IAIK Ch.29

Ch 29


Alicia moved a little further forward and was surprised to realize that her pretty Imouto was the one standing behind the door and looking in.

Prim was blushing completely and letting out hot air through her nose forcefully.


Alicia whispered in a low but desperate tone.

Prim continued to stare and breathe very heavily.

(Prim! What are you doing?!)

She whispered a little closer in an equally desperate tone.

Prim turned to look at her and as if the gravitational pull of the room was acting on her, she turned her head back into the room as she answered:

(Ah, it’s Onee-sama, calm down Onee-sama, this is just information gathering, since Alex-sama is going to be my husband after all).


And she kept breathing heavily and looking at what was going on in the room.

Alice was in a daze and also looked around a bit….

“Ahhhhhhhh~ nnnnnnn~ Ahhhmmmghnnnnnnnn~ Yesss~”

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

And very quickly turned her head back redder than the best tomato of the year.

‘How big!’

That was her thought as ‘a part’ of what she imagined herself from the Alexander of her mind, was changed to something much bigger.

‘Olga-sama how can you do something like that with something that size!’

Alicia felt like she was going to faint from the dizziness she was getting.

But she still lightly touched Prim and said:

(Prim, let’s get out of here, we’ll be noticed.)

(Go ahead Onee-sama, I’m gathering information, I’m busy.)

(Prim let’s go!)

Alicia saw that Prim was holding tightly to the door and not letting her go, the latter was still breathing like an old pervert as she looked around the room.

(Prim let go!)

Alicia pulled Prim hard by the legs, but Prim wouldn’t let go of the door for anything in the world, and was still breathing very hot and furiously.

The sight was quite comical.

(Prim! Let’s go now!)


*Dull Noise*

Alicia yanked with the last of her power at Prim, Prim let go of the door and made a startled sound and then they both collided with the walls in front of them.

The door to the room was left open and Alexander looked out to see Prim with traces of a blushing and Alicia red as a tomato looking at him.


“I want you to be my husband, Alex-sama.”

Alexander had been grieved earlier and stopped his quality time with Olga and Chloe to their mild displeasure.

Presently Alexander was only in Men’s branded Boxers, and his Wives covered in the sheet.

Prim and Alicia were in Seiza in front of Alexander, the former with a look of determination and a bit of drool dripping from her mouth as she looked at Alexander’s almost completely naked body, and the latter who was more nervous than she had ever been but also very flushed at the sight of Alexander’s perfect body.

Alicia: “What are you saying Prim!”

Prim: “Onee-sama, I have made up my mind, there is no better man than Alex-sama in the world, and besides him, no one can be my Husband.”

Prim sounded very sure of herself.

Alicia: “…”

Alicia was speechless but she herself knew what dwelt in her heart.

Primarily the zeal that her very Imouto could say, what she wanted to say with the same fluency.

Alicia knew it was quite possible that Alexander had very little time left in this place, after all he proclaimed that he would help free the other Fortresses from their dark destiny.

Alicia: “…”

Alicia bit her lips in resignation and wanted to say something but found it hard.

Olga knew what was going on as she saw Alicia’s face and mentally sighed as by tomorrow, it was possible that there would be more of them in the Harem.

Anyway, it didn’t bother her so much because if they were people like Alicia and Prim, then she could give her approval, in fact, all Princess Knights were supposed to be like that.

Chloe didn’t even give the matter that much thought and was a little annoyed that they couldn’t finish their lovemaking session.

And she already knew from the time she met them, that Alice and Prim were sort of destined to be with Alexander, woman’s instinct, you might say.

Alexander was quite surprised at what Prim said, it was quite unexpected in fact, but seeing that Alicia was with her eyebrows furrowed and wanting to know how to say something, he got a little worried.

“Are you alright… Alicia?”

At this point, Alicia seemed to be snapped out of her doubts.

She looked at the man in front of her, who was looking at her with a worried look, such as only the closest could give her.

There was no need to give it so much thought.

She took a deep breath, stood up.

And decided.

“I want to be your Wife too! I want you to treat me the same way as Olga-sama! I want to smell you a lot more! I want you to pat me on the head more! I want you to fuck me a lot like Olga-sama and Chloe-sama!”

Alicia spoke quickly and loudly what she was feeling to herself.

And then…

She threw herself on Alexander’s chest as she kissed him on the lips.

It was a rather inexperienced kiss as it was her first.

She had decided to give her first kiss to this man.

In fact, she had doubts if Alexander would let her because of how awkward that kiss was, she could feel even her teeth clash with Alexander’s slightly. She became desperate and tears charged in her eyes from her first failed and embarrassing kiss.

Though when she felt Alexander’s strong arms pulling her tight against him, when she felt him take control in her mouth and thrust his tongue in, and how he held her so much tighter, that they seemed almost glued together, she realized that Alexander wouldn’t leave her alone for that.





The whole room was silent and only that kiss was audible.

It was a rather lascivious one.

Alicia had come once again, staining her legs with drops of her nectar that drew lines downward.

And they parted their lips.

Alicia had never in her years of life felt like this.

She still had a dreamy look on her face.

Alexander brought his forehead together with Alicia’s and said:

“I’m attracted to you too…. Alicia, from the moment I saw you… to tell you the truth, I wanted to do all those things with you too… and it would be my honor to have a woman like you…”

Alexander then lifted Alicia’s face with his hands to look at him.

“I want you too, but…”

Alicia suddenly felt as if it was the end of the world as Alexander paused, the

tears welled up in her eyes again.

“At present… and in the future I won’t be able to be with only one woman… I’m too selfish and wh-….”

Alexander fell silent as Alicia, with a revitalized expression, covered his mouth.

“You don’t have to say more…I don’t care if you have 1000 women…I just want to be in your heart.”

She said with a very cute smile, Alexander smiled brightly and then kissed her hand.

Alicia lowered her hand and looked at Alexander intently.

Alexander returned her gaze with the same intensity.

They looked at each other.

They brought their lips softly closer….

“Mooou Onee-sama, that’s unfair! I want my special moment with Alex-sama too! Unfair! Unfair!”

“Ara ara~ does little Alicia want to sniff Anata a lot? Does she want to be held tightly by him? Ohh~ I didn’t imagine that Princess Knights could be so d~ar~i~ng Ufufufufufufufufufufu~”

“Danna-sama and Alice-sama, don’t treat us like air while we’re in front of you please.”

And they were interrupted.

Prim was very jealous and was blowing hot air out of her ears while throwing a tantrum, even though she looked cuter than anything.

Olga was watching all this amused but didn’t miss the opportunity to tease Alicia.

And Chloe was pouting cute with a chibi face.

Alicia suddenly processed everything that had happened in those seconds, and turned red little by little from the tips of her toes, to the top of her head.

Her eyes rolled back when she heard what Olga was saying.

She really had a fetish. God ever since she smelled Alexander’s scent, she knew that smell soothed her and made her feel good.

Alexander saw all this and gave her a kiss on her forehead Alicia.

This seemed to calm her down.

And then he stood in front of Prim.

She got nervous very quickly but kept looking Alexander in the eye. She was standing upright and was much smaller than Alexander but her determination overshadowed the lack of height.

“I was attracted to you too from the first moment I saw you, Prim.”

Prim blushed heavily and made a cute embarrassed face.

“Alex-sama~ I… I also want to do everything that Onee-sama has said… all of that and muuuuch more… muuuuch muuuuch more~”

Prim resolved herself as she spoke and finished to kiss Alexander on his mouth as well, while standing on her tiptoes.

Alicia saw this and sighed as she knew her cute little Imouto was 10 times or more, perverted than she was.

Though she herself had bit of perversion.

Thinking this far ahead, she remembered what they were going to do next and activated Tomato Mode again.

Alexander kissed Prim with the same vivacity as he did with Alicia, and was surprised to see that Prim did not want to separate from his lips, her inexperienced tongue was also rolling around in his mouth.

At some point because Prim was a normal human, she needed to take a breath of air and though indisposed, she parted her lips from Alexander’s.

She licked her lips and looked up at Alexander with a very perverted expression and expectations of what was coming next.

Alexander looked at Alicia and Prim, they were looking at him with desire and firmness.


He sighed and then smiled.

He smiled so brightly that even Olga and Chloe blushed.

Not to mention Alicia and Prim, who received the attack at point-blank range.


“I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m so happy, I’m the luckiest man in the whole world Hahahahaha.”

The four women blushed too much as they looked towards Alexander.

They felt that they were the ones who didn’t deserve this man.

Alexander was too attractive in their eyes at the moment.

Alexander thought to himself of what had happened so far.

Since he had been reincarnated, unlike the MC’s in the novels he read, he had not automatically adapted to the whole situation.

In fact, rather than training and researching or anything else, he made sure to maintain a healthy state of mind.

So he tried to live as humanely as he could.

To say that his situation was stressful is putting it mildly.

He knew that his life was practically like a Fanfic of the ones he read before. And he knew his future was not easy.

Though personally he was too thankful to Yu IIhan-sensei for teaching him this sort of thing.

He could be immortal, and he could have the greatest Cheat imaginable.

But he himself is still a normal human being from earth, an Otaku and a bit of a Hikimori in his spare time.

Even when he had read thousands of texts that said that a Harem was something simply wrong, he, being a simple person, is just going to follow his desires.

The feeling he got from making Olga and Chloe his wives was something so great that he never imagined it, he never thought that he, an introverted boy, was going to get married, of course, although the only thing missing in his situation was the wedding, that could be solved later.

He is a very simple person.

You can say what you want, but he is a simple person.

He didn’t have complicated thoughts and he didn’t look at life abstractly.

He reincarnated because he saved a soul and was, on that day, the luckiest soul among hundreds and hundreds of souls, he imagined.

He didn’t know why this is so, and none of this matters to him at all.

Nor was he quite surprised that in his reality, there was an Intermediate World and the 12 Planes, none of this mattered to him.

Nor did it matter to him to know all that it was possible to do with his ability.

None of this mattered to him.

He was born an orphan, without a family.

He suffered more than anyone else for this, his pain was too much… really too much.

He learned early on to be independent.

And during the 21 years and 10 months he lived on Earth, he had only one desire.

It was nothing special, but it was a simple wish.

To start a family.

By himself, from scratch, to start a family.

And then, when that wish was fulfilled, to protect that family.

Unlike all the novels he read, or the Anime he watched, even the Superhero movies he saw, where all the heroes had problems with their parents for one reason or another when he couldn’t even fight with them because they didn’t exist, Alexander thought it was very different.

His thinking and his desire were very different from the light novels.

He read in novels that the main characters obtained overly powerful Cheats and these said they were going to protect their loved ones when they didn’t even have them or weren’t like that yet.

And Alexander still thought the novel was entertaining but they weren’t really true.

They weren’t correct.

It never mattered to him.

Not until now, that he found himself in a situation that in his World would have been categorized as [Fiction].

His desire came from his experiences.

It came from his expectations.

It came from his need.

And it was something totally normal, so normal that it could seem boring.

This is Alexander Smith.

He reincarnated with desire.

He got two beautiful dark Elf Wives.

He is the most powerful being in the world he is in.

He was the simplest person that could exist.

He was the most boring person that could exist.

He will follow his own desires.

He will make his own history.

The four girls in the room watched as Alexander went from blissful, until he closed his eyes and put on a neutral face as he appeared to be meditating.

Chloe looked at Olga as this had never happened before, this was rare behavior from her owner.

Olga looked at her, and happily said:

“Anata is finally acting natural.”

Chloe didn’t understand, but since she saw that it was nothing that was going to hurt him, she didn’t do anything, she just waited.

Alicia could understand a little of what Olga said since she was the second most mature in the group, but she also smiled since this meant something good for the person she loved.

And Prim just didn’t understand anything, she tilted her head prettily and waited for Alexander just like the others.

Alexander opened his eyes.

And then…


He imagined strongly…

And passed his Energy…


The weird sound that creation produced sounded.

*Ding: You have created a new Ability.

-???: ???.*

And he smiled to himself.

He looked at the expenditure of Energy he had made as he felt it was almost all of it.

Energy: 120/9924 (EX Quality).

And it seemed fair enough to him.

He looked over at Olga, Chloe, Alicia and Prim, and smiled at them.

They didn’t quite understand, but they were melting at how pure and warm that smile was.

They even noticed that it looked a little different….

More like…

Safe, confident.

This change only made him more perfect in the eyes of the 4 women now blushing and breathing in hot air.

Alexander then walked to the door and opened it.

To reveal a nervous and very flushed Chaia.

And she began to swallow audibly at the sight of Alexander’s body in just Boxers.

Alexander smiled at her and said:

“Are you sure? I’m very selfish and very jealous.”

Chaia, the red-haired nun with huge breasts, was stunned where she stood.

She looked at the smile of the person who saved her.

The person who treated her like no one else had ever done.

When she was only seen as a piece of meat by the men, and jealous of the women. Even of the other nuns, only her mistress Alicia and Lady Prim thought of her as a friend. She was even very cheerful and mature, but she was rather lonely because of this.

The person who changed her life.

The person she fell in love with.

The person she used to masturbate herself for the first time today….

She didn’t even understand the question very well but she answered with determination:

“It’s not just that you saved me… your manner, your warmth… your gentleness… your tenderness… your dominant side… your masculine side… you made me fall in love in just half a day… you caught my heart… my life

belongs to you, Alex-sama, you can discard me or push me away… but I’ll never stop feeling this I feel for you…”

Alexander smiled and held Chaia’s chin with his hands to lift it a little.

That look…

Alexander felt that that look should be illegal….

Not only Chaia, the others look at him like that too….

He thought that since this was a Hentai World, women didn’t have strong feelings towards something, but he was wrong, and ohhhh my god, how he was wrong.

It wasn’t fair not to respond.

Alexander gently kissed Chaia’s lips and Chaia let out a tear of happiness she felt at this moment.

It was definitely the best time of his life.

After a simple and highly loving kiss, they parted their lips to breathe.

Chaia was very flushed and excited.

She herself could feel her erect nipples under the robe she was wearing.

Alexander smiled at her and opened the door for her to enter.

Chaia walked in with determination and a lot of expectations, too, too excited.

And then, Alexander did too.

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