IAIK Ch.27

Ch 27

A few hours had passed since the attack.

Or since the attempted attack.

Olga and Chloe were with Alicia and Prim in their activities since Alexander had left the Palace for a few moments, although it didn’t take long and the girls played it down.

Alicia had the massacre sites cleaned up, and the corpses had been burned.

She had imprisoned Beasley in the dungeon and then dealt with him.

There were no casualties in the city, everything was almost exactly the same.

For the enemy army did not break into the city itself.

All the male soldiers had been killed, leaving Alicia’s army with only over 250

female soldiers.

Even among the citizens, only a small number of 23 men existed, all the rest, were women.

The Nuns of the Holy Order of Iris, with Chaia at their head, refused to leave Alexander’s side when they saw him again in the Palace, proclaiming him as their Hero.

This fact annoyed Olga and Chloe a little, but that, just a little.

The nuns were extremely surprised the moment they found out that these

Dark Elves were the Wives of their Hero.

And they began to call them Olga-sama and Chloe-sama, the latter not being very familiar with that way of calling and was blushing a little.

Making Alexander think that she was a very shy Imouto and naturally, he stroked her head.

To get a jealous eye view from all the others, even Olga.

Alice had made a speech and told the small town of no more than 400 people, all that had really happened.

90% of the audience had seen what happened with their eyes so naturally they believed everything their lady told them.

And in the same way, Alexander earned the nickname Hero and God of Thunder.

He was only sweating internally upon hearing this.

The acceptance of this World was at a really ridiculous level, it seemed.

Currently the whole city is partying.

Olga, Chloe, Chaia and the other nuns, Alicia and Prim, Vivian and the more than 250 female soldiers, were in the palace, sitting at large tables in the dining room, to be exact.

The cooks were doing their work, and great was their surprise when they realized that their new Hero was there too, wearing an apron that read ‘I am the steel of my frying pan’ and a knife drawn below with lines on it.

Alexander just smiled at them and started to help.

The cooks blushed, for even with a mask, Alexander’s face was simply

deadly, and they were trying much harder than usual for this dinner.

Meanwhile, in the dining room…

“Olga-sama Olga-sama, is that the wedding ring Alex-sama gave you?”

“Chloe-sama, does Alex-sama cook too? kyaaaa~! I can’t stand it, someone as powerful and handsome as Alex-sama and also who can cook kyaaaa~!”

“You two are his wives aren’t you? You’re in Harem aren’t you?”

“Olga-sama Chloe-sama, you guys have… done that already?”

“Pervert! Why are you asking Olga-sama and Chloe-sama such questions? Isn’t it obvious? They’re husband and wife! Of course they must have already done it! Although I also have a question, How’s Alex-sama at that!”

“Youuu, you’re a pervert!”

“”””””We all want to know though! “”””””

Olga and Chloe were being bombarded with questions from the nuns.

And to that, everyone else in the dining room was listening intently with their 100% concentration in their ear as they were also very interested in the answers to these questions.

The Dark Elves were sweating internally at the intensity and fire with which the ‘Pure’ women of God were asking questions.

And indeed, the Nuns were maidens who up to this point had had no brushes with ‘sex’.

Sure, they knew the normal things to know but nothing more, they hadn’t even been interested in it.

But with everything that had happened to them, and with the very strong feeling that they felt for Alexander at this moment, it was normal for them to have these doubts, since he had awakened their sexuality.

Besides, it is necessary to remember what kind of world they inhabited.

All the women here were a little…

Alicia: “Girls that’s enough, you are making our guests uncomfortable.”

Alicia spoke up to stop the amount of questions the nuns were asking Olga and Chloe.

Prim: “Yes, Olga-sama and Chloe-sama look very uncomfortable, so please stop.”

Olga: “No problem Prim~…it’s just…that’s too many questions at once, how about this? Why don’t you each ask one question? Me and Chloe will make sure to answer as truthfully as we can, okay?”


All the nuns answered in chorus.

Chaia: “Okay Olga-sama, then, I’ll start…. Does Alex-sama have any scars or wounds on his face? Since he walks around with the mask on all the time.”

Chaia asked and all the attention in the room was focused on Olga.

Olga was speechless at this, and helplessly said:

“No, actually, Anata doesn’t have any wounds or anything like that on his face, he just… puts on the mask because he would stand out too much otherwise…”

All the women in the room, including Chaia and the other nuns, Alicia and Prim, Vivian and the others of the army listened attentively and were surprised by Olga’s response.

At this moment Olga could have sworn she saw the eyes of the more than 260 women in the dining room, gleaming with a very strong intensity.

They all imagined what Alexander’s face would look like without a mask.

And they sighed hotly as they did so.

Olga was amused by all this and suddenly something occurred to her.

She put a naughty cat smile on her face.

Chloe saw the look on her Queen’s face and instantly let out a sigh of resignation as she was thinking of playing another one of her pranks.

Olga: “In fact, you are all going to see something very surprising later on hehehehe~”

The women in the room heard what Olga said and just looked at her doubtfully.

Olga continued:

“I mean, we are about to eat… and to eat, Anata needs…”

At that instant…


Olga had a vision that a thunderclap sounded in the minds of all the women.

Alicia, Prim, Vivian, Chaia and all the others were the same.

They were first stunned for a long moment, then showed a look of determination on their faces.

Olga watched this with amusement and her mischievous cat laughter sharpened.

Chloe just sighed.

The nuns continued to ask questions afterwards and went Kyaaa~ Kyaaa~ each time Olga and Chloe answered them. They had [Fangirl Mode] turned on.

A few minutes passed and the cooks came in to arrange the dishes on the big tables, as did Alexander.

He was pleased, and arranged the food on the front table shared by the nuns, Alicia, Prim, Vivian and a couple of women Knights.

In fact, the sight of Alexander wearing an apron and happily arranging the dishes on the table, was a delight to behold in the eyes of many.


Someone even whistled and they all laughed a little.

Alexander was stunned but didn’t think anything of it.

What worried Alexander a little was the cat-like grin on Olga’s face, this showed bad omen.

Alexander: (Chloe, did Olga do something naughty again?)

He asked Chloe in a whisper.

Chloe: “…”

Chloe didn’t answer and instead sighed, already doing it several times.

Alexander was at a loss for words but sat in the middle of Olga and Chloe at the table that was in front of the whole room.

Alicia stood up, gave a slight speech of thanks to Alexander for saving the city and sat down again.

Alexander was ready to eat, but he noticed a lot of silence and looked around to see how all the members in the room were staring at him very intently and with great concentration.


Alexander sweated a little and asked:

“U-um W-w-why don’t you guys eat?”

He looked a little nervous.

Chaia: “Hehehe~ Alex-sama~ The main guest at this banquet is the one who has to try the first bite by himself so…. Alex-sama~ Don’t worry about us and eat~…”

The red-haired Nun with huge breasts spoke with a too casual and too happy smile.

Alicia at this moment made a Victory pose within herself. There really isn’t any kind of rule like that or anything like that, it was quite clear why it had been said that way by Chaia.

‘Well done Chaia.’

That’s what was on the minds of everyone in the room.

As the town was quite small, it was not an exaggeration to say that almost everyone knew each other, there was also the fact that unlike other cities, this one was not frequented by travelers, after all, it was a border city-state.

Alexander: “Ah I see… well then, Itadakimasu.”

Alexander said and put his hands together as the Japanese do, and in this world as well.

Then, his hands went towards his mask….

Alexander was not conscious, but in the hall now a needle could fall and be heard from the silence that was in the place.

They were all still and focused in a way they didn’t even know they could.

A little more, and they would achieve Toad Sage Mode…

They were like one mind thinking as a whole at this moment.

Alexander slowly moved his hands toward his mask, at least it looked that way to all of them, and when he touched it, ready to pull it down….





The sound of dishes falling on the floor and the sound of someone falling down rang out.

They all instantly looked over to see a young cook who apparently was carrying many dishes and fell down.

Then, they realized what had happened and at the same time and with perfect timing, they all very quickly turned their heads in Alexander’s direction…

And they saw…

That he was eating normally without the mask on, as it was impossible for a person to eat a whole plate of food in just 1 second…

“Um What’s wrong? Why don’t you eat? The food is delicious.”

Alexander swore he heard something break at that moment but played it down and continued to eat happily.

In Konoha, on top of a tree somewhere, stood Anbu Hatake Kakashi reading a small book with a blushing expression.

‘This time sensei outdid himself this time.’

He thought.

When he suddenly felt something break somewhere, he got an unexplainable feeling and he looked up at the sun…

A glistening male tear came out of his eye and down his mask…

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