Ch 8

I spent some time looking at my long list of Skills, and then closed the Status box.

I was looking at the Office one and had to sigh a little as unfortunately I haven’t been able to use it as much as I had thought I would.

But oh well.

I got up and stretched a bit before putting on a random Boxer, as since before I died, the only thing that I could say that stood out in my totally normal person, was to sleep completely naked.

I looked at myself in the wall-sized mirror on the side and couldn’t help but let out a little chuckle of pride.

I looked almost exactly the same as I did 10 years ago, only a little more manly and mature. I had crimson red hair, shoulder length, a little messy but still looked good. The face looked like it had been sculpted to capture the perfection of the human race. My deep Indigo blue eyes stood out as they formed an odd harmony with the hair. The chest and Abdomen well marked, and I am especially proud of the packs I have. The arms would be a bit skinny but at the same time not, very tight and explosive muscles run through it.

And the little brother I’m proud of….

Okay, okay, let’s end it here.

The point is, I was hot. I was a hot, mature daddy.

I quickly got dressed and opted to put on a pair of black jumpsuit pants and a sweatshirt, these are the clothes I wore almost every day.

I was very excited on this day especially since it was only a few hours from now that my adventure.

To be honest, it’s not that I was desperately hoping to fight against Gods or some super powerful enemies or something.

It would be good, as I could put my secret moves into practice.

Ufufufu, secret movements, ufufufu.


It would be nice, but it’s more like I hope to simply enjoy an Isekai life on other worlds, especially on known worlds.

I must say that also, I know it will be difficult, I know that not everything will go well, and I even know that it’s not really as good as people make it out to be.

But I really want a Harem.

That’s my dream, and every man’s dream.

Final point.

The fact that by saving lives with all this power that I have, apart from the fact that I will feel good doing it, I can connect with different women and enjoy their warmth.

I also have another little dream but this one is more of interest to me than anything else.

I have always, absolutely always been a milf lover, always, always.

I’m obsessed with mature, big breasted women who cater to me and-….

Okay, okay we’re done, we’re done.


One of the biggest reasons why I asked to be reincarnated in this hentai, to put it in a nutshell, and aside from the fact that I will be able to save a nation, is “Olga Discordia”.

The Queen of the Dark Elves.

I’ve seen Thousands of hentai, Thousands of Anime and Thousands of other stories.

Each one of them has its own plot and characters.

And many of them managed to surprise me in a big way. Especially, the Elves.

This is definitely the species I like the most out of all the Isekai.

And well, quite simply, Olga Discordia’s story is one that surprised me quite a bit.

I will say this, I know perfectly well what I could have done with this power, instead of being so much time in solitude around here.

It’s very easy to create a company to be in this place.

But there’s one thing I’ve always tried to do, live life as humanly as I can.

That’s it.

I finished washing up in the bathroom and headed to the kitchen.

I made myself a light, simple breakfast of bread and fried eggs.

I also got some soda out of the freezer.

I enjoyed the breakfast as it wasn’t Soma level, but it was good.

I got up and for 6 hours and 40 minutes, I followed my daily routine.

After 2 hours of physical exercise, I didn’t get particularly tired and it was hard to get me to drop a point of Strength Stat, but I still did it.

2 Hours of Energy Cultivation, I wanted to use a Breathing technique from some Chinese novel, but I realized that whatever I used was completely garbage for my body.

The energy they produced was like mud, compared to the crystal clear, soluble water that was my own Energy. So I concentrated and managed to do a little “Cultivation of Nothingness” technique. It wasn’t that big of an effect, but it was definitely better than doing nothing, and every time I finished, it came out…

Energy: 9583/9583 (EX Quality).

An increase of 3 Energy points.

This was the daily quota because no matter what else I tried, there was no way I could keep increasing this Stat in the day.

I finished ‘Cultivating’ and set out to continue doing different things that I always did.

I relaxed for a while in the pool at the back of the Mansion.

I would throw some darts at a Target that had Volt’s face on it.

I played a little golf. In fact, I got fond of this sport, it was very entertaining.

I started to watch some videos stored on the PC.

I kept reading the final volume of Konosuba. This series was too much fun. Besides the fact that the milf Wiz caught my attention too much. I will visit her for sure.

I was reading some light novels.

I watched Marvel movies for the thousandth time, I know I will go to this world in the future.

I would do some crazy experiments.

And so on.

People might think that spending 10 years alone was a very hard thing to do.

I admit it would be hard, but that was if you didn’t have your own pocket world and a skill of creation.

Time continued to pass and suddenly I felt something like the clock in reverse of a bomb in the movies.

This was the time left to be transported to Eos, I knew this thanks to the knowledge that savagely raped my mind… long ago.

Surely there was a better way to put it.

Huuu Haaa Huuu Haaa.

I had to take a deep breath as I was too excited.

My hair even stood up a little when a slight telekinesis came out.



I dressed, a garment worthy of a Wizard, a long-sleeved black vest with gold trimmings over my chest, no shirt underneath, white baggy pants with gold trimmings as well, that reached my ankles. In addition to a Black Cloak that covered a large part of my body.

It looked a bit like Natsu’s look, but I had added extra touches.

I concentrated, gently tapped my cheeks and left the Mansion once I made sure I was ready.

I stood in front of the stream, which was now huge to say the least.

And I gently counted the time remaining.

3 Minutes.

2 Minutes.

I felt I should be nervous but at this point I was not.

1 Minute.

30 Seconds.

10 Seconds.

0 Seconds.


When the count reached zero, there was a strange greeting and instantly a circle of light formed on the floor below me and I disappeared muttering a few words.

“Here begins my adventure.”

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