IAIK Ch.19

Ch 19

…That was for review later, he was busy now.


Alexander entered the room with the dishes floating behind him and said:

“Good morning Olga, Chloe, here is breakfast-…. What’s wrong, why those faces?”


For Olga and Chloe, this had been the best night they had ever had in their lives, bar none.

Olga had even dreamed that she was pregnant with her owner Alexander’s child.

A few years later, that child was in the garden of her house, shirtless, training with his father, while she watched from the doorframe dressed in an apron smiling until she said:

“Anata~ lunch is ready.”

Alexander turned and saw with a smile at Olga and then say to the little red-haired boy:

“Looks like your mom made lunch, come on, or else I’ll eat it all myself.”

The latter was stunned for a moment and then exclaimed with a chibi pout:

“Mooou Tou-san, you know I really like Ka-san’s food.”

The latter next grinned like a skunk and said as he started running:

“You’ll never catch up with me, Tou-san! Whoever gets there first gets to eat more Hehehehe!”

“Brat, you’re 1000 more years away from being faster than me!”

Alexander said as with a smile he started chasing after him.

Olga watched all this and in her chest she felt a love so overflowing and warm that she found herself crying with joy.

Chloe’s dream had been that she was at her wedding with Alexander.

She was wearing a white dress that made her look beautiful.

Alexander was in a sophisticated white suit and had his beautiful scarlet hair down.

“”I do.””

Said the two of them to the bishop as they kissed with a kiss full with love and lust for themselves.

And when they broke apart, Alexander said in her ear in a hot whisper that rocked her all over:

(I have a little surprise for you.)

She was with her expectations high and her lust at its peak, seeing how her now husband smiled at her.

They walked to their room to have their wedding night, when Alexander opened the door and positioned himself next to Olga who was wearing a white dress just like her.

“”Come, Chloe.””

They both said and Chloe started running to throw herself into his arms.


Olga and Chloe woke up almost at the same time with a smile and the first thing they did was to look for Alexander at their side.

They both felt a little lost not seeing him and were a little scared to think that everything that had happened yesterday had been a dream.

They thought that if they had to be captured again for Alexander to save them again…

they would do it.

…they would do it 1000, and more times if necessary.

They were almost in tears when they heard the door of the room open and Alexander entered with some dishes floating behind him.

He said good morning and showed them breakfast until he saw their faces and became concerned.

Olga and Chloe looked at each other and breathed a very loud sigh of relief before, still naked, going to Alexander so they could kiss him.

There was even a little semen coming out of their vaginas from the large amount Alexander unloaded into them yesterday.

They were not in pain as was normal after losing their virginity or doing it with someone as “healthy” as Alexander.

They even noticed that they felt much stronger and renewed than ever.

Alexander was stunned to see them kissing him in succession but responded with the same intensity as they did.

Alexander: “So, what happened?”

Olga: “We for a moment…”

She paused and looked at Chloe to see her nod.

Olga: “For a moment we thought it might have all been a dream when… we woke up and didn’t seen you next to us…”

Alexander: “Olga, Chloe…”

“… I’ve told you before, haven’t I? Your life is mine now, I am the one in charge of you… I am your owner… not even the Gods will separate me from you… so don’t think about it anymore ok?”

Olga and Chloe nodded with tears of happiness running down their faces and even a bit of lust at the tone in which Alexander had said they were his property.

Then Alexander first put his hands behind his head and then a little embarrassed he pulled out two elegant little black boxes from his pocket.

He knelt down in front of Olga, ignoring the Chinese saying that ‘a man’s knees are made of gold’ or something like that, and said to Olga:

“Olga… will you agree to be my wife for all eternity?”

As he showed her the Golden ring as her eyes, inside the box.

Olga was first shocked beyond belief and then said:

“Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! A thousand times yes~!”

While crying from happiness.

Alexander with the same happiness put the ring on her ring finger.

And then they kissed each other hotly as if to release all that happiness they felt right now.

Then he did the same with Chloe and said:

“Chloe… will you agree to be my wife for all eternity?”

“Yesssssss~ Alex-sama~”

Chloe replied lovingly.

While she was just as happy as her Queen.

She had definitely been more affected by it, as she had dreamed of their wedding, and the fact that Alexander was doing this meant that in the future they were going to get married.

And as she imagined that her dream could come true….

Chloe literally almost melted from the happiness she felt.

And then she shared a very lascivious kiss with Alexander.

Chloe: “Alex-sama I have a question, did you do something with me in the n-night like strengthen me or something like that?”

It had been a while and they had breakfast together with her new husband.

Needless to say, this breakfast had made them look like they had orgasms.

The fact that they had husbands, both with the same one, and that the man was Alexander, made them feel that the future was bright.

Chloe seemed to notice the change in her physique and asked Alexander about it, although when she mentioned the ‘night’ she remembered what had happened and stammered a bit, although she was urgently hoping for more sex sections.

Olga: “In fact, now that Chloe mentions it, even though I was never particularly dedicated to body training, I could tell that I had become stronger and my Magic… I regained all the Magic that I had lost with the… steps of… the… years… But don’t misunderstand Alex-sama, Anata, the Dark Elves have a quality of life of Thousands of years and for me to have lived a hundred-…”

Alexander had put a finger in his mouth.

Alexander: “Easy Olga… I love you as you are, I had even seen your life and your memories when the bond between us was formed… even if you were 100,000 years older I would still love you… please remember that.”

With this being said by Alexander, Olga had erased any despair she had that

Alexander knowing her real age would abandon her…

Apparently she had worried in vain.

“Yes~ Anata~”

She replied with a smile and pulled herself to kiss him and insert her tongue into his mouth.

*Hmmhgh* *Hghhggghmmm*.

It caused a very lewd sound.

And no saliva bridge formed between them when they separated their mouths as Olga had already sucked as much of Alexander’s saliva as she could.

Then Alexander explained to them that he had a technique that made them stronger the more they fucked.

Alexander at that moment swore he saw a dangerous gleam in Olga and Chloe’s eyes.

And Alexander’s little brother, at that moment felt a disturbance in the force.

Now Alexander was standing next to a dressed Olga and Chloe, Olga in a white blouse with a skirt that emphasized her very generous body and Chloe in a simple workout clothes that showed off her big buttocks, in the castle garden.

They were like that because Alexander said that there was no way his women were walking around, showing part of their nipples and a large part of their body to anyone.

This fact, rather than annoying, had pleased them both too much as they could see that Alexander was being very jealous. It just made them think that he looked cute and dominant at the same time and it was too much of a sweetness in their hearts.

Plus since they were women at last, they were curious about all those clothes Alexander had shown them.

They spent a long time choosing them, these sophisticated and intricate designs had awakened their primal instincts as women.

Alexander had shown them the place with the corpses of the people of her race and Olga, like the queen she was, decided to burn them so that their ashes would lie on her land.

Alexander wasted no time and with Amaterasu, which seemed more like a fire of the Gods, he burned the more than 1200 corpses directly.

Olga and Chloe were even more surprised by the powers of their Master and their man, although they were already a little bit prepared for this.

And then they headed for the garden.

Alexander decided that today he would start training them and also take them to Asora for the first time.

‘See Status.’

He said to himself as he used his System’s analytical abilities on Olga and Chloe.

[*Name: Olga Discordia.

Race: Dark Elf, Sorceress.

Vitality: 6700.

Strength: 8.

Magic: 110/110.]

[*Name: Chloe.

Race: Half Dark Elf, Warrior.

Vitality: 5040.

Strength: 15.]

It was quite simple since in the first place, the system was very simple just analyzing the physical or magical attitudes of them.

Besides that in this world there was not what in many light novels is called ‘Battle Aura’.

Warriors could only become physically stronger by training that only strengthened their strength, reflexes, experience and so on.

The great Vitality they had was due to their race, who lived of plus or minus a maximum of 2000 years.

And Olga’s Magic was approximately 22 times stronger than that of any human and 11 times stronger than that of any Elf.

The same goes for Chloe who has a great physical strength that is the same as three men.

And this she had increased a little thanks to the Dual Body God Yang Cultivation.

The power levels in this world were really very low, even being a world of

fantasy world.

This must be because of being a Hentai.

Alexander really wanted to curse again the stinky Otaku who created this Hentai.

He decided to give them for now, Magic enhancing techniques, to Olga, and Strength to Chloe.


He concentrated and activated his first skill and his Cheat.


The sound that was made when creating something sounded and two little white balls came out of it.

Alexander took them and approached the girls.

Alexander: “All you have to do is stick it to your forehead and these little balls will turn into abilities that you can use.”

Olga and Chloe without the slightest hesitation took the little balls and did as he commanded them.

Then they could feel that they knew the new Skills they were acquiring as if they had had them all their lives.

And they felt thrilled that they could become stronger and support their husband and lord as they should.

Alexander looked at the windows of Olga’s and Chloe’s states.

[*Name: Olga Discordia.

Race: Dark Elf, Sorceress.

Vitality: 6700.

Strength: 8.

Magic: 110/110.

*List of Skills (NEW):

-Magic Training Technique (0% of Mastery) (NEW): A concentration and meditation technique that increases the user’s Magical Power.]

[*Name: Chloe.

Race: Half Dark Elf, Warrior.

Vitality: 5040.

Strength: 15.

*Skill List (NEW):

-Physical Training Technique (0% of Mastery) (NEW): A technique of concentration and meditation that increases the Strength stat of the user.]


In fact, the first thing Alexander noticed while viewing his status was the English language in the notifications.


Apparently he had done it unconsciously since he was a person who loved this language, and also that the novels with a system he read always came out like this.

He stopped bothering with this and was glad that Olga and Chloe were able to acquire skills through him.

Some time passed and then he had the girls come to him excited about these new abilities they had had.

Alexander: “I will take you both to my World of my own.”

Alexander said and they were listening attentively, they were happy that at last their Master and husband was taking them to his pocket World for the first time, they felt like wives visiting their new home after the wedding, and while he could not carry them both like princesses were carried, he held their hands interlacing his fingers with his own. This seemed to be more than enough for Olga and Chloe.

Alexander then teleported the 3 of them, disappearing straight out of the Eos Region, located in Serenus.

And when they reappeared in a world very familiar to Alexander, Alexander said:

“Welcome to Asora, your new home.”

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