed and Alexander stood up a little and said with a hot whisper and in a commanding tone to Chloe:

“Now it’s your turn Chloe, suck my cock.”

Chloe: “hiii Alex-shamaaaa~”

She replied a little lost and changed position with Olga who had a face full of pre-seminal fluids and her own saliva at this point.

Alexander settled Olga, who was already too excited, and began to do the same thing to her that he had done to Chloe.

Olga: “Hyaaaaaaa~”

She cried out in pleasure with the most sensual sound Alexander had ever heard and this made him even more excited.

Chloe was already in front of his cock as she held him and breathed in his fragrant scent which, to be honest, she found delicious.

When suddenly he seemed to be provoked by the heavens and suddenly stood up more than he already was as if he was roaring and fighting against the Gods at the same time as his veins throbbed a little.

Chloe just looked at this as if she was looking at something beautiful since it was the penis of her special person, her owner, her master, her man.

She hurriedly took this big organ into her mouth and tried to get as much of it in as she could.

Then she began to suck it desperately as if she wanted to take all the fire of the Dragon she had in her mouth.

*Suck* *Suck*

Alexander at this point realized that these slaves he had were a little perverted but he also realized that he was even more than them. And by a lot.

Some time passed and Olga…

Olga: “I’m coming I’m coming Master~~~~!”

She gripped Alexander’s head tightly, and pushed her hands against his hair and back of her vagina as she cummed like a waterfall.

Alexander took what he could in his mouth and kept playing and playing with her vagina until he told her:

“I’m about to cum already, go and serve me with Chloe.”

Olga: “Yess Alex-samaaa~”

Olga replied in her mature milf voice in a super sexual way.

Another moment passed and now Olga and Chloe were sucking licking his thick penis and his balls while Alexander held their heads in his hands.

Olga and Chloe were even giving each other some overly lewd kisses with the fat cock head in the middle of the war of tongues, and then, still touching their lips along the span down to the base and back up to continue sharing the kiss between them and the fat tip of the penis.

So then Olga started to take him into her mouth while Chloe sucked on his balls.

Alexander saw all this and it turned him on.

He felt he couldn’t hold it any longer.

Alexander: “I’m coming!”

Olga thrust his penis as deep as she could, which at this point was his entire length as her lips collided with the base and she felt a big, thick load of semen being released deep into her throat.

*Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp*.

She took what she could with little tears forming in her eyes and then pulled the still cumming penis out of her mouth as she directed the penis her hand towards Chloe, which she quickly took in as deep as she could so as not to let a drop of cum go to waste.

Alexander finished cumming and felt Chloe start to suck every last drop of cum from his penis.

And once it was completely clean she pulled it out of her mouth with a:


Olga found herself savoring the semen that was still left in her mouth and honestly thought she had become addicted to the taste.

Chloe had swallowed as much of the semen as she could as she liked the taste too much to the point of it being her new favorite taste, and when she saw that her Queen still had some in her mouth, she wanted to do something but didn’t dare because she didn’t out of respect for her.

Olga had seen what was going on with Chloe and went over to kiss her, leaving the latter surprised, who soon adapted.

They played with the semen as they kissed with their tongues until they swallowed it all.

Then they shared another kiss with the fat head of the penis in the middle while they sucked to get it as clean as possible.

Alexander who saw all this, got rock hard again and said to Olga:

“Are you ready, Olga?”

The latter answered with a:

“Haiii Alex-samaaaa~”

Too erotic.

Alexander at this moment felt fortunate to have two such beautiful women as these who were desperately seeking to please him. Although the pleasure they were feeling was more or about 10 times as much as Alexander. In other words, it was a fair deal.

Olga was positioned lying on her back on the bed in the M position while Chloe was holding her from behind.

Alexander watched this scene dumbfounded.

Olga was panting hotly and heavily, her golden eyes full of lust and overflowing love formed a synergy with the small gold earrings she had in her Elf ear, sweat was running down her face and body that more

her face and her body that more than dark, was of a pale shade, her tight breasts of colossal size and of colossal G-cups and her pink nipples, her perfect smooth and soft stomach, her very pretty, hairless and shiny vagina that dripped a little from her somewhat wide cheeks where it dripped a little of her nectar in thin lines that ran down to the bed, looking like a peach,

and resting her head between Chloe’s big E-cup breasts…

Alexander instinctively activated his Sharingan of three Tomoes, registering this scene in his head forever, though clearly he didn’t need to since he had a photographic memory.

It was just his instinct acting on his behalf….

To record this divine image.

The girls were surprised for a moment to see their Master displaying different pupil designs in his eyes, apart from the fact that those red eyes with three little swirling figures seemed to them to completely match his divine crimson hair, they didn’t think much of it.

Olga: “Master~…please~…give it to me~…”

Olga said in a voice…

A voice…

A voice that should be censored because it was so fucking sexual…

Alexander started to bleed a little from his nose.

He patted his cheeks and quickly wiped the blood on his nose to continue.

Olga saw what she provoked in her master and inwardly made a victory pose.

Alexander slowly directed his penis to Olga’s entrance who was waiting for him with desire.

Alexander: “Here I go…”

Alexander said and slowly pushed it in little by little until he felt a slight interference.

Olga: “Go on… Master… for all of me to belong to you… for you to mark me…~”

Alexander heeded and a little faster, continued to advance up Olga’s incredibly tight pussy.

Olga felt a bit of pain, but at this point God Yang Body and Connection were working to alleviate it and make the experience as pleasurable as possible for her.

A small line of blood ran from her vagina. But already Olga was beginning to feel the pleasure.

Alexander kept thrusting it deeper and deeper and she could swear it felt like she himself was the one who was getting into an unexplored place because of how focused she was on his penis.

Olga: “Hnnnghhh~”

Olga was already being affected by the pleasure in too powerful waves and was very close to cumming.

Alexander finally could feel something on the tip of his penis and there he realized that his little brother had finally kissed Olga’s uterus.

He pushed some more, when he realized that the uterus was expanding a little to receive the thick visitor.


Olga came shudderingly.

And so.

Alexander rammed his whole penis in until only a quarter of it remained to be inserted.

A small bulge was seen in Olga’s stomach.

There was no more way in.

Pushing any further would only hurt Olga and that was the least Alexander wanted.

It felt…

It felt…

It felt…

He had no words to explain how he felt.

For he had become a complete man.

He was having sex right now.

He didn’t believe many of the things people said about this exercise…

But now he was seeing that he was wrong.

And ohhh my goodness.

How wrong he was wrong.

Olga had come and due to a long orgasm and she still had this huge penis inside her.

Due to the approval of Body God Yang and Connection, her natural female Yin was being influenced to feel much more pleasure than she should, and that’s not even counting the feelings and thoughts of Lust and Love that Alexander was continually pumping into her with Connection.

She was almost on the verge of fainting with pleasure and said with a gasp:

“Please… you can move now….. Alex-sama…fuck me and make me…yours…~”

She cummed again as she finished speaking.

Alexander nodded and started to move slowly after his penis was in the same position for a few seconds.

Slowly back and forth and repeated and repeated as he sped up.

Olga: “~Hannnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhgh hgghhghh ghhhhhhahhhhhghghgh~”

Olga had momentarily lost the ability to form words and it felt so good that she would just close her eyes and let Alexander do all the work.

He continued to gently pound her uterus faster and faster and out of pleasure, Olga was feeling anything else with this.

You could see the little lump in Olga’s abdomen moving a little with each thrust that Alexander gave.

He kept repeating this and Olga had already lost count of how many times she had cum.

Alexander was close to finishing.

Alexander: “Olga I am already…. about to come…”

He spoke and was still pumping Olga.

Olga: “Ehhh Nnnnnnnnhggggghghgg~ Alex-shamaaaa cum inooo…~ I’m about to come too…”

Alexander went on and on until…

Suddenly, he rammed as much of his penis as he could into her vagina and this time it looked like he could thrust even more as it was almost all the way in.

And he felt a current go down his body that made him shudder slightly as he continued to release his cum inside her vagina.

Olga literally had no words to explain the pleasure she felt at this moment, as she passed out with a big goofy grin on her face.

Alexander still had his cock deep inside Olga and was slowly pulling it out.

He pulled it out with a:


Sticky, from so much of Olga’s cum and love juices, as well as a little blood.

And he watched as his semen began to flow out of Olga’s shiny pink vagina, who was also a little sweaty.

Alexander looked at Chloe who was masturbating by herself from under Olga’s back since it had all started and said:

“Clean my cock Chloe, it’s your turn now.”

Chloe blushed heavily as she liked the dominant tone Alexander was using with


And she moved over to let Alexander position Olga nicely on one part of the bed, as she was asleep and seemed to be having the best sleep of her life.


Chloe began to take the beast into her mouth and slurped and slurped on what was left of Alexander’s semen and nectar from Olga.

The fat bulge was visible from her cheek.

*Suck* *Suck* *Gulp*

The fact that she was sucking and swallowing the delicious fluids of the two people she most desperately loved and valued in the world only made her more and more excited.

Once she completely cleaned the penis that would enter her, she put himself in the same position as Olga before.

“You may begin Alex-sama~”

She said,

Alexander, just like with Olga, activated the Sharingan again and in vain to capture this image.

It was something too adorable and lewd what he witnessed.

A very dangerous combination.

Alexander cursed himself for doing it again but did no more as he realized that Chloe was looking too sensual and too cute at the same time.

Alexander felt a little bit kind of… wrong, since Chloe was like a cute Imouto to him and here he was about to fuck her so good that he was going to explore new realms of pleasure….

And she was like his little Imouto…..

He felt like a Sis-con…

And to be honest this only made him more and more aroused.

Alexander: “Here I go… Chloe.”

He said and started to slowly penetrate Chloe’s vagina which was tighter than Olga’s.

A small trail of blood came out but Chloe felt so good that she didn’t even notice any pain.

Chloe felt so excited and so right at this moment.

Tears of happiness fell from her sweet eyes.

That’s how her first time should have been, not how it was, although this still counted as the official first time. For Chloe it was.

She had felt this rubbing and rubbing of skin before but the feeling was so different, that the closest comparison would be like the difference between heaven and hell.

This one being, clearly heaven.

Alexander reached Chloe’s newly healed uterus.

Chloe: “Hnnnnnnnhhnhhghghghgnnnnnngghmmmmmm~”

She was cumming with a long, extended orgasm.

Alexander: “Chloe, I’ll start moving ok?”

Chloe: “Yesss~”

She said as she bit her lips from pleasure, curled her toes and crinkled tightly

the sheet with her hands.

Chloe had started drooling with the goofy expression and seeing this face Alexander felt like a Sis-con who was corrupting his Imouto.

But this didn’t stop him.

And he started to move and move until he started to kiss Chloe’s womb more frequently.

Chloe: “Ahhh…~ Ahnnnnnnn…~ Hnnnnnnnghnnnnnngh…~”

She found herself discovering a new realm of pleasure and left all the work to Alexander as well as Olga.

He went on and on, driving his penis deeper and deeper into Chloe’s tight vagina as her big tits were bouncing up and down repeatedly.

There was little left.

Alexander: “I’m coming already Chloe…. Receive my thick cum in your uterus…!”

Chloe: “Haiiiiiiii Alex-shamaaaa~ Come inside~~!”

And Alexander came hard as he rammed his cock as deep as he could into Chloe’s vagina.

Chloe: “~~~~Hhnnnnnnnhgggaaaannnnghhhh~~~~”

Chloe came outrageously and passed out completely with a too-cute smile

That was diabetic-inducing with her eyes closed.

Alexander took his time and then pulled his penis out from between Chloe’s vaginal lips and this unleashed his semen like a fountain.

In fact, he wasn’t worried about getting them pregnant since aside from the fact that they were Dark Elves, and it was difficult for them to bear the child of a human, Alexander had activated this part of the God Body Yang ability that allowed him at will, to choose whether or not to impregnate any female member of any race, and he had chosen not to.

He arranged Olga and Chloe nicely on the bed, then.


He activated the most useful cleaning Sub-skill he had in his repertoire, on the bed sheets, and on Olga and Chloe themselves. Not without first taking and trimming away the blood-stained pieces of the sheets that represented a lot to him and and even more to them as well, for safekeeping.

Now with the bed and the girls clean and with a slight smell of soap…

He use clean on himself.

And then he lay down in the middle of them.

He thought a bit about what he wanted to do in the future and his list of priorities were….

Make a small change to the system. He had to change the Office section as he hardly ever used it and he had a section he wanted in mind.

To see how he could help the girls become stronger so that they could stand up for themselves.

Of course, he did it with intentions of simply that, as he planned to defend and protect them until he himself died, which was basically to infinity.

Also to be at the First Fortress in nine days.

They would have to leave a little earlier, at most a day or two earlier.

Those were his inner thoughts, and comfortable in a way he had never been…

He fell asleep.

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