IAIK Ch.30

Ch 30

(Contains R-18 scenes so skip it if you are under 18.)

Alexander closed the door to the room.

He walked in and looked at the women inside.

Olga, Chloe, Alicia and Prim looked a little surprised at Chaia’s appearance, but only that, they knew that with the looks she was giving to the man who is or would be her man after today, it was normal for these kinds of feelings to be released.

Chaia was very nervous as she didn’t know exactly if she would go down badly, or well with this group that she identified as Alexander’s women.

Alicia was thinking something, if it is with the people here in this room, she was completely accepting of sharing Alexander.

She stepped forward and took Chaia by the hand and smiled at her.

Chaia seemed visibly more relaxed and then waited to see what Alexander would do, even though her hard, large nipples were already bothering her a bit under the cloak.

Alexander looked at all this and smiled.

He advanced until he was a few steps away from the girls and watched them all together.

Olga was just laughing with happiness because her Master seemed to be relieved of doubts, as if she knew that Alexander used to hold back too much, although she was also quite blushing because she knew the erotic disaster that would happen later.

Chloe was blushing because Prim took her hands earlier and they had stayed like that, she was happy to have people who would be like sisters to her from now on. In fact, Chloe lived a very lonely life in all her years, and apart from her Queen, she wasn’t friendly with no one. She was so happy that even little tears formed around her eyes as she imagined that since meeting Alexander she was not going to be destined for loneliness.

Prim had seen Chloe trying to stand apart and she took her hands and smiled at her. She wanted to be friends with all of Alexander’s women as well since to her, this just equaled a big family, albeit still a bit small. In fact, Prim was searching in her mind for the best character women she knew to stand beside her man, for now she had a small amount of 50.

Alicia had been so happy since Alexander had accepted her that she had not stopped laughing, she was also surprised but very positively to see Chaia here, although she accepted her because Chaia’s eyes when she looked at Alexander were the same as hers. She took Chaia by the hand and they waited for Alexander who seemed to have something to say.

Alexander saw this…

He saw these 5 ladies looking at him with eyes….

Eyes that should be censored….

He patted his cheeks lightly and then made up his mind.

Alexander: “Alicia, Prim, Chaia… would you listen about me?”

Alicia: “Of course, Alex-sama.”

Prim: “Haaaai~ Alex-sama, I was waiting for you~”

Chaia: “You accepted me Alex-sama, therefore it is my duty to know more about you… (about my man.)”

Alicia replied very happily.

Prim was excited and let out hot air through her nose.

Chaia was very grateful that she could be here and mumbled at the end when she called ‘her man’ to Alexander.

Alexander was happy and looked towards Olga and Chloe.

They nodded.

Alexander took a breath and said:

“…So where do I start?”

At this point some time had passed, Alicia, Prim and Chaia were literally standing with their mouths open in disbelief.

Alexander told them about the world he was, that he had died rescuing someone, and so on.

He also told them about his personal World, his ‘abilities’ and his great power.

The girls hearing this for the first time were stunned in a way they had never been before.

“…And that would be it, so far.”

Alexander finished saying all that would be said and waited for the girls’ reactions.

Alicia seemed to be the one who came forward the quickest and spoke up:

“It’s… too surprising to say the least… but it absolutely doesn’t change the way I see you… It just makes you more e-enchanting to the eyes…”

She spoke softly and at the end stuttered a bit.

Prim was…

“Awesome! Alex-sama is awesome! I’m falling more in love!”

Though at the end when she spoke she blushed with a chibi face at what she had said.

Chaia: “Alex-sama… his size just keeps growing for me…”

Chaia said like a maiden mowed down by love.

Alexander was quite amused by the girls’ different reactions and giggled with satisfaction at this moment.

His laughter seemed so pure to the five women in the room that they all blushed at the same time.

“Alicia, Prim, Chaia, would you be my women… from now until eternity?”

“””Haaiii Alex-sama!”””

The three replied with a smile and Alexander said:

“Then… from this day forward… you… are mine.”

Not only the new 3 girls, but even Olga and Chloe shuddered with pleasure at the tone Alexander had used just now, to proclaim them as his.

For the 3 new girls, that Alexander, the being who seemed to be the kindest being there was, could use this tone, only made him that much more perfect than he was before. For in a way, all women deep down had a masochistic tinge to them. They liked to be dominated at various times by their men.

And they got extremely aroused.

Anyway… this was very… unique… wasn’t it?


God Yang Body.

Sexual Impulse connected to Energy.

Alexander activated the three Abilities in succession, he saw the look the 5 girls were giving him and he knew that today, he would raise quite a few Energy points, it seemed.

Alexander then walked over to Alicia who was a little surprised and kissed her hard, and with tongue.

Alicia responded desperately.

Their tongues were engaged in a great battle.



Erotic sounds and moans were made from that kiss.

Alexander pulled his mouth away from Alicia’s so Alicia could breathe.

A thin trickle of saliva formed between them.

Alexander saw this and kissed Alicia again, this time to make sure he sucked as much as he could from her small mouth.

He parted his lips from an entranced Alicia and then turned to Prim, who was already panting.

He grabbed her by her big, fleshy buttocks and kissed her very savagely, as she liked it so much that she came in gasps with Alexander’s tongue playing havoc in her mouth.

In fact, Alexander knew very well that unlike what was thought of Prim in his previous World, she was quite the opposite.

She liked to be treated roughly, and this was multiplied a hundredfold by being treated that way by the person she was strongly in love with. This was the kind of woman Prim was.

Alexander pulled away from her to leave her with her eyes closed and licking her lips while her hand was on her vagina.

He walked over to the red-haired Nun with huge breasts and grabbed her around the waist.

He saw her explosive body next to these clothes, it was very sexy, but it just got in her way.


He ripped Chaia’s full dress and kept removing clothes until he saw her naked.

Chaia was just turned on beyond belief and was drooling from the strong sexual tension that was in the air.

The sweet smell of woman produced by the juices from the arousal of 5 of them was amazing to Alexander, it was making him so hard that his dragon seemed to be at war with the Boxer.

He saw Chaia completely bare-chested and looked at those big breasts of hers.

Especially those very large nipples that were apparently inverted, only the excitement had brought them out of their hiding place.

He touched his hand to Chaia’s right mountain as she gasped from the pleasure of his touch, and took the large pink nipple into his mouth.

In fact, Chaia’s breasts only slightly smaller than Olga, but they still felt

completely different.

Alexander started playing with the nipple and began sucking it hard at the same time.

He bit it from time to time.

He put his hands, on Chaia’s lush buttocks and brought his fingers close to her pussy full of juices.


Then he slipped a finger into Chaia’s sticky cave and Chaia came for the second time at that moment, from the sensation of both from her nipple and breasts, as well as in her vagina.


Alexander turned around as Alicia had used a very sensual voice to call out to him and he pulled away from a nearly swooning Chaia to head towards the other.

Olga and Chloe watched all of this and masturbated themselves with their hands, they knew that for now it was only the 3 new girls’ turn to play, their time would come later.

Alexander came in front of Alicia and started undressing her, then he was taking off his Boxer shorts.

With Alicia now completely naked and breathing very excitedly, Alexander pulled down his Boxer briefs completely.

And the Dragon seemed to be angry as he stood up and growled to the heavens and the Gods.

Alicia was surprised at the sheer size of this thing, but for some reason instead of being frightened, she just felt her vagina already sticky with juices, turning into a light fountain, longing for such a monster to pay her a visit.

Prim and Chaia, who were already completely naked, saw their man’s Dragon and had the same reaction, drooling a little while making hungry faces.

Alexander then looked over to the not so small bed, and tucked it into his inventory with a touch.

Olga and Chloe were now masturbating on a nearby couch, there was something very, really very arousing, in watching their owner grooming three women and then fucking them relentlessly.

Minuscule Creation.

Alexander then created a bed that could easily accommodate 6 people and lay down on it.

He took Alice’s hand and arranged it with her vagina on top of his face.

Alexander: “Chaia… Prim… attend to my penis and get your ass in this direction.”

The aforementioned seemed to become aroused by this and immediately their vaginas began to have spasms from the tone Alexander had as he asked them to take over his penis.

And they positioned themselves as he told them.

They had the beast very close to their faces and their asses were in Alexander’s direction.

Alexander saw Chaia’s Milf ass, much larger than Olga’s and he knew he was going to enjoy wreaking havoc other there, he then looked at Prim’s ass and round buttocks and stuck a finger into her vagina, he felt her shudder and then with his other hand, he did the same with Chaia.

Alexander really had a thing for big breasts and big butts, he simply couldn’t


Then, he gave a soft kiss on Alice’s vaginal lips, watched as she shuddered, and then he stuck his tongue into her.


Alicia at this moment was feeling a pleasure she had never felt before.

Even she couldn’t make herself feel like this.

She was so dizzy and the sight of her pretty Imouto in front of her, smelling the huge penis of Alexander as if it had the best smell in the world, only made her arousal multiply.

She hadn’t even started the real thing and was already about to faint from the great waves of pleasure that were hitting her.

Chaia and Prim at first looked a little dazed seeing the dragon in front of them.

Prim moved closer and stuck her nose to her man’s big cock and sniffed.

She could swear his smell was more delicious than the flowers in Mistress Celestine’s garden.

Chaia looked at the monster and suddenly felt that since it was her duty to serve her man, as he had commanded her, she had to tame this big cock and suck it like the servant and wife she was.

Chaia waited no longer and looked at Prim.

Prim looked at her and they nodded to each other.

They felt they had a connection between the two of them as they were almost able to speak their thoughts.

And in fact, they weren’t so wrong, the Connection ability, right now was

interconnecting the emotions of all the women in the room.

Chaia then put her head on top of the huge penis and smelled that addictive smell.

She then kissed the tip of the fat head with a fondness as if she were a big Sister kissing her little brother.

She stuck out her tongue and began to lick the whole thing.

When she felt the slight shudders of her Lord, she felt very glad for within herself and this gave her courage.

She opened her small mouth and took the whole head of the penis inside her.

She had to strain a little as it was too wide.

Then she started playing with her tongue and sucking very hard.

*Sorber* *Sorber* *Sorber*

Prim was in charge of the balls and the underside of the penis for now.

She was sucking them with a lot of hunger in her gestures, and this made her Big Sister who was watching her simply too excited to see this new dirty image of her pretty Imouto.

Alexander was thrusting his tongue deeper into Alicia’s pretty pussy and Alicia was just making high sounds of pleasure.

In fact, Alexander never needed such a thing as a sound barrier to do these things and very loud and extremely lewd sounds were currently being produced inside the room.

Thing that Alexander was not aware of as he was too busy.


Alicia squeezed Alexander’s head with her hands as he came shudderingly.

All the other women in the room also felt a big part of this and had some

powerful mini-orgasms, except Chaia and Prim who had their vaginas being sullied in all sorts of ways with Alexander’s hands, they came hard as well.

Alicia’s little vagina became a fountain of love juices dripping down on Alexander but he cared very little.

He slurped as much as he could and Alicia was still having the long, strong orgasm.

She had a very perverted look on her face at this point and couldn’t even form words from the pleasure that assaulted her.

Finally Alexander finished cleaning Alicia’s entire vagina with his tongue and felt that he was close to coming himself.

Chaia even as she came, still had her man’s huge cock in her throat.

Her tongue did what it could and fiddled all over the place.

She wanted to have her Lord’s whole cock inside her but she knew it was impossible.

It wasn’t something physically possible… for the moment, she just needed a little more training.

The fat head was showing through her cheeks in a big bulge, and Prim was kissing it and licking that bulge on Chaia’s cheeks.

Chaia then suddenly stuffed as much as she could into her mouth as she felt something coming.

She made guttural sounds every now and then.

She couldn’t take the whole cock as there was a sixth part left out.

“I am cumming…”

Alexander threw his head back and came from the pleasure he felt at this moment.


The white liquid was coming out in quantities in Chaia’s throat, and Chaia took what she could, she herself thought it was going to be something a bit unpleasant or something like that, but she was wrong.

Greatly, it was a taste that made her practically her slave of how much she liked it.

It tasted like fresh milk and even the texture felt that way.

Finally she couldn’t hold it in any longer and when her cheeks puffed out from the enormous amount of cum that kept spurting out, she pulled the giant cock out of her mouth.


Prim was ready as soon as she heard Alexander come, and she immediately took the big cock into her delicate mouth, shoved it in as far as she could and began to swallow the nectar that came out of it.

*Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp*

Alexander finally stopped releasing his juices and Prim, with her husband’s penis locked in her mouth, began to clean it as much as she could.

Alicia, still a little lost, had seen that Chaia had a lot of her man’s juice in her mouth, and just as he had done with her, she wanted to swallow it.

She kissed Chaia on her mouth, to Chaia’s great surprise, and began to take quantities of the semen that was in Chaia’s mouth.

Alexander was watching as his new women toyed with his semen and swallowed it as something delicious.

The sight made him completely hard again.

He was almost at the point of activating the Sharingan to record this scene, but he remembered what his second ability was.

“Alicia, are you ready?”

Alicia: “Yessssss~ Alex-sama.”

Alicia was very happy at this moment, too happy.

From the moment she had seen the images that Beasley had been able to rape her.

She had been feeling a little dirty.

But now that she was going to give her virginity to the man she loved too much, she was so happy that she cried a little.

Alexander saw this and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead.

Alicia was surprised and melted from the feelings of gentleness Alexander was conveying to her by Connection.

Alexander then looked at Prim and smiled at her. Prim was a little stunned at first, but when she saw the image that Alexander had put in her mind, she blushed very heavily and began to breathe in hot air.

Alexander then picked Alicia up and laid her down on the bed gently.

Alicia was very meek and let Alexander do whatever he wanted.

But she was surprised to see Prim who positioned herself parallel above her.

She looked up at Alexander and saw that he was smiling at her.

Alicia blushed quite a bit from feeling the full weight of her Imouto on her.

“Alicia… here I come.”

The moment Alicia heard that, Prim kissed her mouth and quite surprised her.

There was still some cum left and they both enjoyed it to the fullest.

Alexander, with Chaia sticking her huge breasts against his back, began to thrust the head of his huge penis into Alicia’s small, delicate vagina.

He felt it very tight.

He continued to put it in little by little while Alicia was feeling too much pleasure from her vagina and her mouth.

Then both Alicia and Alexander felt something in the way.

Alicia stopped kissing Prim and parted her lips with a big bridge of saliva between them, and looked up at Alexander.

“Make me yours~ My Husband~”

Her voice had become ten times more sensual.

Alexander nodded and thrust his cock in a little faster and broke the obstacle in the way, he kept going until she couldn’t take it anymore.

He had reached the womb.

Alice couldn’t even speak or make any sound as Prim kissed her again with her tongue swirling all over the place.

Alexander, now 18 centimeters inside, waited a few seconds for Alicia to adjust.

Alicia was crying with joy as she kissed her pretty Imouto with her hands on her cheeks.

She felt in the ninth heaven of pleasure.

Not even the slightest pain she felt as Alexander’s skills were working too hard for that.

It was also that she was a warrior and her physical stamina was very high.

She also felt like an Incestuous because of the hot kiss she was giving her Imouto.

This was fine with her though.

At this moment… Alicia felt complete.

Everything was right.

Alexander then pulled the full length of his penis out and reinserted it back into Alicia’s small, shy cave, while Alicia was making gasps in between kisses with Prim.

He began to move his hips faster and faster at the same time as he thrust his fingers into Prim’s vagina, which at this point looked like a fountain.

Prim was aroused in a way she could never have believed possible.



Alice began to make very lewd sounds with her mouth.

Alexander also began to speed up his movements more and more as each time, he kissed Alicia’s uterus.

She was feeling so good at this instant, with Alexander’s strong movements in her vagina, and her inside taking the shape of her husband’s penis, that Alicia knew she had very little time left to have the biggest orgasm she had ever had in her life.

“Alex-shamaaaa~~ I’m comingoooo, I’m comingoooohhhhhhhhh~”

Alicia suddenly came too much with Alexander’s cock a little inside her womb.

Alexander felt the fountain crashing against his penis but held still so Alicia could feel it better.

While it didn’t last long, he understood that it was her first time, plus his skills and the situation increased the pleasure by much more.

Alicia then passed out with a very pure and satisfied smile on her face.

“Alex-sama~ It’s my turn now~ Please tear my little pussy with your big cock~~”

Alexander saw that Prim looked at him like a succubus who wanted his essence while saying something very dangerous.

She was still on top of Alice who was already sleeping at the moment.

Alexander then heeded what Prim said.

He pulled his penis inside Alicia’s vagina so that the juices, Love fluids and a little bit of blood came out like a fountain.

He then directed it higher he began to insert it into Prim.


Prim breathed hard in a cute way when she felt the big visitor in her cave.

And then Alexander reached Prim’s Hymen.

He saw that she was looking at him with Love and then he thrust in even deeper as some blood ran down her thighs.

Alexander then, like Alicia, stopped the penis when he was kissing Prim’s womb.

Prim felt something and instantly said:

“Alex-sama… continue~”

Alexander realized that Prim wanted him to do the same thing he does with Olga and with Chloe, the latter after several times of training.

Apparently, her Sex Drive was much more powerful than Alicia’s.

Alexander then slowly and very slowly inserted the fat head of his penis into Prim’s uterus.


She turned her head up and stuck out her tongue while unable to formulate a word.

Alexander saw this image and felt a little wrong for making Prim, who looked like a childhood friend whom you treat like your Imouto, make this kind of pleasure-intoxicated face.

Then once he felt Prim adjust to his penis, he began to move, eliciting

weird sounds from Prim’s mouth.


It was gaining speed until it was going in and out very fast inside Prim.

Prim seemed to lose the ability to do other things and just let Alexander do all the work.

Alexander moved and moved as he grabbed Chaia’s giant breasts behind him.

He was also tongue kissing her and Chaia had already come a few times.

Apparently Prim had more sexual stamina than Alicia as it was a while before she felt she had almost had enough.

She was a little frustrated that she couldn’t have Alexander’s seed inside her since he had yet to come.


Prim screamed as Alexander shoved a large part of his penis inside her, and she came with a pleasure that was heavenly.

Prim’s body seemed to have lost its strength as this one fell on top of Alice with a smile similar to hers.

Alexander then pulled his penis out of Prim and just like Alicia, quite a bit of fluid came out of her vagina.

He then settled Prim next to Alicia, both had goofy grins on their faces.

Alexander took a moment’s breath and with his penis still rock hard, he turned and looked at Chaia.

The red-haired nun, the spitting image of Irene Belserion, a character from Fairy Tail that Alexander admired, saw the mess her Lord and Husband had made of Alice and Prim.

She bit her lower lip from the excitement she was feeling right now.

Then she saw the eyes with which Alexander looked at her…

They were the eyes of a beast ready to hunt its prey…

Chaia came again just from seeing those eyes.

“Clean my penis… you’re next.”

He ordered her with a tone that made her shudder.

She smiled very happily and replied:


Then she gladly got down on her knees and directed her hands to her Husband’s cock to fulfill her duty.

“Don’t use your hands.”

Chaia was stunned for a moment and then giggled prettily and then began to clean the big penis full of vaginal fluids with just her mouth.

Alexander watched this and it felt too good.

He knew he was close to cumming already and he would do it deep inside Chaia’s cave.

*suck* *suck* *suck*.

The sight was very erotic as Chaia was working hard without his hands.

Alexander then pulled his cock out of Chaia’s mouth and looked at her.

“Get on all fours and lift your ass up to me.”

Chaia like the good maid she was, got into that position and tried to pull out as far as she could her ass.

Alexander looked at this view and really liked it.

He couldn’t hold back when it came to an ass and buttocks of this size.

He touched Chaia’s big buttocks and spread them a little apart and then aimed his penis at the pink vagina that was very full of Love’s juices, of Chaia.

She liked all this as she was a real masochist, although she herself did not know it at this time.

Chaia shuddered as she felt him opening her vaginal lips with his very fat penis head and she said:

“Husband…make this maid yours~”

Alexander heard Chaia’s mature, Milf voice, and he was so aroused right now that he started to thrust it into the cave with enthusiasm.

He reached the Hymen and after looking at Chaia, he continued a little harder.

A small amount of blood began to run out of the pink vagina.

And he went on and on thrusting it in.

He was a little surprised since apart from Chaia’s vagina being very tight, apparently, it was very deep.

Finally he reached her uterus and she was only moaning uncontrollably.



Alexander then looked at Chaia and seeing that she nodded to him with what little sanity she had left, Alexander continued until he had the tip of his penis completely inside Chaia’s uterus.

He had done it on four people so far, and he had to say that each uterus was like a different house for his penis.

Then Alexander saw that there were only 2 more centimeters left to be completely inside and he slowly pushed them in.


Chaia was almost fainting and her mouth was drooling from the enormous pleasure she was feeling at the moment.

So far only Olga was the one who could take each and every one of the 24 centimeters inside of her.

Alexander then, with his penis completely inside Chaia, put his hand on her abdomen to see where his huge penis was.

He was quite surprised that such a thing was possible, although with Olga it was the same.

And he began to move.

Some time passed and he started slowly, then sped up.

Because at last his penis was completely inside Chaia’s vagina, you could hear the loud sounds of his hips bumping against her big buttocks.

*Peakk* *Peakk* *Peakk* *Peakk* *Peakk* *Peakk* *Peakk*.

Faster and faster and faster.

Chaia’s buttocks were getting redder and redder from the collisions but Chaia didn’t feel much of this.

She was already on the verge of unconsciousness from how pleasurable her body was feeling at the moment.

“Chaia… I’m coming… take all my seed insideeee!”

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ Annnnnnnnnhhhhhhh~”

Alexander thrust his penis completely inside her soaking wet vagina in one strong thrust and came deep inside her.

*Splurt* *Splurt* Splurt* *Splurt* Splurt*

Chaia couldn’t take it anymore and fell unconscious at that instant.

Alexander fell on top of Chaia from how good this feeling felt right now, and just took a few seconds to rest still connected to Chaia.

Even if it could have been seen, it would be possible to see a slight bulge deep in the stomach of Chaia.

Alexander then pulled his cock little by little out of Chaia and she shuddered a little, even fainted.

Then he looked in Olga’s and Chloe’s direction carefully.

Olga and Chloe were at this moment getting a live show, and the good kind, it was even her husband himself.

They watched as he made a mess of Alice, then Prim and finally Chaia.

The Dark Elves were masturbating from the excitement and sexuality in the room.

They had come several times already.

Then they watched as their owner completely ravaged Chaia.

Even Olga was surprised that the red-haired nun with huge breasts could bury Alexander’s entire sword in her sheath.

And then she respected her as a woman.

Then they saw that their Husband looked at them.

They only came because of that look.

They knew that when he looked at them like that.

They might not be able to walk tomorrow.

Even Chloe.

They stood up and went in front of Alexander to clean his big cock and then to work like the Wives they were.


That night…

The city of First Fortress was having high winds.

All the inhabitants of the small town were silent, after the big party that had been held.

Not even the insects were heard that night.

Only the vague sound of the wind.

When suddenly…

There began to sound the moaning of voices very familiar to the whole town….

And ohh it didn’t stop…

It didn’t stop…

It went on and on and on and on….

That night…

…It had been a long night…

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