IAIK Ch.24

Ch 24

Alicia was always a very strong woman.

Because of this she trained and became a great warrior.

She was also the leader of the church of Iris in the First Fortress among other things.

In fact, she was always proud to have earned all this by herself, without the support of the great Arcturus family.

But she was also someone very feminine.

Plain and simple feminine.

This was also why she liked being with Prim so much, among other reasons.

Aside from the fact that he saw her as a little Sister to take care of, she also felt like a young maiden to share with her friend about girly things.

She also always relied on Beasley who was a father figure to her, a bit odd if you ask her, but she saw him as part of her family.

Or so she thought.


She was looking at Alexander.

The man who had made the Dark Elves, who stood before her, his women, told her that he had seen her future and that it wasn’t pretty, he also offered to see it.

She literally had no doubt that the man, Alexander, was not trying to hurt her.


Because of the strangest sixth sense she had ever seen in her entire life and that her Imouto had.

Just by being patted on the head, she could get an enormous amount of information out of you.

This was something she never understood nor will she ever understand.

But she does rely on that…

Since her Imouto always got it right.

So, seeing that she didn’t signal him, or that she didn’t put on a scared expression, she knew that Alexander, who patted her Imouto’s head, was not someone evil.

And judging by the way he looked at her when she interrupted them, she was dumbfounded to herself as she had never had anything like this ever happen before.

No doubt Prim enjoyed being patted, but not the way she was doing it

now. She was enjoying it too much, and with a man at that.

All this and the fact that a man so perfect, and powerful, according to herself, plus the fact that he had that look on his face when he looked at the Queen of The Dark Elves and her Right Hand….

A look too affectionate…

Too loving…

This made her feel very jealous.

She also felt surprised when the Queen of the Dark Elves, because of whom she started the war, thought so.

She could feel nothing but sincerity in her words. And this was something completely unexpected for her.

She had decided to announce this to all of Eos, to announce that the Dark Elf Queen Olga, she thought like this. It was the least she could do to repay the death of her entire race to this woman, this good woman.


Without realizing it, Alicia had lost all kinds of negative feelings towards the Dark Elves from what Olga said, even, she recognized her as a woman before a Dark Elf.


At this moment what was in Alicia’s head as she looked at Alexander, was….

Why had she never met someone like that?

Why had no one ever fallen in love with her?

It was a little too hasty and embarrassing, but she thought….

She thought…

She thought that if this perfect guy in front of her had two Wives….

Then he could have one more…

Thinking this far, she suddenly blushed from the tips of her toes, to the highest blonde hair on the top of her head.

Anyway, Alexander turned to her as he warned her of seeing her future, which was not very pleasant.

Alicia was determined and did as Alexander commanded her to notice that she suddenly had new memories in her head.

And what she saw was…

She had no words to describe it.

There were no words for it.

Destruction and Chaos in the city.

Women from her Fortress City are raped everywhere by demons or magical creatures.

Mass murders.

Houses on fire.

Entire families being slaughtered.

Dead children everywhere.

People she knew herself.

And she saw images of the only 6 believers of the Holy Church of Iris, her acquaintances….

Being raped by demons while they were crucified.

She also saw Beasley’s betrayal.

That he had allied himself with the Kuroinu troop long ago.

She saw how this attempt tried to rape her in a cell and saw images of him succeeding.

She also saw a few images of Prim’s future.

Of her pretty Imouto.

She had been raped endlessly just like her.


Alexander, Olga, Chloe, and Prim watched as Alicia placed the Memory Orb on her forehead.

It was absorbed and they waited.

Suddenly they watched as Alicia’s face began to grimace, became sharper and sharper, and then she made a face of horror, then tears began to fall, and finally it was despair until she opened her eyes.

Her body seemed to lose strength as she fell forward.

Prim: “Alicia Onee-sama!”

Prim was worried about what was going on with Alicia, she knew it wasn’t possible for Alexander to harm her or do anything evil to her, so the only thing left was the future….

It was very, very bad to make her Big Sister make those faces.

Alexander clearly didn’t give her time to fall to the ground as he caught her and held her in his arms.

Olga and Chloe could imagine what she had seen, they knew that with their owner’s power, it was possible to see the future and much more, so they knew that the future must have been terrifying for Alicia to be like this.

They would be the same if they ever saw what Volt wanted to do to them.

Since Kuroinu was going to attack this place, they could imagine what was going to happen in the future if Alexander hadn’t come.

A time passed in silence.

No one spoke.

Alexander began to stroke Alicia’s head.

Prim was worried about her sister but she knew how effective Alexander’s hands were for relaxation.

Alicia calmed down quite a bit and found herself on Alexander’s chest, and Alexander stroking her head.

She thought she would never touch a man again in her life after seeing that, as it would make her want to vomit.

But being welcomed by Alexander in this loving and protective way….

It just gave her a heavenly feeling…..

Right now the idea she had had earlier didn’t sound so far-fetched….

She closed her eyes and for a few minutes just enjoyed the extremely pleasant smell of Alexander.

Alicia: “… All that… will it happen?”

Alexander: “This is why I came here… I won’t let something like that happen as long as I can stop it…”

Alicia: “I still… find it hard to believe that Minister Beasley… was someone like that… even that he allied himself with Kuroinu.”

Alicia had now recovered and asked Alexander if all that barbarity she saw… was going to happen in the next few hours.

She was a little surprised at how adamant Alexander was about not letting something like that happen.

She also knew that Alexander was definitely a special man as a very large amount of the male population would have wished for such a world….

This only made her think better of Alexander….

And she even felt quite sorry and shy that he had seen her naked in the memories, she also felt disgust when she remembered what Beasley was going to do to her, or well, if Alexander wasn’t here.

She also had to admit that those pats Alexander gave her on the head were the best thing she ever felt in her life. She understood that she was very jealous that Olga and Chloe, being his wives, had a lot of this, and much more, she felt very, very jealous.

Prim: “Beasley-sama was one of the bad guys! I knew it! That man was looking at Onee-sama with very dirty eyes!”

Olga understood the situation since even of her own race, all the men or most of them had decided to betray her.

Olga: “So what do we do now? Anata.”

Alexander was about to answer when suddenly, the same guard who had brought him in, suddenly opened the door and exclaimed:

“Alicia-sama we are in trouble! An army of more than twice our number is approaching through the forest! Even demons and magical creatures are in it too! What are you-… The Queen of the Dark Elves?”

She looked visibly desperate and at the last moment she could see Olga without her cloak, she was stunned and then drew her sword in Olga’s direction.

Alicia: “Enough! They are on our side right now, sheathe your sword.”

Guard 1: “But Alicia-sama…”

Alicia: “I told you they’re on our side! Go and prepare the troops, have them be ready at the main gate by the time I’m there! Also announce that there are only two Dark Elves left of their entire race, Their Queen and their Right Hand, therefore the war against the Dark Elves is over! Now our new enemy is the Demon Army of Kuroinu, and the Dark Elves are here to help us and fight for us! UNDERSTANDING?!”

Guard 1: “HAI Alicia-sama!”

Alicia: “Now go!”

Alicia said to the guard, she didn’t know what happened, but she complied with the orders and left.

Alicia let out a sigh and turned around to look at the others…

She saw that they were staring at her with their mouths open in disbelief.

Prim was shocked but her feeling of adoration for her Onee-sama only went up more.

Alexander seemed to be speechless, but inside he was happy that Alicia could accept Olga and Chloe like that.

If Alicia saw the smile he was making at this moment, she would no doubt think that her idea earlier wasn’t bad at all.

Although clearly for Olga and Chloe, the surprise was greater since they had a very poor concept of humans. To see someone defending them like this now made them feel very grateful that, despite that in spite of all the history between their races, there were still people as good as Alicia and Prim that only looked at them with curiosity and jealousy. Of the latter they had no

innocence and kindness that exuded from her pores.

Olga: “Thank you… Alicia.”

Chloe: “As a warrior just like you, I thank you for defending us in that way…. Alicia.”

Alicia: “It’s nothing, it’s the least I can do to honor your race, so take care of me from now… Olga… Chloe.”

Prim: “Mooou Onee-sama Don’t leave me out!”

Olga: “Ara ara~ Someone is jealous~ Yosh yosh~ Here you go Prim-chan~~”

Just like Olga who started stroking Prim’s head since Prim had pouted with a

chibi face, Chloe with a slight blush also reached out to do so.

All the girls had a weakness for cute things.

Prim instantly enjoyed the touch as the Dark Elves before her, were not bad people, they were quite the opposite.

Alexander: “Alicia, thank you for this, leave Kuroinu’s group to me, I will eliminate them with my power.”

Alicia blushed a little and replied:

“You’re welcome… Alex-sama… but are you sure what you will be able to fight against a whole army?”

Alexander: “No doubt, just leave me on the front line and I’ll take care of it.”

Alicia: “Hai, Alex-sama.”

Olga: “Ara ara~ Alicia is already sounding like a good wife ufufufufufufufufu~”

Alicia hearing this turned very red from head to toe.


The guard had already told all the others in the troop what Alicia had told her.

They were quite surprised at all this, but the loyalty they had to her mistress was so great that they accepted it as a matter of course.

Even all the civilian inhabitants of the city were not much more than surprised.

Alexander together with the two Elves and the two Princess Knights walked out of the palace to the front line of the battle.

All the onlookers were surprised when they saw the two dark Elves but they calmed down when they noticed that they were accompanied by their mistress.

In fact, for quite a few years now the races had been in a Cold War, which meant that there hadn’t been combat in a long time.

And humans tend to forget very easily.

The women in the city, both military and civilian, looked at Alexander as if he was their prey, though they wondered what his relationship was to the Queen of the Dark Elves and her Right Hand, since they had come together and seemed very close.

Alexander, with his incredible sense, noticed how a group hidden in one of the houses were looking at Chloe very lustfully, as if they had met her.

At this moment Alexander instantly remembered something.

In the original story there was a group of people who were slave traders and they had abused Chloe….

Anger filled Alexander for a moment, but then he calmed down and decided to visit them afterwards, naturally he wasn’t going to say anything about this to anyone, and he had already memorized the place.


They had almost arrived in front of the gates.

The sight that awaited them ahead, was that of the Kuroinu group.

At that moment Alexander heard a very unpleasant voice.

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