IAIK Ch.21

Ch 21

The First Fortress of the Seven Shields Alliance was located in the North of the Dark Elf Territory.

It was the closest to this terrain.

The City-State was ruled by Alicia Arcturus, one of the Seven Princess Knights. Although next to her in the Fortress was Prim Fiorire, another of the Knight Princesses.

The City had high walls although it was quite small.

It was only about 2 kilometers in diameter.

In it was a small army that was 95% women.

In fact, in this world there were only 10% men compared to women, if it were

Alexander who said this, he would surely curse the Japanese author of this Hentai.

Alice being the Commander of the military group.

She also relied quite a bit on her two assistants, two women who were very loyal to her.

And the only other figure who had a say in this town, was Minister Beasley, someone who had various duties of office in the stagecoach, although he was mainly in charge of the finances of the Fortress. Alicia saw him as a father figure since he had long helped her in the Command.

At this time in Alicia’s personal office, there were her and Prim.

The latter was here mostly to learn how to be a good boss, from her cousin Alicia, whom she saw more as a Big Sister and the figure she aspired to be. At the same time Alicia acted as her bodyguard.

There was also Beasley giving his monthly report in a voice that denoted she was feeling quite happy.

Beasley: “… And that would be all Alicia-sama. (hahahahaha)”

He finished saying with a small chuckle.

Alicia: “I see, good job Minister Beasley, and did anything good happen lately? That you are so happy.”

Beasley: “Hehehehe, it’s not that it happened Alicia-sama, it’s that it’s going to happen today, hehe.”

Alicia: “… I see, then you may retire.”


Beasley walked out of the room and approached a male guard, one of the very few that were in the Fortress, who was behind the door on guard and said in a low voice:

“Did they leave the back doors open?”

Soldier: “Yes, Beasley-sama.”

Beasley: “Check them again, nothing can go wrong today hahahahaha.”

Soldier: “Okay, Beasley-sama.”

And seeing the soldier leaving, Beasley just smiled more and more.

Indeed, today was a special day for him, very special.

He had allied himself with Kuroinu’s side and agreed with their goal.

He had assembled the small group of 30 men that were in the militia, to play the role of guarding the back door of the city, when really they were only going to allow the group of Kuroinu who were going to attack to pass through there.

And the most important reason why he did all this was only one.

To be able to rape and take Alicia Arcturus’s first time, he had already had this thought in his mind for a long time and from just imagining it made him hard.

He always looked at Alicia and the women in his female squadron with lustful eyes, but he had hidden it well.

He had never dared to do anything as he knew how much Alicia cared for her female soldiers.

He also had in town some friends he had made who shared this same goal and who even before were slave traders, mainly of Dark Elves.

Anyway, there were only a few hours left before Kuroinu would attack the Fortress, and at that moment he would have what he wanted so badly.


Alice: “… Well, that was a little weird.”

Prim: “What thing? Alicia Onee-sama?”

Alicia: “Minister Beasley’s tone… it sounded very strange, I mean, he’s always been a little weird, but I’ve never seen him so happy.”

Alicia was puzzled, as this man had always been stiff and serious whenever she had saw him. And then suddenly he appeared today laughing like never before.

Alice might have been a little more suspicious and might even have realized that the men in his army had been moved, but she didn’t as she trusted Beasley.

Alicia: “Anyway, Prim, what does the report say about the vigilantes we have at the border?”

Prim: “Aaaahh~ that’s right! I had forgotten Onee-sama! It says in the report that came in yesterday, that about a week ago, the Dark Elves were defeated by Kuroinu’s mercenary group! Sorry Onee-sama, for telling you now!”

Prim said and you could see how she ended up with a bit of a black aura over her as she was saddened.

Alice put her hand on her head as she looked adorable to her and said:

“Yosh yosh, easy Prim, everyone makes mistakes, you just have to make sure you don’t make them again.”

Prim: “Hai Alicia Onee-sama~ hehehehe.”

Suddenly and quickly Prim was full of energy again and responded happily to Alicia, then she made a chibi face and laughed because the hand on her head tickled her.

Alice just watched this and laughed to herself.

‘If the Dark Elves were wiped out completely it means that the war could be written off as finished after this time of Cold War between the Nations, but that the Kuroinu Group was able to do this is a bit worrisome, since they have the despicable goal of turning the entire Region into a Service Nation, Hmph, they are just trash, I’ll have to be careful from now on in case they plan to attack the Fortresses.’

This was what she thought to herself, as she kept stroking Prim on the head.

“And so, it’s the First Fortress, Anata.”

“I had a fight here a few years ago, Danna-sama, but the despicable humans were too many and we had to retreat, not that I’m saying you’re on their level Danna-sama, please don’t misunderstand me.”

They came out of the forest near the city, two figures wrapped in a black cloak that covered their faces, though by the shape of breasts of considerable size, they were noticeably female.

“Hahaha easy Chloe, I will never misunderstand you in life, I love you too much for that.”

Said the last figure, he was a tall man with an almost perfect body, where everything was where it should be, with crimson hair that reached down to his back, and with a small dark blue mask that hid his half face, strangely enough, his mask actually matched the Indigo blue eyes, and from what he showed of his face, it was to be imagined that he had a face from another world.

And this man after speaking, he started stroking the head of the one called ‘Chloe’.

“Hehehehe~ I also l-love you m-much~ Danna-sama.”

She seemed pleased, a little shy as she had a few small verbal twitches, with the caresses of the man.

“Moooo~ Anata, that’s not fair~”

Said the other figure looking jealous.

“Yosh yosh, here’s for my other wife too.”

And just like the first one, he started stroking the latter figure’s head.



Little hearts were starting to fly out around the 3 of them.

Everyone should know who they really were.

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