IAIK Ch.34

Ch 34

Several hours later.

Alexander was running very fast and in the distance he could already see the great walls of the Third Fortress in the distance.

The trip had been normal, apart from encountering various magical animals and beasts in the forest.

He also saw the odd thing or two, worthy of an Isekai, but played it down.

He even killed a snake, which was a magical beast due to its large size, with Mind/Energy Manifestation, he swore that a strange animal he couldn’t make out ran away in despair after seeing this, but he played it down as it is natural for these beings to be afraid of those stronger than them.

He maintained his speed all the way, and with his great abilities, he was not even sweating.

He was fresh as if he had just come out of the bath.

Alexander knew that it had only been 10 days so far, and it was possible that they had 4 days until the attack, but since he wasn’t completely sure, he decided to come now while he was still in the right time.

He moved closer to the gates, and when he could see the guards, dressed in an extremely revealing, Japanese kimono….

Then he stopped.

He was still in the forest on the side of the main road to the city so he was not visible, and then…

He disappeared.

Olga stood up and was pouting slightly with a chibi face as she could not feel her Husband’s penis in her womb.

It was like it wasn’t right if it wasn’t like that.

She then turned to her right and saw Prim asleep and with very red cheeks.

Olga put a smile on her face and grabbed Prim’s cheeks to pull them a little.

“Hmmm Alllleshamaaa~ Eshiii~”


Olga giggled at how adorable this creature looked in front of her.

For a few minutes she continued to play with Prim’s face as it made cute reactions.

Then she turned to see her Ex-War Commander, also her closest friend and her goddaughter.

The aforementioned was sleeping peacefully, drooling on the pillow with a very peaceful and happy face.

Olga felt her hands itch and also pulled her cheeks slightly.


She watched as this one pouted and furrowed her eyebrows very cutely.


Several minutes passed and they had all woken up.

Although Alicia, Prim, Chloe and Chaia felt a bit of discomfort in their cheeks and saw Olga giggling like a naughty cat.

They got dressed and when they saw Alexander’s note on the door, they each reacted differently.

Olga laughed in a very sweet way, as she felt that way in her heart.

Chloe did too, and blushed a little.

Prim was excited to know that for breakfast there was her favorite dish.

Alice just thought that having a Husband like Alexander was the best thing and sighed like a maiden in love.

Chaia looked surprised since she didn’t have to make breakfast, but she couldn’t stop the warm feeling inside her, she touched the necklace that said [Alexander] on her neck and thought that her destiny changed for the better the moment she gave her first time to Alexander.

Several more minutes passed, and as they knew that their Husband was going to be a little late in arriving at the Third Fortress, they did their thing and relaxed a lot.

Even Olga changed her clothes and went into Olga-sensei mode.

She, who was by far the most mature, studious, and intelligent of them all, gave them the normal lesson of the day, of course, other ‘Lessons’ were at other times, at ‘that’ place.

As she had studied with the books that Alexander created for her, she currently had a strong knowledge of the Modern Era.

And of all the equipment and gadgets of the Modern World, so naturally, she was teaching them little by little.

After the lesson ended at the conclusion of chapter 4 of ‘Olga Discordia’s Thoughts about Objects in the Bathroom’, they each went off to do what else they always did for the day.

Alicia headed off to train at the Dojo.

Chaia set about reading several books, created by Alexander, that taught how to be a better Maid.

Prim just wanted to watch the 12th and final chapter of the slightly weird Anime she was watching, School Days… (Tl : Ah yes… Kotonoha my favourite waifu is in this anime… and yes I am not joking…)

She thought it wouldn’t be anything interesting, in fact, she didn’t know why Alexander told her not to watch it, but being the way he is, she had only one chapter left….

Chloe was just trying to do a ‘Secret’ training, although everyone knew it, to make chocolate candy, since in several Animes, she saw how on February 14th, the day of the Valentine, they were given to the one you love.

When she remembered this, she was like “Uwaa~” and blushed quite a lot.

If Alexander were here, you could see him say to himself, “How cute,” and caress her.

Alexander was still running at his own pace along the path that vaguely remained in the area.

And then…

He stumbled.


*Creakk* *Creakk*


He crashed hard into a clump of trees, but he didn’t feel hurt in the slightest. He was too strong for that.

He got up and shook himself a little to shake off the debris.

He put his hand to his chest and looked up at the sky.

‘This… Is this love?’

He felt that something had pierced through his heart and this was why he stumbled, and right now his hands were itching badly from stroking someone on the head.

But since he was alone, he shrugged his shoulders and kept running as if nothing had happened.

After several hours, Olga and Alicia could now be seen sitting in front of each other, with strangely designed cards in their hands.

What were they doing?

They were…

Having a duel…

The atmosphere was tense… Olga’s face was a bit desperate and Alicia’s was mocking as she looked at her… they both knew that the next few turns were going to decide everything.

Olga had 200 Life Points, and Alicia had 1500.

“I… I trust the Heart of Cards!”

Olga seemed determined and then drew the card from the deck.


Apparently, the Heart of Cards didn’t trust her that much, as her face when she saw the card was of despair…

She put the card face down with a resigned look on her face and ended the turn.

Alicia was very happy at this moment and was teasing Olga in her mind.


She drew, saw that it was a very strong monster and then with a smile as if she had already won, she said:

“Hahahaha~ I sacrifice the two monsters in my field, and summon the Blue Eyes White Dragon, Surrender Olga-sama, this match was won by me, hohohohohoho-…!”

Alice summoned the monster, which was very powerful on the field and then she started laughing like the villain from a 4th grade movie, with a chibi face.

But she stopped, as she saw Olga change her normal face, to her mischievous cat face…

“I activate my trap card, it destroys the monster you had summoned for sacrifice and takes away half of its Attack Points, to your Life Points, as your monster had 3000, it takes away each and every one of your remaining 1500 points… You still have a long way to go to beat me…. Alicia-chan, Nyahahahahahaha~”

“N-no c-couldn’t be…”

Olga explained her move and in the end laughed while teasing Alicia who had lost.

Alicia herself was with a dumbfounded face and didn’t know what had gone wrong in her plan to beat Olga, and take away for tonight, the right to sleep with Alexander’s not-so-little little brother inside her….

Prim: “Onee-sama… Olga-sama isn’t beaten that easily, why do you think she’s been undefeated in 100 duels already? Haaaa~”

Chaia: “Alicia-sama control your laughter please, you look like a villain that dies early in the movies… you too Olga-sama.”

Prim was also dejected as she herself had tried to defeat Olga, not only her but even Chloe and Chaia as well, but they never could, and she told her Onee-chan resignedly to sigh adorably at the end.

Chaia was just sweating a little seeing the laugh Alice had made, and the one Olga was making right now.

When suddenly…

“What… what happened here?”

They saw Alexander in front of the living room door, who was looking at them with question marks over his head, as he saw their different faces….

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