IAIK Ch.33

Ch 33

You could see the white Dimensional void…

Well, yes, you could see the void and Asora was there.

And Alexander was in Asora…

At this moment I was on the shores of the now great lake of Asora.

I had come here as I do from time to time to relax or to experiment with something.

It has already been 10 days since Alicia, Prim and Chaia joined this place and my Harem….


My harem.

Well, actually, I have a confession to make.

I had the ability, Sexual Impulse connected directly to Energy, in my repertoire, plus that Erebea Magic gave me practically infinite Vitality, I even helped train the girls and made them a little more stronger, but….


I don’t know how they hold up so well in sex.

Sure, it’s great because even though I’m left with energy for a year, it satisfies me.

But I really don’t know how they can keep up with me like that.

My goodness.

This world is really straight out of a Hentai.

The libido of these is… soooo but soooo intense, that in these 10 days I’ve been fucking so much that I think I released literally liters of cum in their vaginas, yes, it sounds bad, but it’s the honest truth. And they received it with a lot of enthusiasm. It’s not that they wanted to get pregnant since I told them the situation and that I’m not ready to be a father yet.

But well…

Not that I’m complaining.

No, not at all. Definitely not a bit.

They are the women I love, they are very beautiful and very enthusiastic in bed.

I really can’t ask for more.

I’ve always wanted to make a family of my own and I feel like I’m doing it.

I would really let out some manly tears here, but my strict ability, Unique Soul, won’t allow me to.


I sighed to calm my emotions.

I stretched a little and said:


[*Name: Alexander Smith.

Race: Human, Mage, ???.

Vitality: 999999+.

Strength: 328.

Energy: 10123/10123 (EX Quality).

*List of Abilities:

-Creation (EX).

-Photographic Memory (EX).

-Asora (EX).

-System (1.0).

-More-More (EX).

-Erebea Magic (EX).

-Haki (EX).

-Unique Body (EX).

-Unique Soul (EX).

-Multiversal Energy Processing (EX).

-Sharingan of Sasuke Uchiha (EX).

-Kaioken (EX).

-Manifestation of Mind/Energy (EX).

-Human Area (EX).

-Normal Aura (91% of Mastery).

-??? (EX): ???

-Hands of Rebirth (EX).

-Ray-Ray (EX).

-S Skills (EX):

1- Connection.

2- God Yang Body.

3- Sexual Impulse connected to Energy.

-??? (EX): ????]

It was as usual, only that there was a small increase of 2 points of Stat of Strength, and…

I passed the 10000 Energy points mark.

Since I could see how much I needed to open up a Dimensional slot, I’ve always had it as a small goal in my mind.

Of course, after I realized that I could increase the Energy through sex with my wives, I was very happy and downplayed it a bit.

But when I broke that mark….

I felt a change.

The Energy inside me became a little different….


More focused… I would say.

I felt the little chibi me in my Dantian grow up somewhat.

I could see how he went from looking like a child to being more like a teenager, of course, he was still chibi and sitting with his eyes closed.

There was definitely a quality increase in the Energy… since I got it titled (Quality EX) I thought it wasn’t possible even more, not with the items, pills, potions, and so on from all the Anime, Manga, and any other media I read.

For goodness sake, I even created an Azure Primordial Dragon God Heart, like the one in Against The Gods, but more like a replica, and even eating it cooked and drinking its blood, almost nothing happened, I only increased 1 point of strength, and a small change in the appearance, I think I looked a bit

more dominant… or so Chaia says.

She was a little too kinky and masochistic but since I managed to love her like I do all the others, I had a lot of fun experimenting with new things.

Have you seen the best of S/M, Nana to Kaoru, the manga?

Well, I advise you to do so.

I copied almost everything I remembered from there with Chaia.

I even made a necklace especially for her, per her request. I still felt a little sorry for her, but I still couldn’t say no to her. She said she was never going to take off the necklace that proclaimed her my property, I just sweated a little sorry at this.

We spent a lot of time on all of this…

And it was…


I’ll just say that.

I even noticed that the Training technique I created myself to cultivate the Energy of [Nothingness] started giving me a 6-point increase in Energy Stat per day.

Even though I didn’t need it since I had the other more delicious solution, I kept training on that anyway.

Not only was it for cultivation, but it relaxed me in a very special way, it was as if I myself was getting attuned to the [Nothingness], and although it seems strange, it feels very good, it’s something I’m not willing to lose just because I’m not training.

The girls these days, apart from the sessions together and privately having sex with me, were increasingly comfortable here.

Even, despite the many novels I read, or the Animes or whatever else, and contrary to what I thought myself, they didn’t really seem bothered by being in a Harem, after getting familiar with each other, they got comfortable with each other, each one had a role more or less.

Olga was like the mother, Chloe was like a shy Big Sister, Alicia was more suited to be in charge of social affairs and mundane matters, Prim was like the cute Imouto, clueless and a bit mischievous of them all, and Chaia who was always smiling, was the Maid of the Mansion.

Olga and Chloe already looked like people from earth, of course, only because of their skills with the equipment or their Dark Elf bodies, exquisite, perfect and with that almost celestial aura about them, they were impossible to be left out in the Modern World.

And in fact, this was not only them, the others also acquired this characteristic after I gave them the Goddess Ying Body skill.

Alicia cried comically the moment her D-cup chest was upgraded to E-cup,

also her 19 year old girl body became more pronounced.

I stroked her head a lot of how cute she looked at that moment.

Prim also upgraded from E cup, to the big F cup, just like Chloe, and she just hugged Chloe celebrating with “~Yayy~”, and of course, the victim of the hug who was not adapted to that, blushed quite a bit, though in the end and very softly, she stroked Prim’s head with a smile that could melt the North Pole with how warm it was.

Chloe is too cute.

I see her more as my shy Imouto than my Wife.

Every time that happened, I felt more and more like a Sis-con.

Chaia she…

She reached H-cup, just like Olga, and even a little bigger, her curves were outlined more, and her big ass, got bigger….

The first time I saw her, after the change….

In that Japanese Maid uniform that looked tight….

I directly activated Sharingan in Eternal stage, felt a glass explode in my nose, and then I attacked her with my little brother for quite some time. Olga saw this and with a pout joined us…

That day I fell asleep between 4 soft mountains….

One of the best nights of sleep I have ever had in my life.

They were practically Goddesses among women, and although it was slow, they came close to having the ideal body of a perfect woman, of course, in their own way.

Just like me.

I also realized that this increased the longer we did the energy exchange, which was fucking.

When they noticed that they could become more beautiful the more they had sex with me, I felt shivers all over my body at the sight of their glowing eyes, and I swear to God even my penis trembled.

And that I’m very Cheated…

Although I didn’t know why it was, I had become familiar with the chills, I felt them all the time, I was already living with them, it was something normal.

Alicia, Prim, and Chaia adapted very well to Asora. In fact, the comforts of the land were something you just couldn’t deny.

Olga acted like an Onee-san and patiently taught them, Chloe did so as well, but every time Prim or Chaia called her ‘Chloe-sama’, she would blush and stutter a little.


How cute.

Olga also didn’t miss opportunities and was always teasing the others.

I still remember her in front of Alicia, she said:

“Anata~, give me a massage~, my shoulders hurt again as my breasts are very heavy~”

Alicia was pouting adorably with a Chibi face and I was stroking her head so that she wouldn’t feel bad, and I really don’t know how it goes, from head stroking, to 7 hours of wild sex.

That was…

The best…

Alicia also used to train a lot, especially after I set up a Japanese Dojo for her, on the side of the Mansion.

She gave me a reward that I didn’t think she ever did.

Her other virginity.

I can only say that she was much kinkier, yet more serious, than I had imagined, by a lot.

But I liked this.

In fact, I’ve already taken all the others’ virginities.

Prim literally was too cute, very very cute and pure, or well ….

At least when it wasn’t sex time…..

She put so much effort into our Love sessions that I ended up doing what I did with Olga and Chaia, to her little body…

Yes, all 24 centimeters of it….

She was very enthusiastic…

Besides, she ate a lot of food made by me, or from my World.

Since Goddess Ying Body allowed her to maintain a near-perfect physique for a woman, she didn’t gain even a pound for everything she ate, the others were the same. So this is why I always cooked a lot.

I also read manga or watched Anime.

All Kawai Otaku.

And I was his Sensei.


I was also his Sensei in bed.

I must say that Japanese people are really horny….

Prim, and all the others have learned too many things….

Too many…

Chaia was mostly doing her self-imposed Maid duty.

I must say that since she, Alicia, and Prim, had the ability to Clean, it wasn’t as necessary and there wasn’t so much work.

But she still put a lot of effort into it.

She also insisted on washing my body at bath time, which, by the way, we always bathed together, and well…

Being surrounded by these 5 beautiful women, the last thing on my mind, was bathing.

When the three of them arrived here, to Asora for the first time, their state was this.

[*Name: Alicia Arcturus.

Race: Human, Princess Knight.

Vitality: 70.

Strength: 7.]

[*Name: Prim Fiorire.

Race: Human, Princess Knight.

Vitality: 48.

Strength: 3.

Magic: 4.]

[*Name: Chaia.

Race: Human.

Vitality: 51.

Strength: 4.]

They had a normal state of some humans, even Princess Knight’s race, it was something that did not stand out in any way.

Alicia had a strong vitality for a human, she even had the same strength of almost 2 men.

Prim, who didn’t train like Alicia, had the strength and vitality of a normal girl, and even, a small part of awakened Magic, which allowed her to perform that strange ability she had.

This was the solution to that mystery.

Chaia was a completely normal human, she had no surname as this was only carried by the nobles, she was of lower class.

This was their status at the time they arrived here.

In these 10 days they trained hard to become stronger, especially Alicia as she was a fan of training.

And their States, today, were these.

[*Name: Alicia Arcturus.

Race: Human, Princess Knight.

Vitality: 71.

Strength: 23.

Magic: 6.

*Ability List (NEW):

-Physical Training Technique (34% of Mastery) (NEW).

-Goddess Ying Body (EX) (NEW).

-Cleanse (EX) (NEW).

-Protection (EX) (NEW)].

[*Name: Prim Fiorire.

Race: Human, Princess Knight.

Vitality: 52.

Strength: 7.

Magic: 62.

*Skill List (NEW):

-Magic Training Technique (42% of Mastery) (NEW).

-Goddess Ying Body (EX) (NEW).

-Cleanse (EX) (NEW).

-Protection (EX) (NEW).

-Elemental Magic (12% of Mastery) (NEW): Allows the user to use the elements Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire, with a Magic expenditure respective to the power used].

[*Name: Chaia.

Race: Human.

Vitality: 52.

Strength: 16.

Magic: 12.

*Ability List (NEW):

-Slave Maid (11% of Mastery.) (NEW): Ability created by a Doting Husband of race ???, that gives the user more experience in battle, and in the tasks of a normal Maid, It also acts as a diverse training technique.

-Goddess Ying Body (EX) (NEW).

-Cleaning (EX) (NEW).

-Protection (EX) (NEW)].

Alicia, like Chloe, followed the path of physical training.

She had increased her strength a lot, not as much as Chloe since the latter had lived much longer and this gave her a lot of experience.

She awakened the Magic with a potion I gave her, as well as the others.

Vitality increased a few points due to Goddess Ying Body, with all of them it was the same.

Prim, just like Olga, followed the path of Magic since she had this characteristic, only she was not a of Mage Race, as she had not mastered a specific Skill or subject.

Her strength grew a bit due to Goddess Ying Body.

I even created a Skill that allowed her to use attacks of all elements, the explanation of the skill…


Well, Chaia, this…

She got excited when she saw her unique ability, and for the first time, she sexually attacked me and raped me….

I can’t say much, only that I enjoyed it like no one else can imagine….

I created the ability for her, as she can get to the end of the road of a Maid.

And her condition only increased a little.

Anyway, at the beginning, although I knew they were happy, it was impossible not to feel a little uncomfortable with the situation, because of how fast everything happened, but in these days they have adapted to Asora and to the things in my World completely.

We also celebrated Banana Smoothie day on Saturday.

Me and them were cuddled up on a couch watching movies and Animes, drinking from the delicious sweet drink.

That day finally, I showed them the Anime movie, Koe no Katachi….

Before playing it, I told them clearly and earnestly that in the future I would go there to help that poor girl.

They didn’t understand at first but they nodded anyway, and by the time the movie was over…

They were crying really hard, even Alicia, who is usually the most stoic, was crying too.

And they made me promise them that I would definitely rescue innocent Shouko from that situation.

Which I usually did, because from the moment I realized that I can visit

Anime Worlds, I always thought so.

She is the Anime character, I want her to be happy the most, she deserves it.

I will definitely give her a very good life.


At this moment, Nishimiya Shouko was throwing some pieces of bread to some fishes, on a small bridge, with her Imouto, Nishimiya Yuzuru by her side.


She sneezed a little in a very cute way.

“Onee-chan… do you have a cold?”

Asked her Imouto, Yuzuru, a little worried.

Shouko shook her head, but after sneezing, she felt a warm feeling inside,

and though surprised, she blushed a little.

“Onee-chan, don’t tell me you’re thinking about a boy, all blushing hahahahah.”


Tried to speak in exasperation Shouko, to answer her Imouto, though she was blushing more.


The little girl only smiled at seeing her Big Sister like this.

In fact, at that moment I don’t know why, but I felt like an arrow pierced my heart.

My hands itched to caress someone.

So I caressed the girls a lot, and they received my caresses very happily.

And I have to admit, the fact that Olga and Chaia, who look like mature Milfs, were like little girls at my touches, only increased my excitement…

And we were done in 4 more hours…

I looked at the lake in front of me, and this calmed me down a lot.

At this moment I had left a very affectionate note in the room, to let them know that I will be a little bit late.

I had planned to go towards the Third Fortress at this time.

When I almost get there, I will bring the girls with me.

They were stubborn about being with me in the Fortresses, I didn’t know why, but I didn’t care, I would leave them as long as there was no danger.

Although well…

Given my power, I really doubt anything is dangerous in this world.

But it never hurts to be cautious.

That’s how I self-raised myself all my life.

I did some warm-ups.

Then I meditated for a few minutes, not to increase Energy Points, but out of habit.

Then, I closed my eyes, and very concentrated, I tried to see if I could feel the Story Worlds.

This was what I wanted to do before I left Asora.

And I felt it…

All those worlds…

They were all kind of standing still in time, or it was like that for me, because I can feel them repeating over and over again….

If I wanted to, I could go right now, to any moment of any story…

In other words… I could appear in the time gap of my choice….

Although I felt that once I entered there…

Time could not be changed, well, in case I didn’t have something that would allow me to do so…

I always had my doubts about this whole Fanfic Multiverse thing, and now I realized something….

Any story that has been recorded, in any World…

Has its own World…

I mean, for example, I can enter into a World created from a movie, but I can also enter into a story or a book that has been presented in that movie…




Important things are said 3 times.

It’s too incredible.

Right now I feel very happy, my Otaku soul is vibrating like never before….


I feel extremely happy.

The Goddess of Reincarnation said that the cost to pay for my desires, was the option to go to paradise in the Plane of Light…

I deny with all my being that there is anything I could like more than this for this next life.

I really don’t know or care who that Goddess was or why she sounded so eccentric, but I thank her from the bottom of my heart for allowing me this.

Really, thank you.

I took a few minutes to calm down the emotion, as even my hair was rising a little with Telekinesis, and gently tapped my cheeks.


I disappeared from Asora.

To find myself outside the forest in the First Fortress.

Because I had already spoken to Alicia and Prim, I knew which way was the Third Fortress, and it was directly North of it.

I took a breath and started running fast, not as fast as I could, but still fast.

I knew that it was normally impossible to get to the Third Fortress in less than two days by carriage, but I was going at a speed 20 times faster.

So I would get there in no time.

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