IAIK Ch.31

Ch 31

The sun could be seen peeking over the horizon.

Its rays were gradually reaching the First Fortress.

It looked like a normal city.

But in fact, this city was attacked yesterday by Kuroinu’s Demonic Army.

An army that aimed to turn the entire nation into a Service Nation.

Where each and every woman would have the duty to be sex slaves to men.

Just imagine it.

Where, or from what culture could such a story come from, in the Modern World?


No doubt about it.

This could only come out of the head of someone living in Japan.

The most unique country in the World, so to speak.

But hey, it’s not all bad.

They are forgiven since they created Ghibli.


Well, in this city, the First Fortress, was the castle of the Knight Princess who lived there.

And, there was our MC Alexander.


Alexander was currently on his way to the castle kitchen.

He had stood up as normal, with Olga on top of him while his penis was in her uterus.

With Chloe on his right side, hugging his arm very tightly and drooling in a very cute way.


On the other side was Prim also hugging his left arm, while she was making cute breathing sounds.

Beyond Prim were Alicia and Chaia hugging each other, only Alicia had her eyebrows furrowed while her head rested on Chaia’s giant breasts, pouting prettily as she slept.

Alexander still chuckled a little at the memory of this.

With the greatest gentleness in the World, and even mild telekinesis, he was able to get up to make breakfast.

In fact, he noticed two things that changed in his state, that in his Energy….

Energy: 9948/9948 (EX Quality).

…It had increased by about 24 points.

And from the new skill added to his Status he had created yesterday.

-??? (EX): ???]

Apparently, the simple system could not fully parse the data on this one, and it came out like this, even though of course, Alexander had created it so he knew it too well.

And well, as usual, it seemed silly to him to start explaining this ability out of nowhere and while he was alone.

So clearly he wouldn’t do it.

Seriously, how weird it would be.

Alexander was always a fan of the High School DxD Anime.

And he always wondered what it would feel like to sleep among so many girls.

He only had one word.


Exactly, nothing could describe it better.

The smell, the touch, the sight, the sounds, everything was made for enjoyment.

It was like the Utopia of men.

In fact, as soon as Olga and Chloe had passed out, Alexander proceeded to clean the entire bed and the girls, while giving each of them a light massage with Hands of Rebirth, so that when they woke up they would be relieved of any discomfort from having had their first sex session, and in the case of Olga and Chloe, that he went a little too far, and judging by the very erotic moans of the two, they were enjoying it even more in their dreams.

Instantly after getting dressed, he activated on himself the sub-skill that was every housewife’s wet dream, Cleaning. And it was shiny and nice smelling.

Then he made an engagement ring for each of the three new girls, and added all the same things to it as to those of the Dark Elves.

Chaia’s was red like her hair.

Prim’s was pink.

And Alicia’s was a light blue.

And then he went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for his 5 Wives.

In fact, Alexander himself was not aware of it here, but he was grinning like a fool when he thought about this.

His dream was to have a Harem, and he practically had it right now.

It felt like he had come a very long way to have a Harem, but in reality it had only been less than two weeks. He thought this was due in large part to the kind of World that this one was, and well, not that he disliked it either (the speed with which it happened, the World he did dislike).


He sighed a little to calm down and continued on his way.

Apparently it was quite early and no one was up as everything was devoid of people.

He quickly made it to the kitchen and got to work with bits of meats and other things he had in his inventory.

Just as he was finishing, he could hear voices coming closer to the kitchen.

It was the same cooks who had gotten up to prepare breakfast.

The first ones opened the doors.

“Hello, did you sleep well?”

Alexander asked them with a smile under his mask.




Upon seeing him, instantly the few cooks were shocked out of their wits, and they became like tomatoes ready to harvest.

There were even some who fainted.

“What’s wrong?”

Alexander asked hesitantly.

Alexander stood in the hallway that led to the room where he and all his Wives had slept.

He was a little flushed as he learned that the sounds that were made yesterday, were heard throughout the palace, and possibly, the city.

(Ah, shame on me, shame on me…)

Alexander was blushing more and more and for this he activated his most trusted skill for the job,

Unique Soul.

Now a bit calmer, he arrived shortly after at the door and opened it.

“Good morning, I have prepared the desa-….”

“Alex-sama Alex-sama Alex-sama!”

Prim naked seemed to be a pink blur from the speed with which she went towards him.

She hugged him with a happy face, started saying his name many times and paused to look up into Alexander’s face.

“~I am your Wife~ Hehehehe~”

Alexander saw this and felt like an arrow pierced his heart.

His Life points were critical.

He quickly kissed Prim on the lips with a kiss loaded with love because of how cute this one was.

His tongue kept fiddling with Prim’s mouth.

She responded energetically as well.

Some time passed and Alexander parted from her pink lips.

He smiled down at Prim who met his face dangerously beautiful and sensual at the same time.

He reached down as he took his left hand and pulled out the ring in his pocket and showed it to Prim.

“Will you accept this symbol of our marriage that will last until eternity… Prim?”

Prim looked stunned.

And then.


She said in tears.

Alexander put the ring on her ring finger, stood up and kissed her on the forehead.

At this moment Prim was so pleased, excited and happy, that a part of her hair stood up and began to move in circles, faster than a Black Hawk helicopter propeller.

“Anata~ You still have rings left to deliver~”

Alexander: “Yes, that’s right.”

Alexander looked over and saw all the other women awake in the room.

Olga seeing the jealous and pouty face that Alicia and Chaia were making, said to Alexander as she was amused.

Alexander nodded.

Then he did the same with Alicia and Chaia, he gave them the rings with a very tender and perverted kiss at the same time, both accepted them crying and with much enthusiasm.

Alicia did not take her eyes off the precious ring on her ring finger.

‘I’m a Wife~!’

Alicia was celebrating in her mind.

Chaia was crying a little, but it was just from the happiness she felt at this moment.

‘I wish Oba-chan was here now.’

She remembered the grandmother who always took care of her until she passed away. She always told her that she should find herself a good Husband who could protect her, and love her.

‘I have the best.’

She thought with tears in her eyes.

She felt a hand on her head and a feeling of pure, warm pleasure came over her.

“‘From now on you will always be with me? Alicia and Prim too, nothing will separate us.”

She saw Alexander tell her this and looked towards Alicia and Prim as well.

“”””Haiiii~ Alex-sama~!”””””

After a while of more kissing and cuddling between everyone, with Olga acting as the mother of the group, they got dressed and started breakfast.

Alexander looked at the same clothes that his new Wives were wearing fixedly, now he was not going to do anything and later when he took them to Asora he would ask them to change them.

And he knew they would like it, for when everyone in the city saw their clothes, apart from being amazed at the strange clothes, they were in awe of their intricacy and designs, well, since there were over 600 women in this city with only, at this time, very few men, it was remarkable that they noticed this fact.

In fact, Alexander had activated the poor Unique Soul ability so that with all the strength he had and many more, to bring out the desire to fuck again that he had every time one of his wives embraced him completely naked.

The three new Wives had tasted Alexander’s food yesterday at the banquet, but still they felt that Alexander’s food alone could make them come. Alexander thought this too as he saw those faces.

Worthy of a Hentai World.

Or wait, of his chef skills?

Some time passed and they talked about what they were going to do now.

Olga: “Anata, me and Chloe will be at Asora for now, you can bring us anytime.”

Chloe nodded.

Chaia: “Alex-sama, I will pick up my things from the Church and I can also be in Asora together with Olga-sama and Chloe-sama.”

“Good, we will make sure to show you everything you need to know about Asora, I already want to see your face when you you’re there hahahahahaah~”

Chloe felt helpless with her Queen’s teasing but she smiled at Chaia accepting what Chaia said.

Alexander: “Alright, so now it’s necessary to know when Kuroinu will attack the Second Fortress.”

Prim: “No, Husband… hehehe~ I doubt very much that Kuroinu will attack the city I was assigned to, as it is soooo much farther than all the others, it’s even farther to go there than to go towards Celestine-sama’s City.”

Prim explained, though when she said ‘Husband’ to her Husband she couldn’t help but put a goofy smile and cute grin on her face, she continued speaking normally afterwards.

‘So this is why in the original only 6 Fortresses were attacked, well, although later on the Second Fortress must have suffered the same fate…’

Alexander said to himself.

Apparently he was getting the hang of talking to himself lately.

Alicia: “Alex-sama, that said, later I was planning to get all kinds of information out of Beasley, even when they attacked the cities.”

Alicia said with palpable distaste in her voice, she also sounded very cold, when talking about Beasley.

Alexander knew that they could use Beasley’s information on Kuroinu, but it still might not be the same since when he concentrated all his aura on Vault, he made sure that he would be unconscious for at least two weeks. And he knew that whenever there was an attack by Kuroinu, he was present. So by now, not counting yet whatever Beasley had to say, they have about 14 or so days until the attack on the Third Fortress happens.

Alexander: “Well, if that’s the case, then the Fortress closest to us right now and where Kuroinu will attack next is…”

Alice: “The Third Fortress and the one where The Princess Knight Kaguya-sama is located, who is the Lady of Radiance.”

Alexander nodded as he himself knew from memories of his previous life, about her.

Alexander: “That will be where we will head for now, and I will leave a protection in this city for if Kuroinu tries to attack here again.”

Alexander finished speaking and noticed that Alicia looked at him with gentle eyes.

Alicia: “Thank you Alex-sama… for everything.”

Alicia was very grateful to Alexander for if it hadn’t been for him, at this moment the vision she saw would have been real.

Alexander: “That was my goal since I came to this world, besides, you are my Wife right now… it is my duty to protect you and your people.”

Alicia let out a few tears of joy and smiled at Alexander with a beautiful smile.

Alexander saw her and she looked so pure to him that he hugged her very tightly against himself.

The others watched and smiled as well since their situation was exactly the same, if it wasn’t for their Husband, right now they probably wouldn’t even be alive, and if they were, it would probably be worse than Hell itself,

They stayed in each other’s arms for a while.

Alexander: “But Alicia, who will be left in charge of the city when you leave with me?”

“Don’t worry, Alex-sama, I already have the ideal person for that.”

Said Alicia while smiling mischievously, as she would hand over the complicated paperwork to someone else…

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