IAIK Ch.35

Ch 35

Alexander had arrived in Asora some time ago, and the girls were now preparing to go to the Third Fortress.

When he arrived, he had seen Alicia running towards him while crying comically, and he had had to pat her on the head to calm her down, which he did, and she was even making a slightly ahegao face.


Prim saw this and immediately blew hot air out of her nose with a fierce chibi face of an angry and muuuuuch jealous pout, which reminded Alexander of Kuu-chan from the Anime Sekirei.

In fact, he would visit that Anime as well.

And now they were already leaving the [Nothing Mansion].

This was his name.

And in fact, it had been almost the last of the names that were under discussion.

There had been such as, “The second castle of the Dark Elves,” Alexander denied it, and Olga put on a cute pout.

“LAPUTA”, this had been denied by Alexander as he would not allow plagiarism to that work.

“Harem Castle”, he also refused as he was too embarrassed and blushing, which seemed a delight to behold for the 5 Wives.

“Yandere Home”, vehemently refused and in fact, felt a deep shudder as he remembered that he had not taught that meaning to his Wives…who were smiling at him purely and with an coordination.

“Coiling Dragon,” Alexander was reminded of a grandiose Chinese novel in from his previous World so he denied it.

“Mister Alexander’s Home for Extraordinary Girls”, he also denied this one without hesitation as it reminded him of a slightly strange but charismatic movie from his previous World.

“Golden Dragon Soaring Mansion,” Alexander was not in a Wuxia novel, so he definitely declined.

“Mansion in Apocalyptic World”, Alexander liked the novel too much to plagiarize it.

“Home Sweet Home”, in fact, this one had been named by Chloe, who was in her 100% DereDere phase and although a bit guiltily, Alexander denied it…

And so it was an intense afternoon of the girls submitting names to Alexander for naming the Mansion, until Chaia thought of her Master’s power, and in her fondness for naming things in English, she gave the idea, and so that name was chosen by the approval of Alexander, and the other girls.

It was definitely the best fit.


Alexander saw that they were already dressed and ready to go out, Olga and Chloe had their elegant black cloaks covering their whole body and face, Alicia was dressed in a noblewoman’s clothes, but completely normal, not like the one she was wearing before, her sword and her other objects were inside the storage of the Ring, as well as the others, Prim was dressed in a mage’s clothes, also like a normal Isekai’s clothes, and Chaia, she was still wearing her Maid’s clothes, of course, with her otherworldly body, her breasts and buttocks stood out quite a bit, mainly.

Alexander looked at his Wives and activated the Sharingan.

They already knew what this was, and laughed as they realized that their Husband had forgotten, that he couldn’t forget anything.

Alexander then pulled up his mask, just like Kakashi-sensei’s, and took the hands of Olga and Chloe.

Prim hugged him from the front very tightly and laughed prettily.

Alicia and Chaia hugged tightly by the wide back of Alexander.

He was whipping Unique Soul in his mind to work harder, and not allow his little Brother to run amok.


They disappeared in a flash of Asora.

Now they were on their way to see The Lady of Shine, Kaguya, the one who led in the Third Fortress.

It was currently possible to see the Third Fortress, a small city of about 3 kilometers in diameter, surrounded by an extensive wooded area while oozing a strong connection to the surrounding nature.

It was also possible to realize that this city, only except for the large walls that surrounded it, was one similar to those built in the Edo period in Japan.

It was possible to tell by several things, the unique shape of the houses, the clothing of the people, which although extremely revealing in the case of the women, you could tell that they were Japanese.

There was also a large shrine located almost at the end of the fortress, in the northern part.

It looked like one of those you would normally see in Japan and it was even possible to see the large Torii at the entrance of it.

This indicated that behind it was a sacred territory.

Similar to the First Fortress, here there were not so many men in the place, almost all of them were women, the men being a very small population.

Of course, being a slightly larger city than the First Fortress, it had a slightly fuller population, slightly more crowded.

This settlement had transited from the Far East, to here, since the last few years at war on the Continent.

There the whole land was destroyed by the Non-human army in this world, and the inhabitants transmigrated in search of a place where they could be protected from this war, and when they found this clearing in the middle of a very strongly rooted in Nature, which was in the human territory, they decided on this to build the city.

It was said that the people here handled very strange tricks, although what they excelled at most was sealing.

Incantations that use a physical or abstract means to achieve a magical effect.

It was almost always used on weapons or objects to give them either more edge, more sharpness, or some other required characteristic.

It was even possible to use it on the body, only it was extremely dangerous, as the Magic was very unstable in this world.

The solution was to make small tattoos or marks on the skin, even of enchantments directly on it, only with a really very low effect, which did not need a lot of Magic.

In fact, the person who ran this Fortress, Kaguya, a Princess Knight, was the greatest specialist in this ancient art, because of her own connection to the Magic of the environment, which had been passed down from generation to generation, from all the remaining living people of her people.

It was for this very reason that she was selected by the Elders of the Shrine, as the Miko, or the Chief Priestess of this place.

Though, somewhat unlike the rest of the ancient Miko, Kaguya had an exalted adoration for the strange God to whom the people of the village prayed.

The God of Brightness, or the Sun God, you might say.

She had always been raised from a young age to be a woman dedicated to this God, and this being the world that it was, her virginity was reserved for him.

Yes, over her private area, a very special Sealing was used, which prevented her from forcibly losing her virginity.

It was a small invisible barrier, which, when it felt an unwanted object, took the illusion of an Amulet, or an Omamori, which looked like an ancient and rectangular paper, and protected that area.

This sealing was used on all other Miko, and was put on from the moment they were chosen for the position.

Of course, it was usually known to be illusory, that is, it was not physical, so Kaguya was able to urinate normally like all other women.

These things, or her life in general, had made Kaguya a very withdrawn person in her hometown, that is, in Japanese terms and at the city level, a ‘Hikkomori’.

Which, like the city she managed, was a bit secluded from the rest of the World. For it had lost its interest.

So the news took a long time to arrive here.

You could count the number of times Kaguya left the city on less than the fingers of one hand.

This caused visitors to be treated a bit special.

Well, being a city based in ancient Japan, you really couldn’t expect any better.

And at this moment, inside the shrine and in its central hall, there was Kaguya in the seat specially prepared for the main Miko of the shrine.

“Kaguya-sama, do you have any other questions?”

“Hmmm, no, if the information you have told me is true, then we can only celebrate that at last this war is over, although the Mercenary Army thing is still worrisome… sigh, we should put more effort into the World news… That’s it, you may retire.”

Kaguya answered the minor priestess’ question in front of her.

Though she sighed as the information had simply taken too long to reach this City.

The minor priestess, she was dressed in a very erotic way, like something out of a hen-….

Well, her clothes covered almost nothing, and even the clothes worn by Kaguya herself, apart from her ornaments, were even more revealing.

Kaguya then dismissed the few priestesses in the room, leaving only the two men on guard in front of the door, and the hall with only her, there.

She then sighed once more, and headed to her room at the back of the hall.

She was a little tired, even being early in the morning, for in these last few days she had been up almost every night, preparing for the festival that was coming up in 3 days.

She took off the costume she was wearing, the ornaments and her accessories in her hair, and then put on her almost completely transparent sleeping clothes, and lay down on the futon in her room.

In fact, her room, contrary to what was expected, was a small one that didn’t even reach the 7×7 tatamis, and it was also, 100% Japanese.

These days had passed like this, with her always sleeping at this time after working all night.

But before…

Kaguya blushed a little and reached her hand behind her back, down to her butt, with the other one she held the large F-cup breasts she had, then…


In fact, all the main Miko of the Shrine always looked for a form of pleasure to satisfy themselves, as they were with their area there, sealed off, they had to turn to another hole…

And this was a normal thing, since as it had been explained before, in this type of World, the women are very explicit about pleasure, so they were all quite naughty.

And the main Miko’s of the Far East were the same, before being Miko’s, they were women.

Knowing that they couldn’t do anything in their own vagina, they used their butts to get pleasure, and all of them really had this well-developed habit.

Kaguya from the age at which she was sealed by the Elders because of her great talent in the Ancient Arts, she did not even need anyone else’s guidance to start satisfying herself through her other hole.

In fact, she had even used Dildos….

Right, Dildos… this World didn’t even have a toilet bowl and it had Dildos, and vibrating ones everything…

She had used them to experiment with her Butt, so she wasn’t a virgin back there, and she had this well developed.

Anyway, right now and as she always did, she was thinking of the human figure of her God of Shine, to her imagination, to satisfy herself.



Muffled moans came out of her mouth as she bit her lips and fiddled with her body.

After a few minutes she was nearing the end of her quality time.

She felt herself cumming.

And she felt her juices gushing out of her vagina.


When suddenly…

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