IAIK Ch.28

Ch 28



“Olga-sama… shouldn’t enjoy Danna-sama’s distress so much…”

“Ufufufufu~ I know Chloe~ Buuut~ it was just too funny Hehehehehehehehe~”



Some time had passed and Alexander along with Olga and Chloe were in the room that had been assigned to them.

In fact, earlier in the dining room hall a very comical picture had formed where more than 260 women were spurting blood from their noses and falling on their backs at the same time….

For having seen Alexander’s naked face.

Leaving aside the comical part, that was really a bloody mess there.

But well, right now it was nighttime and they had all gone to bed, the city was asleep and the palace too, Alicis had even given a few days’ rest to the 4 men who worked in the palace.

At this moment, there remained the women Knights and the nuns, plus the servants and the other women who were taking care of the building.

In other words, there were more than 300 women in this palace, with only one man.

And Alexander was lying on the bed with Chloe on his right and Olga on his left.

Olga had literally spent a lot of time laughing at his earlier joke and her eyes were red from laughter.

Chloe tried to talk back to Olga a little.

And Alexander just sighed.

In fact, what happened could be considered a good thing, since at least in this city, it was no longer necessary to wear a mask.

After dinner was over and he was about to put it on again, Chaia picked up the mask faster than a lynx and hid it in the cleft of her large breasts saying, ‘Alex-sama shouldn’t be shy, it’s better this way for everyone to get along better isn’t it.’

The other women in the room looked at her as if they were looking at Jesus Christ or something.

Alexander was speechless and simply nodded as he felt a shiver go down his spine.

And since then, he hadn’t put on the mask, and walked around with his face out in the open.

It’s worth noting that later when he went out into the city simply to see his surroundings, as he was not even adapted to wearing a mask for very long, he did not realize it and…

The number of women who suffered from nosebleeds that afternoon was quite a dangerous figure.

It almost looked worse than the massacres that had occurred earlier in the city.

It was a refreshing way to forget about it, though.

Olga: “Hmm Anata… I want… I want to.”

Alexander: “But Olga… we’re in a palace and it’s too quiet…”

Chloe: “Danna-sama I… I also want to… it feels like it’s been a long time since you weren’t inside us…”

Alexander: “…”

‘It was only one day though.’

Alexander said to himself while sweating a little.

Alexander: “How about s-…. Mannghhgh.”

Chloe: “…”

Chloe: “Olga-sama kissing all of a sudden like that….. well… then I’ll take care of little Danna-sama…”

Chloe blushing but with a hungry look on her face, climbed down from under the sheet and started working as a wife.

Olga was having a very hot and sticky kiss with Alexander.

Their tongues were attacking each other in such a way that it was as if they wanted to switch mouths.

In a few minutes some hot and very sensual panting started to be heard.

Quickly the room was glowing with a faint pink light and little hearts were flying out of the small opening in the door…

There was a small opening in the door….

And a shadow of a chibi person was looking through it….

Alicia was lying on the bed.

She was very flushed and sweaty.

She had come for the sixth time already….

She was thinking about Alexander’s face and that he was the protagonist of those increasingly loud pantings coming from the next room, where Alexander and his Wives were…

Doing things…

Alicia looked at her hand all smeared with fluids and blushed too hard.

‘Sorry Alex-sama, for using you like this.’

She was mentally apologizing for being so naughty with Alexander there.

She had really used him too much.

She thought happily that definitely her ideal match was Alexander.

She couldn’t find any fault with his person….

He was so kind, warm, and gentle….

But at the same time so domineering, so stern, so masculine….

She had really fallen in love with Alexander, tomorrow she was thinking of confessing to him to accompany him later on in his journey through the other Fortresses.

She wanted to be with him so much…

So much so that she was surprised that in one day, in one day only, Alexander had come and declared her heart as his property.

Alicia patted her cheeks lightly to wake herself up.

Smelling her own scent on her hands, she blushed exceedingly.

But she was determined, she would go and spy on what was going on in the room for when she had to do it in the future.

This was just a compilation… nothing more than that.

Alicia then in the 100% see-through dress she was wearing….

If it was Alexander the one to saw this, he would have blamed it on the stupid, horny Japanese guy who created this hentai.

In that dress she gently opened the door to her room, went out and closed just as gently.

The hallways were dark and empty as everyone was on break.

Alicia turned toward Alexander’s room on her right side and was surprised to see a small shadow peering through the thin opening in the door.

‘Isn’t that…?’

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