IAIK Ch.20

Ch 20

In these moments the infinite white Dimensional space could be seen.

The Dimensional void was as large and infinite as ‘nothingness’ itself.

Here in a secluded place, a large mass of land could be seen floating in this.


There was no doubt about it.

It was LAPU-…..

No, wait!

It had been made clear before.

This was indeed Asora.

The Pocket world of our MC.

And inside Asora, it was possible to see the familiar three-story Mansion.

There was our MC.

And also his slaves and their wives.

After about 8 days of stepping into this place for the first time.


I gently stood up and opened my eyelids to see the usual view of my room in Asora.


It was now ‘our’ room.

I looked down at my chest where I found Olga sleeping on top of me with a flirtatious smile and with my penis inside her, and Chloe sleeping also with a cute smile of an Angel and hugging my right arm.

In fact, Olga had adjusted to sleeping with my penis inside her whenever she could, and who was I to deny her. Chloe preferred more to hold my arm throughout the night, almost every time that it rubbed against her vagina.

My Wives and my Slaves.

‘Status’ I said to myself as I always do every day when I wake up since I created the system.

[*Name: Alexander Smith.

Race: Human, Mage, ???.

Vitality: 999999+.

Strength: 326.

Energy: 9924/9924 (EX Quality).

*List of Abilities:

-Creation (EX).

-Photographic Memory (EX).

-Asora (EX).

-System (1.0).

-More-More (EX).

-Erebean Magic (EX).

-Haki (EX).

-Unique Body (EX).

-One Soul (EX).

-Multiversal Energy Processing (EX).

-Sharingan of Sasuke Uchiha (EX).

-Kaioken (EX).

-Manifestation of Mind/Energy (EX).

-Area of the Human (EX).

Normal Aura (91% of Mastery).

-??? (EX): ???

-Hands of Rebirth (EX).

-Ray-Ray (EX).

-S Skills (EX):

1- Connection.

2- God Yang Body.

3- Sexual Impulse connected to Energy].

The only 2 changes that there were, was the Stat point of Strength that increased in these 8 days.

And the second one…

This was a pleasant surprise.

Really, really, really too pleasant.

My Energy had increased by just under 400 points.

I was no longer worried about reaching 10,000 as there was already a way to increase these points too easily.

That was…


Fucking like rabbits, to gain Energy points.

I didn’t even look for the logic so much because I liked this touch so much that I really gave thanks to all those Chinese novels I had read.

It had something to do with the God Yang Body ability.

My Energy core, which was a very chibi me sitting like a monk, was receiving the Energy that Yang God Body collected from Olga and Chloe, while upgrading the latter in either Strength and Magic, which I didn’t have to do.

Since I found that out and told the girls, they nodded and started fucking me right there and then, after all we had almost a whole world to ourselves.

We had 10 times more sex than a couple of Rabbits in their rutting season.

Really a lot.

In these 8 days I spent more time inside their vaginas than anywhere else.

And things really happened these 8 days, it felt like years.

‘See Status’ I said again in my mind.

[*Name: Olga Discordia.

Race: Dark Elf, Sorceress.

Vitality: 6700.

Strength: 17.

Magic: 255/255.

*Skill List:

-Magic Training Technique (63% of Mastery).

-Goddess Ying Body (NEW) (EX): Physical that allows the user to take full advantage of all the benefits of a relationship with a  Yang God Body, otherwise, it would be useless.

-Cleanse (NEW) (EX): Cleanse ability that was originally a Sub-skill of

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

-Protection (NEW) (EX): Blessing of a Doting Husband of race ???.]

[*Name: Chloe.

Race: Half Dark Elf, Warrior.

Vitality: 5040.

Strength: 42.

Magic: 21/21

*List of Skills:

-Physical Training Technique (60% of Mastery).

-Ying Goddess Body (NEW) (EX): Physical that allows the user to take full advantage of all the benefits of a relationship with a Yang God Body, otherwise it would be useless.

-Cleanse (NEW) (EX): Cleanse ability that was originally a Sub-skill of

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

-Protection (NEW) (EX): Blessing of a Doting Husband of race ???].

Well, the first thing to notice in Olga and Chloe’s state is their Stats.

Olga had made a considerable increase in strength as she now had almost three and a half times the strength of a normal man.

This was the Strength of a very powerful mercenary in this world, almost the limit of power of the Humans and Elves.

And Magic, being what she excelled at increased greatly, more than doubled even.

In fact, it is not revealed in the State spells because they are not recorded physically or directly by me, but Olga specialized in Necromancy, she was capable of summoning a group of undead to fight until she ran out of Magic.

This, together with the inexplicable need of the human being to enslave the races that they consider eccentric and at the same time enchanting, and other reasons, caused Olga to look down on the other species of the

the other species of the World and the war against Humans broke out.

Of course, none of this applied to me.

Chloe had increased her Strength quite a bit, which was her main Stat.

At this point she had the strength of almost 9 grown men.

Just imagine, if one person could easily lift 30 pounds, then 8 would be capable of lifting 240 pounds just like that, and not only that, but it would even be much less heavy and with the same effort they could lift even more because of the mass distribution, that would be a final 300 pounds.

Chloe could lift all of that just like that.

And she even gained Stat of Magic since some kind of fuel was needed to activate the skills.

Although she always had it in her body, as did all Dark Elves, well, in her case

because of her half, non-human, prominent Elven blood, only she had never used it and this did not allow it to show through even with system analysis.

There was also the fact that they were more than half as proficient in their own concentration techniques, given all the time and diligent study they had sacrificed, this was somewhat normal.

Other than that there were only the three Skills I gave the two of them.

Goddess Ying Body, needless to say, this was the ability I gave them so that they could take full advantage of me in the exchange of Energy made in sex. Because before they only took something like 10% only. And I must say that this ability changed their physique a little bit.

Olga had long black hair with a slightly dark skin, now she was much paler and much more glowing, and her hair had acquired this mystical part that made her 5 times more beautiful, her already otherworldly face became slightly thinner, and not to mention her body, her large G-cup breasts became a H, exactly, a H, long live the H’s and the mountains! Her waist narrowed a bit, giving way to more extenuating curves and her ass, oh my God her butt…

Chloe had changes all over her body in the same way, but the main ones were in her face, her breasts and her butt, her face got a little more embellished and now she looked like a different tin, her E cup breasts jumped straight to the F cup, and her ass became even more pronounced than Olga’s, this was the change I loved the most. A delight.

Cleaning, this was the one skill they did ask me for themselves.

This world was a world stuck in the Middle Ages. The hygienic-sanitary habits that existed there were really poor.

The moment I patiently showed them everything that all the bathroom fixtures in the house were, I felt their eyes turn into hearts for a moment.

They are women after all.

They pursue everything that has to do with better hygiene and cosmetics in a way that feels like Yun Che fighting against the gods.

In fact, I also wanted to visit that world at some point.

Then they asked me to make more products like that for them from my Original World and that day I got a reward…



I’ll just say this.

And the last skill, Protection.

The system couldn’t show my most powerful race.

Nor a very important technique.

These two came out like this ???.

But since I created the system, I knew exactly what was written there.

And I used this to give them an Ability to protect Olga and Chloe.

And with this ability nothing else was needed.

And well about doting…

It’s not my fault, okay?

It’s just that they are too cute.

Who is the human being that doesn’t spoil his wife when she has a quality like Olga or Chloe?



When they saw the explanatory text in this skill and felt their hearts and Alexander’s heart beating with a slight connection…

They melted at the affectionate, high-sugar love he was showing them.

Plus they found it adorable that he spoiled them.

The union of the traits Adorable, Affectionate, Dominant and Wild in Sex….

It literally made them think that there was no other man like Alexander in existence.

That man who looked at them with concern, as no one had ever done before, when they were only scratched, and that same man who fucked them so very, very hard, that he would stick his big penis in their wombs and

into their wombs and claimed them as his property….

Olga and Chloe felt that meeting Alexander was the best thing that ever happened to them.

In fact, they even became a little obsessed with his love and care….



That moment was the most… pleasurable moment I had ever felt in life.

I didn’t even know that in sex you could do all that.

Really worthy of the main characters in a Hentai.

I took all kinds of virginities they had, especially in ‘that’ other place.

Man, how damn good it felt.

Damn good…

Although it still made me a little sick to my stomach to remember the Original story.

I had already lost count of how many times I had cursed the creator of Hentai, that Japanese guy who had serious mental problems.


Well, a lot of other things also happened.

For example, I fully explained to Olga and Chloe what they should know about Asora and my Original World, they were apparently a little bit numb because of so many new things but they adapted very quickly.

They now knew almost everything that a normal person on earth knew, and they even had their own preferences.

Mainly to the sodas he created.

The girls called it the drink of the Gods.

Although just like the Original novel, they who were Dark Elves too, liked the banana milkshake too much from the forests here in Asora. They even went so far as to proclaim since a few days ago, Saturday as Banana Smoothie day.

That day was spent with me drinking the drink and watching movie hits from my World. We watched Titanic.

I never imagined how it was going to be the encounter between a movie that was from real life, between some characters out of 2D, but apparently, the movies adopted the same graphic with which I saw things, yes, graphic Sakimichan.

To say that it seemed very strange to them was an understatement, almost an understatement, since they came from a world with a completely different culture from that of Earth, but it was to be expected from a world where to entertainment they went to a brothel, in the case of the men, and did housework in the case of the women. Although they liked the movies a lot because I was explaining what they didn’t understand, and they cried at the end of Titanic, even with people from another world, successes are successes.

And naturally we somehow got to Anime and Mangas.

They read quite a few and even understood them much more since their very world originated there, obviously I wasn’t going to tell them where they came from.

Although I noticed that even at their ages, with Chloe being over 40 and being the youngest, they loved the Shoujos. 

The surprise they got when I told them I could travel to any of those things they saw and read about was very big.

They couldn’t contain it.

And so, they spent the 8 days in slow motion, entertainment, training, hard-soft sex of all kinds, and discoveries as if they were Christopher Columbus discovering America, were what filled their days.

Because they told me several times that these days had been the happiest and most paradisiacal days of their lives, I knew they were very happy to meet me, to come into their lives.

And last night was a night of soft sex and cuddling between couples, or rather, between threesomes.


Well, later today we would get ready to go to the First Fortress, where the Princess Knights Alicia Arcturus and Prim Fiorire are currently located.

While the latter was adored by her people mainly because of her pretty figure, in the Second Fortress, she almost never resides there, but instead resides with her cousin Alicia whom she adores as a Big Sister, the person she aspires to be, in the First Fortress.

There are roughly 36 hours left until the attack there begins.

We should leave this morning.

I looked at Olga and Chloe hugging me tightly.

And gently with the lightest care I could muster, I pulled away, and got out of bed, the hardest part was getting my penis out of Olga’s vagina but apparently Olga was dreaming as she murmured:

“Hmmm~ Not there Anata~ Ecchi~”

In a dangerous tone.

If I didn’t want to do what I was going to do, I would wake her up and fuck her like crazy right now.

Chloe just settled in and started drooling on the bed with a cute chibi face.

I got dressed and left the room, activated Clean and was good as new.

And I went out into the garden that Olga had taken over and was maintaining.

And I saw in my retina the new section that I had changed to the system 8 days ago.


That’s right.

Lottery, what could not be missing in the novels of systems.

The gacha.

In fact, at the time I created it, I had laughed maniacally while shouting:

“I will become the Sovereign of the Gacha Muhahahahahaha!”

Instantly I activated the wheel that was in the system, I felt all my Energy being used up until there was only 1 point left and the wheel started spinning.

In fact, the reason why making this space had cost me so much before, is because it encompasses the entire existing multiverse.

I could get anything or object directly from any Anime, Manga, Novel, Movie,

Series and so on, of course I didn’t directly ‘pull’ things, but they were exact and completely copied to an integral level, and then, added to my inventory. In the case of living things it was different.

The wheel began to slow down more and more until it stopped in a space that was blank, just like the others, but in this one an image became clearer and clearer.

Until I saw what appeared to be the image of a strangely familiar bowl of noodle soup.

And I received a notification from the system.

*Ding: Congratulations, you have obtained an object. The item has been added to your inventory.

-Ramen Dish: A plate of Pork Ramen from Konoha’s Ichiraku Ramen shop.

I was speechless…

On the one hand I felt bad that I had spent all my points for up to an hour and lost the chance to try again for a month.

But on the other hand…

The hardcore FanBoy side…

I was very very very very excited Dattebayo.

I was too eager to try it.

It was especially now as it would be an ideal breakfast.

I quickly pulled out the dish from the inventory, and noticed that it was steaming, as if it had been made recently, I then created a soup spoon and began to eat the Seventh Hokage’s favorite dish.

A few minutes passed and I finished the dish.

It was…

I had no words to describe it…

It was too good.

I instantly understood why this dish was Naruto’s favorite, I really did.

In fact, I did too, I became addicted.

When I visit that world, this will be the first place I will go to.


I patted my cheeks and went to the kitchen to start cooking.

After a while I noticed two presences entering the kitchen with Kenbun Shouko Haki and I knew exactly who they were.


They liked to see me cooking, with my apron that said ‘I am the steel of my frying pan’ while I had a knife and some lines drawn on it.

“Good morning Olga, Chloe.”

I said without looking back.

Olga: “Good morning Anata~ Ywaaaannnnn~ You really do have the Cooking Skills of a perfect wife ufufufufufu~”

Chloe: “Haiii Danna-sama~ The rich smell made us wake up~”

“Well then you should be proud to have a wife like me.”

I said proudly.

Olga: “Hehehehehehe~ We are Anata~”

Olga said and Chloe nodded with a smile.

“It’s still a while until breakfast is ready so get ready to travel to the First

Fortress in a few moments.” I said as I moved the frying pan.

Olga/Chloe: “”Hai Anata/Danna-sama.””

It had been a while and the girls arrived ready, gave me a hot kiss each and

finished breakfast with slightly horny expressions.

Hmph, I am the king of Breakfast.

Suffer before my fried eggs with Bacon.

Then we went out into the garden with everything we needed in my inventory.

I looked at Olga and Chloe and took them by the hands.

They looked at me and smiled as they intertwined their fingers with mine.

I looked at them and said:

“So, we will now go to the First Fortress.”

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