Ch 9

War had broken out between Humans and Dark Elves on the Eos continent.

The 7 Princess Knights wanted to stop the evil of the Dark Elf queen.

Olga Discordia, Queen of the Dark Elves, who rules the Northern region of Eos where Dark Elves and Monsters alike and is a powerful sorceress, though her power had long since begun to decline. She had been at war with Celestine for hundreds of years.

It had been at a stalemate until a new side appeared in the war, a renegade group of soldiers who had allied with the Ogres to conquer the realm of the Humans and the realm of the Dark Elves alike.

Their leader, Volt, the head of this group, had the goal of turning this Nation into the Nation of Sex, where all women without exception should fulfill their duty as ‘Sex Slaves’. His group was quickly becoming quite large as most of the men and monsters were in complete agreement with this.

He ordered to attack first in Castle Black of the Queen of the Elves. The battle was terribly lost by the Queen of the Elves due to a numerical superiority, in addition to the fact that most of the attackers were Ogres of great physical strength, and most importantly, the betrayal of every man of their tribe.

Bodies dismembered, women raped and wounded everywhere, most of the houses in the city were on fire….

This was the landscape after the fighting was over.

Olga Discordia and her right-hand woman and commander Chloe were captured and taken to the dungeon of their castle.

Chloe: “These filthy, filthy Humans…!”

She said as she gritted her teeth in anger.

Olga: “It wasn’t even enough for them to chain us up and they had to put us in this place.”

One could tell she felt a little disgust and contempt from her tone of voice.

They were imprisoned in this dungeon waiting to be called to decide what they were going to do with them.

Olga always maintained a cold, disinterested, emotionless front. But the truth was all this was just fodder to hide her emotions. She was desperate and only kept negative and unpleasant thoughts in her head.

She had been defeated, she had been captured.

Chloe: “Olga-sama…”

Chloe felt the same way, right now they were out of options and would soon meet a fate worse than death. What burdened her most was that Her Queen, the only person who had ever treated her well in her life, had to suffer this fate along with her.

Olga: “Chloe, no matter the details now, I have been defeated, betrayed by the Ogres and the men of my people…”

Olga really felt very bad at this moment.

Chloe: “…”

Chloe also had no words to describe what she was feeling at this moment, fear, betrayal, hopelessness, despair, pain, anxiety, it was a whirlwind of emotions that was going deeper and deeper.

Some time had passed and suddenly they could hear footsteps coming in their direction.

???: “Sorry for the wait, your majesty, Volt-sama is requesting your presence”

Said a voice that came from a simple soldier, and yet it was remarkable the arrogance and sarcasm that he brought in his tone.

Chloe: “M-my Queen…!?”

Olga: “It’s okay, Chloe.”

Olga replied as she stood up and walked out the door previously opened by the soldier.

The soldier turned his gaze to Chloe and said:

“Your presence is also required, Right Hand of the Queen, but be careful, you’ve killed quite a few of our group and you’ll have a very bad time if you try anything.”

Chloe: “…!”

Olga and Chloe were now in the throne room, looking at Volt who was sitting on the throne. Next to him stood his second in command, Wizard Kin.

Chloe was forced to kneel and Olga also knelt, but quickly gathered what little of Magic she had left preparing to cast a Spell…the last one on which she was placing all her hope.

Olga: “And what did you call me for? … Vulgar man.”

Volt: “Watch your words, Olga Discordia, Ex-Queen. At this moment I control the nation you once ruled.”

Olga: “Hmph, and that’s the only reason I’ve been brought here?”

Volt: “My men have not yet gotten their reward, and after I take your first time, they will enjoy every part of your body Guhehehehe.”

Olga: “Ghhh…”

The smile that this human had in front of her seemed so disgusting that she felt like vomiting, plus it made her hair stand on end. A very unpleasant feeling.

Volt: “Hold her down.”

Volt ordered and his men moved, they were getting closer and closer and just when they were about to touch her

to undress her…

Olga: [I invoke you who are on high, that spirit that dwells in the unknown…. Answer to my call…!]

Olga suddenly stood up and shouted the words of her most dangerous Spell, in a tongue Ancient and Archaic, and the one she had never had the opportunity to use in her life.

The worst and most threatening she had ever known. This was her last move, and her last Ace.

This was a Spell that made her practically a slave to whatever entity was summoned by the spell, she spent all her Magic and even if she connected to the plane of Hell to attract one of its Demons, she had to pay with her life.

It was clear that she would never have used something like that but at this moment, she had no choice.

There was only one sentence left to finish the spell…

[… Ohhh God of War!]





An explosion echoed throughout the room, Chloe quickly shouted out her Queen’s name in concern and the soldiers next to her were shot wildly from the shockwave.

Volt: “Fucking bitch! Kin! What the fuck wasn’t necklace meant to prevent this!!!”

Kin: “Relax, Volt-sama, the necklace worked perfectly, it’s just… that Spell was too powerful…”

At this moment, Olga realized that the necklace she was wearing was what caused the spell to go wrong, that the explosion should not have happened and instead the summoned entity should have come out.

Her eyes were filled with tears as she saw that no figure was appearing and her face showed despair.

Volt: “Hahahaha now you will be mine, Olga, I will enjoy every part of your delicious body-….”

The Leader of the Black Dog army was speaking with joy and suddenly fell silent as an incandescent white light enveloped the entire room.

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