IAIK Ch.26

Ch 26


A loud scream came from the other side of the small town.

Alexander looked at Alicia and said:

“I’ll take care of that, I’m faster than anyone here.”

Alicia: “… I’ll leave it to you… Alex-sama.”

Alicia realized that the Army should have attacked the back gate of the city as well, and judging by the shouting there, the situation seemed to be unpleasant.

‘Damn Beasley!’

She said to herself and gritted her teeth in anger. She also felt remorse.

It was most likely that the men in charge of guarding the back gate of the city had allied themselves with Kuroinu under Beasley’s command.

She cursed herself for not realizing this sooner.

Alicia didn’t want to rely so heavily on Alexander but she knew that if she went herself, it might be too late by the time she arrived at the shouting site.

Alexander: “I’ll go ahead.”

He said to the Dark Elves watching him.


They nodded and Alexander smiled, before positioning himself and wrapping himself in lightning again.


And he disappeared as he ran at too fast a speed in the direction of the scream.


Olga, who was still on Alicia’s side, saw the guilt in Alicia’s eyes.

Olga: “Alicia… none of this is your fault…. it’s only Kuroinu’s bastards’ fault…. so don’t feel bad, okay? Here, I’ll let you stay for a moment in Anata’s favorite place~”

Olga finished speaking in a very motherly tone and put Alice’s head between her giant breasts.

In fact, Olga saw Alicia as a Little Sister, since it was quite possible that she would end up on her owner’s side. The Shoujos manga taught her that when someone looked at another person with bright eyes that Alicia looked at her husband, it was Love.

Alicia was very blushing but at the same time she was happy, and she had a smile on her face, in some mysterious way all the negative feelings that she had felt before were completely erased, but when she learned that this was Alexander’s favorite place, and that he might possibly really like big breasts, she pouted slightly with a chibi face. Her breasts were not small, they were a generous D-cup, but she was still the smallest among the women around her. around her. Even her pretty Imouto had large F-cup breasts, at this moment, she was feeling a little unhappy.

Chloe: “Ah, Alicia-chan seems a bit jealous, hehehehehe.”

Prim: “O-onee-sama… you seem to be enjoying it… pfft, hahahahaha~”

Olga: “Ufufufufufufufufu~”

Alicia was getting redder and redder that she looked like a normal human sized Mexican chili bell pepper due to the taunts of the Dark Elves and her Imouto.

Even the military and citizens watching this were visibly much more relaxed, and all traces of mistrust towards the Queen of the Dark Elves and her Right Hand, was completely eliminated.

Today was a day of much stress, many ups and downs for a small, normal city. But everyone here was absolutely certain that if Alexander wasn’t here right now….

The City right now would be no different from Hell….

A few minutes had passed and Alicia was more relaxed, she came out of Olga’s very affectionate embrace and began to give orders to the female soldiers, they had already killed the few Ogres that were left alive, it only remained to organize the corpses and burn them to eliminate all the possibility of them becoming undead or reaching the unpleasant state of putrefaction.

Chloe: “I will help move the bodies as I am very strong myself.”

Olga: “I will also help, just like Chloe.”

Chloe quickly wanted to help as well, she went and started moving the large bodies of the Ogres and the big Demons by herself, the people around her were amazed with the great physical strength that the little Elf had.

Olga recited a spell in Ancient Language and out came 10 earth elementals formed from rocks and began to help.

Everyone also realized that Olga was a great Sorceress, the best of the Dark Elves, when they saw this.

No more than 2 people in the whole world could summon elementals, and Olga was one of them.

She could even summon 10 at the same time.

Alice and Prim saw this and were in disbelief, they knew that the Dark Elves did not have this power in the previous war times, as then the human race would have had more losses than they did.

They did not even know why, but they associated this increase in power to Alexander.


Since Kuroinu’s army had been seen marching towards the Fortress, a citywide alert had been declared.

Everyone was to stay indoors.

The same went for the small church located in the Northern part of the city, behind the palace and near the back door.

In this place there were only 6 women.

It was maintained only by these 6.

Together with Alicia and Prim, they represented the Holy Order of Iris in this city.

Right now they were hiding in the small church there.

But unfortunately, monsters and demons found them and dragged them out.

Ignoring the nuns’ pleas, the demons used large poles brought by the Ogres, and ropes to crucify them all.

Then, they tore off various parts of their cloaks to expose their nakedness to the air, their breasts and their tender vaginas were in the filthy and hungry sight of every one of the monsters and demons.

And when a small demon climbed on top of the strong red-haired Nun, the one with the biggest breasts, Chaia, she screamed in the loudest voice she could muster:


While inside her…

‘Please Kami-sama… save me!’

She prayed.

She closed her eyes and waited for the nasty creature to touch her large exposed breasts.

She felt nothing and slowly opened her eyes to look around.

Even the despicable and lustful laughter that the demons had, was completely silent.

She only felt a very strange sound.


And she realized that everyone, whether it was her companions or the monsters, were staring in front of her.

She looked ahead and what she saw?

It was a man with a tall and perfect body, with crimson red hair, he had a mask the prevented her from seeing his celestial and masculine face completely, he had Indigo blue eyes and lightning bolts running freely through his limbs…

He looked like a Thunder God with such an appearance.

He was the man who was being talked about all over the city minutes before.

He wore a furious expression in his beautiful blue eyes and was holding the back of the neck of the little red demon who was desperately struggling to free himself.

A few steps away from her.


She watched as the man smashed with his lightning flickering hand, into the demon’s neck.

Blood splattered.

“There is nothing more disgusting than rape.”

The man spoke in a soft but piercing voice.

“You will all pay for this with your death… you don’t deserve to keep breathing…”

He finished talking and disappeared in the blink of an eye.



The more than 50 demons and the three Ogres holding the wooden poles on which they were crucified, were beaten, dismembered, and then burned, by the electric shock of the man or being who had come to save them.

“Hyaaaa-…. Hmmm?”

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

The moment the Ogres let go of the poles due to the man’s quick blows, all the nuns fell forward, and the smallest of them screamed as she saw herself fall face first to the ground, but stopped when she saw that she herself and even the others were levitating in the air still tied up.

Alexander in seconds finished killing the monsters and demons, and also killed the humans he identified as the traitors who had been laughing by the back door while they watched the unfortunate nuns, until they began to flee when they saw him so savagely kill those of Kuroinu’s army. Of course, they did not run too far as he killed them all quickly.

And the one that was left….

“You bastard! Let go of me this very instant! I command you com-….”


It was Minister Beasley who tried to use his position to order Alexander, who could not care less what happened or what the fat old white-haired man said and directly fainted him with Haou Shouko Haki.

He then looked in the direction of the Nuns, who were crying with joy and liberation.

They didn’t even mind being naked right now as they had undergone an experience too traumatic for maidens like them.

Alexander took them down and unmoored them one by one as they stood quiet and watched him.

Alexander blushed a little and covered them all with white sheets he had created behind him.

When he wrapped the sheet around the last one, Chaia, the red-haired Nun with the gigantic cup breasts G-breasts he made sure not to look at, and not at her big pink nipples, no, not that big ass, no way, she murmured softly, although as it was very quiet, all the other Nuns and Alexander, heard her:


Alexander blinked and replied:

“… No, I’m sorry, but I’m not Kami-sama, I’m Alexander, a human, and I came to this Fortress to protect you from the Kuroinu Army…”

Chaia and the Nuns listened to him and tilted their heads prettily to the side.

Chaia was a bit stunned, but soon seemed confident and said:

“So, Hero-sama.”

Alexander: “…”

Alexander: “… As I was saying, I just saw-….”


The Nuns interrupted him and threw themselves on top of him to hug him as best they could.

Chaia was the closest to him and hugged him very tightly putting her head on his (Alexander’s) chest.

Alexander could feel very large breasts, just a little smaller than Olga’s, and with large nipples, on his chest.

Unique Soul.

Alexander activated the only self-control skill he had and made her work like the Japanese bosses did to their poor subordinates.


Olga and Chloe, along with Prim and Alicia, the latter commanding the army of women, finished burning each of the corpses of the Kuroinu group.

Prim felt a little disgusted to see all this, but nothing more, she was adapted to this kind of sights.

In fact, everyone in this world was adapted to it, it was a world that was at war after all.

And then, together with Vivian plus a couple of other women, they headed in the direction where the previous scream had been heard.

Towards the back gate of the city.

They knew that everything would be all right since Alexander himself had gone to take care of it.

They walked a little further, and at the back of the palace, they could at last see the view to the scene of the events.

Bodies of monsters and demons alike lay torn to pieces and burned.

Near the great gate lay the corpses of those whom Alicia recognized as the treacherous soldiers of her ranks.

And she was surprised to see that even Beasley was in that place, judging by his clothes without bloodstains, and his slight movement in his chest, she knew that he was alive.

Alexander must have let him live so that she could take revenge for what she saw was going to happen in her previous future…

And in the midst of all this, stood Alexander, he could hardly be seen, as he was surrounded by the 6 nuns in a tight embrace.

Alexander was simply laughing a bit stiffly and stroking the heads of these nuns in succession.

Judging by their slightly lascivious expressions, you could tell they were loving this.

Olga, Chloe, Alicia, Prim and even Vivian and the few female soldiers, let out a massive sigh in tandem.

Alexander had only arrived in the City minutes ago, but somehow they felt that they knew him well.

Alexander noticed the new group, and looked at them as he said helplessly:

“Can you help me?”

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