IAIK Interlude 3

…A secret meeting… shh…

It had been 6 days since Alexander brought his Wives and slaves to Asora.

At this time Olga fell asleep for the tenth time, since last night, with Alexander’s big penis deep inside her.

She became totally addicted to this feeling.

She was complete.

She herself felt how her womb had become a home for Alexander’s not-so-little brother.

Chloe had also woken up some time ago and had been staring at Alexander’s sleeping face for a while now.

(Good morning, Olga-sama.)

(You too, Chloe.)

They greeted each other in whispers and as they always did, they stared at Alexander’s sleeping face.

He looked angry as his eyebrows were furrowed.


Olga couldn’t help but giggle a little at how adorable his sleeping face looked and could stare at it for hours.

Chloe was the same way.

(Chloe, is ‘it’ ready for today?)

Chloe looked stunned for a moment and said:

(I think it’s ready now, Olga-sama.)

Olga then smiled thinking that they already had their ‘thing’, located.

And then they were left in a very comfortable silence while looking at Alexander’s face.

Time passed and the man woke up.

Olga and Chloe watched as he stared at the ceiling for a while, although they knew he was checking on his status as usual.

Then they watched as he looked up at them and kissed them gently on the forehead.

“Good morning, Wives.”

“”Good morning, Husband~””

They both replied at the same time with a big smile.

And when Olga felt Alexander stare at them, and his Little Brother sulked Inside her, she bit her lower lip from the pleasure she felt.

She knew that Alexander used to look at them carefully like that before…before he became very horny and very very hardworking.



They finished 3 hours later, and unlike Chloe, she was a little numb and didn’t always felt her legs after the shake-shake.

Alexander at that time was just rubbing his Hands of Rebirth all over her body with a face of slight guilt as he was doing at the moment.


Alexander looked at her.

“I love you~”

And then she watched as Alexander’s sad aura disappeared and she smiled at him with a smile that looked very pure to his eyes.

“I love you too.”

Olga felt as if an invisible arrow pierced her chest and she just blushed to the core.

She knew she had high attacking power but almost no defense in Love.

“I-I love you too.”

Chloe said with a pout, and blushing as she tried to avert her gaze. A little nervous.

Alexander and Olga looked at each other and nodded, then moved to Chloe’s sides and….

At the same time they kissed her cheeks….

Chloe almost fainted from the happiness and embarrassment she felt at that moment.


Then the day went on as usual, Olga and Chloe had breakfast prepared by Alexander.

They swore they almost came with just the taste of the food.

Then each of them did their respective training.

After training, they were engaged in certain things of interest to them.

In fact, since everything on Asora was Earth-like, adapting was a bit difficult but it was definitely very enjoyable for them, even Olga who excelled more in intelligence, studied subjects such as science or biology, even a little bit of war politics with some books Alexander created for her. Needless to say that the greatly advanced knowledge of all this surprised her again and again.

Then they both sat extremely close to Alexander on the couch so that he could tell her things about his world.

They ended up in long, romantic lovemaking sessions.

Then Olga hummed and did a little house cleaning while wearing an apron, just that, something learned from Manga, and when Alexander passed by and saw her, he stared at her, activated his red eyes and then attacked her, Olga made a victory pose for inside herself at that moment.

Chloe arrived when they had finished and pouted too cute when she heard this.


“So, what are you going to do now?”

“Aah n-no, w-w-well-that’s-that’s…”

They had pretty much finished everything planned for the day and they looked at each other and nodded.

And they were about to leave for ‘that’ place.

Alexander suddenly asked them and they both got nervous.

He looked at this and smiled in a soft way.

“I know Olga, Chloe, I always knew.”

Olga and Chloe instantly stiffened and widened their eyes with a look of


“Anata did you already know that I lick you a lot while you sleep!”

“Did Danna-sama know that I hide her underwear!”


Alexander was now the one with a look of disbelief on his face.

“Um, no… I just knew that the Dark Elves really like the forests… since they went there so much…”

Olga and Chloe slowly blushed from the tips of their toes to their hair higher up on their head.


And then they fainted.


Both fainted.


Olga and Chloe at this time had the super ability [Tomato Mode] activated.

They were very distressed and seriously thought that Alexander was going to find these details

They even had some tears held in their eyes and were behaving like little girls who had done done something wrong.

Alexander saw this and became a little worried.

He put his hands on his Wives’ faces to wipe away the tears that were on the verge of falling.

“Olga… Chloe…”

These looked down.

“… If you think that something like this is going to make me abandon you or hate you, then you are underestimating me…”

The Dark Elves were with surprise and disbelief on their face as they looked at their owner.

“What kind of Husband would I be if I get angry because my women love me?”

Olga and Chloe regained all the energy that had left their bodies and Olga asked quickly:

“Anata… So does it bother you or disgust you that we do something like this?”

Alexander smiled at them with a smile that was very quickly lowering the Life Points of The Dark Elves.

“I love you, everything about both of you, absolutely everything, you are mine and I will accept everything from you.”


They stood stiffly, shocked and speechless, and then….


Shouted these and hugged Alexander as he hugged them too.

They stayed like that for a few minutes and after they separated, Olga asked:

“So, you won’t be upset if we keep doing it and even… much more?”

Alexander here first blushed quite a bit as he realized that Olga was licking him too much when he was asleep, always sleeping like a Grizzly Bear in winter. He also grieved that the reason why he couldn’t find his favorite brand of underpants [Men], was only because his other wife, it seemed, was stockpiling them. In fact, he wondered what they were used for. Thinking this far, a shudder came to him from deep within.

He calmed down and replied:

“You can do anything… I will never be angry with you for doing something like this…”

Alexander said in a normal tone, but here came the second shudder that shook him completely as he looked into Olga’s and Chloe’s glowing eyes.

He paused a little and continued:

“Besides… I-I also do something s-something similar.”

Alexander immediately turned very red as he spoke.

“What are you doing Anata, tell me quickly~!”

Olga became very excited and happy to know that her husband was also stalking her in some way and she asked very quickly.

Chloe next to her was very red and nodding so fast and repeatedly that you couldn’t see all the movement. She also wanted to know muuuuuch to know what it was that her husband was doing to stalk her.


Alexander blushed more as he saw her reaction.

Unique Soul.

A few seconds passed and Alexander took a breath and activated Unique Soul to calm down.

He walked over to the PC on top of the table in the large room and opened it.

He was embarrassed even with Unique Soul active but continued where he was.

Olga and Chloe were very excited and stood behind Alexander to get a better look.

Alexander gave a Click on [Local Disk D], then went into the folder [English Conference], then went to a folder that said [Do not touch].


He could hear a gulp behind him.

He took a breath and clicked on the folder only to see a photo album, more accurately, with 12 Photos.

Olga and Chloe saw that they were of their sleeping faces.

They noticed that they said the date was only one day apart.

That is, they realized that Alexander took pictures of their sleeping faces every day since they came to Asora.

Then they read a little note underneath:

[Target: 1 year.]

[So far: 6 days.]

Alexander was very red at this point, he almost thought he heard a notification from the system which said that he won the skill [Tomato Mode].

Olga and Chloe were…



Olga was so happy that she jumped on top of Alexander to kiss him.

And Chloe had broken down from how flushed and embarrassed she was.


3 Hours after one of the best Love sessions they had had so far….

Olga and Chloe, glowing and glowing, checked that Alexander was sleeping and then looked at each other and nodded.

Olga could stand normally as they were the ones who attacked Alexander this time. Besides, it was very soft and romantic.

And they left the mansion very smoothly and quietly.

They were going to ‘that’ place.

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